Naagin Season 3 23rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikranth Returns Disguised As Yuvi

Naagin Season 3 23rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumitra walks to Mahir and says she needs to talk. He says he will speak to her later. She says Yuvi wants to speak to Bela himself. Mahir says Bela will not agree, he knows her well as he is her husband. Sumitra emotionally hugs and consoles him. Bela searches Mahir murmuring speak to her, she needs to tell him truth. She sees a man standing, thinks him as Mahir and says not to blame himself for whatever happened, going away from him, she realized the value of love, hugs him and says she loves him and cannot live without him. She thinks she has to also tell Mahir that she is nagin. She turns and is shocked to se Mahir standing on other side with Vish and others. She walks back. Man turns and she is shocked to see Yuvi. Yuvi holds her hand and says he also loves her and was nervous

thinking if she will accept him or not. She looks at Mahir and says Mahir ji. Yuvi says even bhai is happy about them. Mahir angrily breaks water glass in his hand and walks away from there. She runs behind him. Yuvi says she got shy. Bela walks to Mahir and tries to check his injured hand. Mahir reminisces their romantic days and asks how can she express her love to Yuvi and told she was waiting for him, she broke his heart, now she got her trophy and should go away with Yuvi. She asks too listen to her, but he continues and says he does not want to even look at her face and asks to go away.

RK tells Yuvi good he came back. Paulomi enters and seeing Yuvi starts her drama, asks where was he. RK says they saw him going with Raavi, if he married her. Yuvi says when he was traveling with Raavi, they met with an accident. Paulo asks if Yuvi died. He says she in coma. Paulo continues that he does not know what all happened when he was away, Anu was about to marry, Bela was pregnant.. Yuvi asks if she is pregnant? Paulo says no, it was misunderstanding. She continues her stories. On the other side, Bela nervously calls Mahir repeatedly, but he does not pick call. Vish walks to her. Bela says she does not love Yuvi and her words were for Mahir. Vish insists that Yuvi is alive, she has to think about that and plan how to end him permanently.

Yuvi walks out of house telling Paulo over phone that he is going t get his replaced luggage by airlines and will return soon, he gets into and leaves. Vish sees him going, gets into car to follow him when ACP enters and asks where is Ramona/Vishakha/Vish going. Vish says she is secret police officer who is keeping an eye on this family, Yuvi is alive, so he is case is closed. She drives thinking if she find Yuvi or not, finds him driving towards Shiv temple. He gets out of car and gets into temple saying everything started from his this temple and remembers shankhnag’s incident. Vish waits outside temple and thinks she should return home as it is too late and leaves in her car. Yuvi starts dancing playing drum and transforms into Vikranth. He turns into snake. Bela’s mother nagrani maa senses danger and shouts Belaaa, she is feeling something is wrong and call Aghori baba. Aghori baba returns and asks what happened. She says she felt something unusual will happen, pleads him to free her so that she can protect her nagrani daughter. Adi waits for Vikranth in his hide out. Vikranth returns as snake. Adi gets afraid. Vikranth transforms to human again. Adi asks not to frighten him. Vikranth says he has seen him many times transforming into different people, then why he got afraid and asks if he brought what he ordered. Adi shows Bela’s photo. Vikranth says he loves her so much that he returned for her, it is not like human love where human live for max 100 years and think love is complete, nags live for centuries and their love is immortal. Adi taunts nags crave for nagmani and can betray anyone. Vikranth angrily grips him in his tail and warns to dare not repeat such heinous comments. He further reveals that Bela is Sheshnag clan and he is from her rival Nidhogh clan. Adi asks if Bela knows about it. He says no, else Bela will not love him. They nags have everything and are hungry for power, so he needs nagmani. He will lure Bela and get nagmani so that he can make his mother nagrani maa. Adi asks who is his mother. Vikranth says it is none of his business. Adi says he can kill Mahir as Bela loves Mahir now.

Nagrani maa continues pleading Aghori baba to free her as enemy is very powerful this time and will harm Bela. Baba says he has to protect her first and not let enemy know that she is alive. He creates a protective barrier around her so that her voice does not go out of the cave. Nagrani maa continues pleading to let her go and says Bela has to identify danger as it is coming near her. She collapses. A woman enters Vikranth’s place. Vikranth says good she came, clear Adi’s misunderstandinng towards Bela and Mahir.

