Naagin Season 3 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumitra is Vikrant’s mum, and is after the Naagmani

Naagin Season 3 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela asking the purple snake to come infront of her and says I want to see who is the snake in the sleeve who wants to snatch Naagmani from her own Naagrani. The purple snake as a human comes infront of Bela and she is none other than Sumitra. She asks Bela how are you Naagrani. Bela is shocked. Sumitra says why you are so shocked, you asked me to come in the light. Bela says and says this is a misunderstanding, it can’t be you. Sumitra asks her to believe in her eyes and says it was me now. She asks her to give Naagmani to her. Bela asks who are you? Sumitra says I have many avatars and says I am someone’s wife, someone’s mother and I am your saas, but that is all fake and tells that her real avatar was of Naagin, Icchadhari Naagin, who was a Naagrani before. She says she is Nidok Vansh’s icchadhari Naagin and asks her to give Naagmani to her. Bela says a big betrayal being a mother. Sumitra says your hope to get safely from here will end. Bela stamps on the ground and says I can give my life, but not the Naagmani. They become half snake. Sumitra says give your life today. Bela attacks her with her tail. Sumitra gets up and holds her with her tail. Bela says you can’t reach Naagmani in any way and says I will never give you Naagmani. Sumitra says I know that you will give it for your Jaan and looks at Mahir. Bela asks him to go far from Mahir. Sumitra holds her up with her tail. Bela asks how can you harm your own son. Sumitra says I will give him a dangerous death and tells that Mahir is not her son. Bela asks her to leave Mahir. Sumitra says Mahir will die now and his death will be on your head. She takes out her poisonous tongue to bite Mahir. Bela shouts asking her to stop. Suddenly something happens to Sumitra and she falls down.

Bela is about to fall, but Vish holds her. Bela asks if she is dead. Vish says I didn’t give her much poison. Bela tells that Sumitra is a naagin, Nidok Vansh’s naagin. Vish is shocked. They see movement in Mahir and become normal humans. Mahir gains consciousness and sits. Bela asks him to get up and says I won’t let anything happen to you or Naagmani and will protect you both. She says I was trapped by Vikrant and was unaware of the happenings. She says he lied to me and acted as if he is dead, so that I kill an innocent guy and Naagmani goes to him. She says I tried to kill you, but couldn’t as I love you. She asks him not to hate him and says I will do everything as you say and says I want to tell about your mum. She says your mum is not a good woman. Vish says I am the witness and can tell you all. Mahir says 1 min, but who are you? Bela is shocked.

Mahir asks how you know my name? He pushes her and asks who brought me here. He sees Sumitra on the floor and asks what happened to you. Sumitra acts to be a normal woman and tells Mahir that Bela and Vish wanted to take her life. Mahir gets concerned for her. Bela says I am your bela. Vish says Sumitra has done something to him. Bela asks him why is he telling that he doesn’t know her and says I am your wife, you loves me and says I will die if you don’t remember me. She asks him to fight with her and talk. She asks him to look in her eyes and asks don’t you remember me. Mahir says I can’t identity you with my eyes. Sumitra says Mahir is under her poison effect and smiles. Mahir asks who are they and asks Sumitra. Bela asks Sumitra not to tell fake story to Mahir. Mahir says we are taught to respect girls and tells that he will not tolerate if anyone misbehaves with his mum. Sumitra touches on his head and he feels pain. She acts and says she will take her son to doctor. Bela shouts Mahir ji and cries. Vish asks her to handle herself and says if Sumitra is a Naagin then why her children don’t have poison in them. Bela says she is just worried for Mahir as of now. Sumitra takes Mahir to hospital. Andy and others come there. Bela also comes there. Sumitra comes to terrace with Vikrant. He asks why did you do this? Sumitra says I am a mum and that’s why forgave you. Vikrant says I did whatever you said. Sumitra asks did you forget all that?

A fb is shown, Naags kick out Sumitra and her little son Vikrant out of haveli, Aghori baba asks her to leave and says you don’t deserve to stay in Naag lok. Sumitra asks Vikrant to remember all that. Fb ends. Sumitra says I left my Naag vansh and got involved with Nidok log. She tells that she took human avatar and searched Andy, and killed his wife and replaced herself with her. She tells that she can’t return to Nidok Vansh until she gets the Naagmani. She tells that she has done many sacrifices for them. Vikrant says I know everything and you don’t need to tell me. Sumitra says she bears Andy and Poulomi’s taunts. She says she became his legs dust and bear everything so that nobody recognize her, and became a mother too. Vikrant says I didn’t let anyone know that you are my Maa and even attempted to kill Ruhi’s mum. Sumitra says I appreciate you for all this, but you did a mistake and started loving that Naagin while acting with her. She says I asked you to play love game and didn’t ask you to become a toy. She says I had convinced Andy to buy haveli and the place around it, as I knew Yuvi and his friends will go there, then you acted to get killed. She says your love is strange, and you couldn’t digest when Bela started loving Bela. She tells that you have involved Vish, but was useless. Vikrant asks her not to involve Vish. He says you want Ruhi to kill Mahir, but that didn’t happen. Sumitra says she has 6 heads icchadhari naagin and has started seeing another dream.