Precap: Vikranth meets Bela. Bela says she loves him and not Mahir.
Mahir falls from cliff and rolls down into jungle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 1. This vikrant talks so fast, so fast, like he is playing chinese whispers with everybody. I increased the volume but still couldnt make out half of what he said… come on man, a little slow please. But i really like today’s epi. Finally felt like the story is back on track. Vikrant loves Bela but he wants the naagmani also for his mother and for power. but why does he also call Ruhi Bela? And Ruhi knew Vikrant is from Takshak lok, right? Then why Vikrant said Bela doesnt know… Seems like Vikrant’s mother is Sumitra…
    2. Bela’s mother is kept captured but the Baba doesn’t sound evil. Then what is the mystery there. And she is naagrani too, why doesnt she just become a Naagin and escape? IT is a bit ridiculous that when Bela/Vish change shape they dont have clothes or mobiles or anything, But after going somewhere and re-changing, they have phones in hands. By that way, ropes or handcuffs shouldn’t hinder them no?
    3. I hope ACP’s role is not over. Vish said since Yuvi is back his investigation is over. but i want him to back and Vish to fall in love with him. Dont want Vish and Bela to have same lover like previous seasons
    4. The scene where Vkrant beats drums was not well done. Why they always use night time or darkness to shoot such scenes? The actor was performing well, but it wasn’t shot properly.
    5. Th precap was not good. What happened to Bela? Is she again hypnotized? If Vikrant really loves her, then why Bela’s mother is screaming that Bela is in danger?
    6. I liked Vikrant’s dialogue that Naag love over centuries and their love is very much stronger. Even i wonder how Bela could forget her love of centuries and fall for Mahir so easily? She might be rude to Mahir, but since the start in her heart she has weakness for him… appreciating someone’s goodness is understandable, but falling for him despite having loved someone for hundred years?
    p.s. Shraddha i know i copied your style, but i had so much to say today. After long i enjoyed an episode very much. But felt bad for Mahir

    1. Hii dhara di you are ryt today episode amazing

    2. hi, i totally agree with your points, but for precap, i think bela lied to vikrant to investigate what he”s up to because maybe she sensed something not right.

    3. I think Vikrant gave poison to Bela mother when she’s ill to marry nagrani and to get powers.. but baba saved her from poison and protecting her from Vikrant and his clan

  2. Shraddha nepal

    Totally full of mystry.
    Waiting to watch what happens next.

  3. Shraddha nepal

    Confusion, what is happening in the show.

  4. I just dont understand why didnt Naagrani maa didn’t shout the real name of Bela that is Ruhi
    And Even Vikrant also calling Ruhi ‘Bela’ the pseudonym of Ruhi

    1. Because her new look has also change her full charracter along with her name. That why she fall for mahir

    2. Hi, how are you? It seems many immj fans have come here πŸ™‚
      In fact no one calls Bela Ruhi anymore. Vish also always calls her Bela. I thought Bela is just the name of her disguise. But even Shan, from a very far place, knows her as Bela only. As if the writers are treating Surbhi as Bela and the other actress as Ruhi, forgetting that they are the same person and Ruhi was her name for a hundred years. Why will everyone call her by the name she has taken only for a few months? Either the writers should clarify that Ruhi had another nickname (Bela) or let the characters who knew her before call her as Ruhi only.

      1. Dhara i am no longer an imm fan anymore
        This is

  5. Bangali bhadralok

    The mysterious woman i think its sumitra and now i think mahir is not his real son but adopted but who is mahir’s real parents btw i think mahir is from suryavanshi clan i think he is related to ritik

  6. I don’t expect this that yuvibis vikranth…….in today episode I feel very bad for behir😭😭😭…….I think the danger must be vikranth and the last scene the woman was vish.finally untrustable precap… bela suddenly take a u-turn😨😱pls makers as soon as unite behir- lovely couples ever and just kick out that vikranth or again push down from the cliff by not giving a another chance to re enter in behir life

  7. Behir β™₯️

    Expected twist πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    *I don’t like mahir 😏,he doesn’t listen to Bela.
    I know his heart is broken πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯,
    My heart is also broken today….
    *There are lots of twist s are there πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ .
    I don’t know why nag rani MAA is handcuffed.
    *Is Vikrant mother is sumitra?????????
    If it is it like one women army
    *So Vikrant is a cheater who loves Bela for his power Hungry and who wants to become nagraj 😣😣😣😣
    *I have still one doubt who is that masked women
    Who stol nagmani.
    If she is Vikranth mother then adi knows about her,but he don’t know about Vikrant mother
    *Again a new Clan nidhog 😠😠😠
    Vikrant tried to kill nagrani MAA ,but she saved by baba.
    *I think Bela is doing acting,her facial expressions are shown that she is acting as she loves Vikrant ,precap she tells Vikranth she loves him only but it’s not……..
    Her heart is only for mahir 😍😍😍😍….
    *Next episode Bela Will definitely save her lover mahir ❀️❀️❀️❀️
    *Hope all missunderstandings Will vanish in upcoming episodes
    I used to watch this for only behir β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
    *If writers are still create missunderstandings πŸŒ‹
    Then trp ratings Will definitely fall……….
    *Hope in coming episode she knows about Vikrant Identity and definitely joins with mahir
    *Vish is a innocent nagin πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
    I think she is villan.but my doubt is clarified
    *Bela mahir and Vish ACP Will fight against all problems 😊😊😊😊😊
    *I know nothing will happen to mahir untill Bela is there πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•and vise verce
    * Eagerly waiting for next week 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. What if vikrant’s mother is shesha/ruchika ? She was the queen of takshak vansh but got banished into some other realm by shivangi and rocky…even she was hungry for power and nagmani….if yamini can return back from death then shesha can also come back…who knows?

  8. For some reason, I think Vikrant’s mom is Sumitra. There’s something fishy about her, she’s sweet. Even Paulomi show signs that she isn’t dumb.

  9. Really heartbroken episode.. Can’t see behir in pain.. Is Sumitra vikranth’s mother.? I suspected before itself that vikranth is a villain.. But how adi came to his side.. Surbhi is fantastic as bela.. As shivanya suits mouni bela suits surbhi.. Just watch the story as it is without comparison..then you won’t get bored.. I’m sorry to say..But I think season 2 was little bit flop compared to 1 becoz of almost same cast.. Shivanya/shivangi aka mouni’s performance was outstanding but shivangi_rocky didn’t touched viewers heart as shivrik.. Season 3 is kaafi interesting till now.. New concept and presentation..That’s y from 1episode se aaj tak rating main no.1..with proper lead from other shows.. I really love behir equally with shivrik.. Surbhi bahuth koshish karthi he..her performance is good enough.. Ek bath saroor kahna hoga.. Bgm of behir was superb.. Actual film song bol na zara se jyada feel iss instrmntl bgmusic main he.. More than ore piya in season1..

  10. So Vikrant is back in the guise of Yuvi….but how is it possible that a dead one comes back alive…
    Yuvi claiming Bela on his return is absurd……She has been married to Mahir for the last so many months and she is his brother’s wife now…..It was really astonishing to see him talking to Bela as if she is still his bride…More annoying is the fact that no one has told him that it is wrong to look at his brother’s wife like thar.i….Is there any such tradition in India that a brother can claim his elder brother’s wife whom he couldn’t marry earlier…
    I am disappointed with Mahir today….he could see that Bela was not aware of Yuvi ‘s return…she hugged Yuvi from behind thinking it was Mahir ….Even in their bed room ,she tried to explain but he was not ready to listen…Not his fault…Bela’s previous indifference has made him insecure… she loves him,but he feels jealous ….
    I don’t like Vikrant…the same actor I loved him in Jodha Akbar…Here he looks as if he is exhibiting his body,,,,it is better he concentrates on his dialogue delivery…they are not at all clear….One more thing that is not clear is why should he come in disguise….Why can’t he meet Bela as Vikrant only…..One thing for sure is he is here to create havoc in Behir’s love story..But what is he interested in really…..Bela or the Nag mani..