Vikrant asks what do you mean? Sumitra says she has thought to rule on the world as she likes luxurious life, clothes and jewellery. She says that’s why I named everything on Mahir’s name so that when he dies, then I will get everything. Vikrant is shocked. Sumitra says I will have double benefit with the will. He says I read the will clause, that if Mahir dies in an accident then all the money will go to Yuvraj, but Yuvi is already dead so that money goes to charity. She says everything happened according to our wish and says as Mahir lost his memory, I can use him in any ways. Doctor tells Andy that Mahir’s brain is much affected in the accident and it is difficult to say when he will be alright. Andy says I want his son to be fine. Doctor asks them to take care of Mahir and says I can’t tell that if he will get back his memory or not. Bela comes to the ward where Mahir is there. She says Mahir ji, are you alright. Mahir says it seems you have the habit of falling down. Bela looks on. Kuhu comes there and sees Bela. She asks what are you doing here? Mahir asks what happened to you. Kuhu says you had a minor accident and asks her to leave from his life as he forgot her. Sumitra tells that Mahir don’t remember Bela now and asks him to go and fixes her heart. Vikrant says whatever you are doing is….Sumitra says if you think that I am selfish then I am, who thought about me when the naags kicked me out, and says you was not small that you will forget. She says she was having the thought that her son will take revenge for her.

Kuhu asks Mahir if he wants water or juice something. Andy says driver is coming. Kuhu asks where is RJ? RJ comes with baby and shows to Mahir. Mahir gets glad seeing the baby and hugs Kuhu. He asks about Sumitra. Sumitra comes and says she went to temple to pray for him. She asks him to come home so that she takes care of him.

At Sehgal house, Sumitra asks Mahir to take care and says she will prepare for the breakfast. Bela comes from kitchen and says she was preparing for lunch. She asks RJ and Kuhu to take Mahir to room and says she made all the arrangements, and asks Mahir to drink water often. Kuhu asks Mahir to come. Sumitra asks what you all are doing on her insistence. Bela asks Kuhu to rest and says she made vegetable dalya for her as well. She tells that she will make sweets first as Mahir returned home safely. Andy, RJ and Kuhu take Mahir to his room. Sumitra thinks what is happening here and why everyone is listening to her suddenly. She comes to kitchen and asks what is she doing? Bela says she is making Faluda for her husband. Sumitra asks if she forgot what Mahir had said and says he doesn’t remember you and asked you to leave and he don’t want to have any relation with you. Bela says you forgot what Doctor had said and says you were not there then. A fb is shown, bela tells family members that she is sure that Mahir can remember everything and she feels Mahir will not forget her, and tells that she wants him to get his memory back and needs everyone’s support. Andy says I am with you and will do as you say. Kuhu says even I am with you, and nothing is big than my brother, not even my ego. RJ says you are right. Fb ends. Bela says they are not Nidok Vansh’s naag and naagin and that’s why wants Mahir’s betterment. She says Dad said that I can stay here and he even said that I shall stay with my husband. Sumitra asks if she don’t care for her life and tells that you wanted Mahir to be fine and that’s why you took him to hospital. I will find out about your motive. She asks her not to threaten her again and says Mahir forgot me completely and I have nothing which I fear to lose. Sumitra says I will not take time to change. Bela says even my time can change and says if they believe you then will not think me wrong. She asks her to act to be Mahir’s mum nicely. Andy comes there and asks about the medicine. Bela says I will go and take care of Mahir, and asks Sumitra to make faluda.

Mahir looks at his family member’s pics with him. Song plays……..He sees Bela and his marriage album. Bela comes and says before 6 months and 8 days. She tells she will not disturb him, but will share something. She makes him sit and shows the pot when they took water from the lake and did the Mata Rani ritual. She then reminds him of the Nevla incident and shows the white shirt which he made her wear after jumping in the water. She says I didn’t return this shirt to you and kept it with myself as a safe keeping. She tells him about his childhood incident with his Nani. Mahir asks how do you know about this? Bela says when you told me this story, even koyal was making sound. Koyal makes sound. Bela says this is a good sign, you will get your memory back.

She tells Sumitra that she never saw par kati bird. Vikrant bites RJ. Mahir scolds Bela and blames her for making RJ killed. Vikrant asks Vish to go and kill the baby. Kuhu cries badly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Stopped watchng this show

  2. good morning guys, I am a silent reader though, I think andy 1 wife is killed by sumitra who is moth of mahir, yuvaraj, kuhu, isn’t it

    1. Exactly..
      But, who is shivangi in here..
      Perhaps, that part will be revealed with mouni roy comes back from her bollywood schedules..
      Anyways, why the villains of 3 season yamini and sumitra have stupid husbands.. Who cant even recognize his wife..
      Again saas bahu ladai leela will begin..
      Kuhu’s baby being killed is just for trp.. Bela will prevent that from happening..
      But if mahir is also a naag then it would be great..

  3. Your Comment
    will vish kills kuhu’s baby? if sumitra is vikrant’s mother, then who is mahir’s mother?

  4. Your Comment
    will vish kill kuhu’s baby? if sumitra is vikrant’s mother, then who is mahir’s mother?

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Can anyone tell me, who is “your comment”, as many viwers has written??

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      I guess its due to the comment box that has ‘Your comment’ written as a shadow hint to help viewers into commenting.

    2. Lokesh

      Di I was also thinking the same ,sayad unregistered walo ke liye kuch alag rule hai .

  6. i am silence reader… but can’t wait for writing that ye long hame itna bewacuf banate he.. pure show me koi story connection hi nahi.. bela naagrani he per unse pass na hi koi power he or na koi shakti .. phele vish ko sab pata rheta tha. or ab ye sumitra . vo naagin thi to bela ka badla. sab ki maut . her vakhat vo bachati thi.. matlab kisika raaz khul jay to uska piche ka charactor ke bare me bhul jane ka….mera sir dukhne laga aj…..

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