    1. Hi Lakshmi… No, there is no such tradition in India, it is not the norm. But i suppose if we view it in context of this family, it is not that surprising. Andy has one wife and one mistress and he without any hesitation takes them both everywhere. Both the women’s children mingle with each other all the time. It is clear these people dont have a clear sense of right/wrong or morality. Maybe for them it is not odd that Yuvi wants Bela back on his return. Even on their wedding, Andy didn’t care a damn who Bela gets married to as long as his business is not affected. In this case if Mahir himself would have refused, or if now Bela refuses then maybe people will tell Yuvi to back off. Else they simply dont care.
      I too loved Rajat Tokas in Jodha Akbar, he is one of my fav actually. But here his act is so grating. He suits very well for roles of King/prince with long hair. Maybe because he is trying something different, he is not able to do well. But i hope he gets his act together soon

  11. Behir scene was so heartbreaking acp and vish scene was too good paulo again very funny yuvi is vikrant in precap I m sure bela save maahir and she lies to vikrant

  12. i dont understand hindi but i still watch then read telly written update after watching .for 23rd september episode very heartbreaking and touching.Mahir not listening to bela and give her chance to explain.he should know that bela not aware yuvi return and they all can see that bela surprised to see yuvi instead of mahir.come on mahir pull yourself together man.we all know its not easy as everyone want to snatch your wife .
    for precap, i think the mysterious woman is poulo because she has long black hair.and bela pretend to vikarant that she loves him because she sensed something bad and want to investigate like in shaan case.
    anyway, cant wait for next week episode, hopefully happy great and funny episode,with ACP and vish scene.they made for each other.
    thank you.

  13. Why Bella will tell dat he love yuvi. Her 1st love was Vikrant and 2nd was Mahir then why he will say i luv u yuvi not that mahir. And why bella doxnt know that her mother is alive she has the right 2 know as she is her daughter they together can save each other secretly. And do this family know this before that this story will happen and bella will become her bahu.and if sumitra is nagin then why she dosent effect by bin specially in havali.and the black that was shown in haveli cctv is that sumitra?

  14. 444 mean 2 say black nagin. Why always sas use 2 become the main villain and their son as adopted as shown in part 1&2. If sumitra is the mother of vikrant then only my all this question come. And why always husband dont use 2 belive their wife. I love part 1 and also want this part where mahir will belive and protect bella as in part 1 not like part 2. In this part i want mahir 2 be nagraj of sesh nag family the family where bella belong 2

  15. Astmasiddika

    I guessed it b4 Vikrant was just acting may be his mother can be sumithra or poloumi behir scene was really heart breaking I think now Bela can understand who really loves her Vikrant or Mahir

    Precap – let see how Bela saves Mahir

  16. Why aren’t Naagrani maa and Vikrant are calling ‘Bela’ in her real name ‘Ruhi’
    Even in imagination of Bela she didn’t introduce herself in real name to Mahir
    She just said i am not any Bela i am Naagrani

  17. Behir scene is very heartbreaking. Unable to see Mahir in such a position. In precap, please let Bela save Mahir. We all watch the show for Behir. The complaint with Mahir is he misunderstands Bela. Bela don’t know that the person she hugged was yuvi. Of course, Bela has broken Mahir’s heart number of times till now but he must have given a chance for Bela to explain. We Behir fans cannot tolerate the misunderstandings between Behir. Please at least by next week, clear the misunderstandings between Behir and show love between them Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  18. everyone is assuming Vikrant is a bad guy but i dont feel like it. He said that he has come back to give his attackers the same death that they had chosen for him. Which means he was really dead, but someone gave him life again. (In Naagin that has happened so many times. Kali ma gave life back to Sesha once and Shiv ji brought Shivanya back after Yamini killed her).
    Also he said he does love Bela, but he has to get Naagmani so that he can get power and give his mother her rights. He is not greedy and got very angry when Adi suggested that. He was also very possessive of Bela and couldn’t handle that she might have fallen for Mahir. We dont know his side of the story, But throughout Naagin, couples, who should be enemies, had fallen in love. Shivanya married Rittik for her revenge, killed the people close to him and still loved him. (yes those people weren’t his actual relatives but Shivanya didn’t know that in the start). I know Vikrant’s motivations aren’t completely ‘good’, in that he wants power also. But why would that mean he had never loved Bela/Ruhi. I think he a grey character and i hope the writers don’t turn him into a complete villain. I know Behir are the final couple, but it would be better if Vikrant is misguided by his mother and ends up sacrificing his life for Bela’s safety.
    i finally have some hope from this season. It seems Vish will not turn negative like previous seasons and might fall for ACP instead of Mahir/Vikrant. The love triangle will instead be between Bela/Mahir/Vikrant… Lets see how that goes

  19. ShraddhaSharma392

    Unneccesary drama… Since start we all know that vikrant is behind naagmani and he was the one who tried to kill bela mom… And manhir will ruin 3 lives until truth is out…

  20. I think Sumitra is the mysterious woman and she is Vikrant’s mother.
    She is the master mind.

  21. What if vikranth’s mother is shesha/ ruchika? She was also the queen of takshak vansh and was also hungry for power and nagmani…but was banished to some other realm by shivangi and rocky…if yamini can escape death then shesha can also come back…

  22. Felt really very bad for Mahir today I was also heartbroken along with him. Also felt bad to see him falling from cliff in the precap. But he should trust Bela like the way he does every time why not this time?

  23. What a fantastic episode and full of twists, i love behir, eagerly waiting for this Saturday, never felt like this

  24. Shocking precap_eagerly waiting for next sat episode.. How could vish be careless in yuvi’s case.. She is so sharp in watching her targets and clearing evidences.. even bela says about it when she tried to kill adi.. Vish killed atleast she should try to know about yuvi’s reality instead of returning like a normal human(which she had never done,she says that in strees promo epi,hum nagin ko kise darna dha)..or whether she also comes under vikrants group..?? Please we don’t want that shesha model storyline again..
    And If bela senses shaan,vish,even mahirs presence(previous epis) then y she can’t sense nag in yuvi while hugging him.. I think Bela is in confusion seeing vikrant and saying she loves him.. But I hope she realizes vikrants true colour and her true love for mahir when he is in danger.. Guys I really agree with you that the speed of dialogues is too high to catch up..not only in today,but before also.. I’m really anger at mahir..even he’s broken how could mahir hurt bela like this.. She doesn’t know about yuvi’s entry.,and she already said she doesn’t want divorce when she did pregnancy test for him.. Then how could mahir distrust her for yuvi as mahir himself said he have full faith in bela in previous episodes.. As he knows bela feels his love,he also should feel belas love.. Before he doubted Rihan_bela,then yuvi_bela,kal koyi aur aa gaya his love and trust for bela is sooo weak..

  25. Very disappointed with 23rd sep 2018 episode. Why mahir is not listening to bela even once. She doesn’t know about yuvi’s return. Even mahir knows about that. Can’t he have trust in her love.

  26. I think Mahir is son of Shivani. May be chances are there nd only confusion is Vikrant is sumi or Ruchika’s son.,


    The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Naagin 3 is up for some interesting twist and drama:-
    Bela’s lovey dovey drama for Yuvi aka Vikrant with secret mission in Naagin3
    Bela loves Mahir and now this shocking return of Yuvi has created new fiasco.

    While Bela is well aware that Yuvi is dead and his return is a part of some big conspiracy.

    Bela is sad to loose Mahir as he is upset and left Bela alone, Bela now decides to not let anything spoil her love this time.

    Bela’s plan of action against Yuvi

    Bela has a plan where she acts lovey dovey with Yuvi aka Vikrant and takes initiative to find what his real motive is.

    Bela plays love drama with Yuvi aka Vikrant and there Mahir will meet a deadly accident and Bela is unaware of it. Tonight on Naagin3, we will see Vikrant introducing the mysterious woman to Adi. Later they plan to get the Naagmani from Bela by any means. Vikrant gets into Yuvi’s form and enters the house with Adi. Bela is seen coming downstairs. Bela thinks to find out the reality of Yuvi’s return. She fakes her love towards him. Meanwhile, Mahir is in frustration and he meets with an accident. Will he be saved? Will Bela discover the truth? Tune in to Naagin3 tonight to find out.

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