Naagin Season 3 20th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela decides to use Naagmani to make Mahir fine

Naagin Season 3 20th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumitra asking Bela to make them have food. Bela says you will not harm anyone and warns her. She becomes half snake shocking Andy and Kuhu. Sumitra says this house is mine and asks her not to interfere. Bela says this house is of everyone. She makes Alek and Rohini fall down with her tail. She become full human and then takes Andy and Kuhu inside to have breakfast. Vish comes to Vikrant and says I got the medicine which they are giving to Mahir and that’s why his condition is deteriorating. Vikrant says we shall destroy those medicines. Vish says I have destroyed it. Vikrant says they will get doubtful now. Vish says she is smart and gorgeous and had replaced those medicine. Vikrant tells that she has become smart in his company. Vish says wives always have a mind. Vikrant asks how husband should be? Vish says dilwala else Paise wala….and asks if he has money? He nods no and smiles. Yuvi forces Mahir to have medicine. Mahir refuses. Yuvi threatens to beat him and gives him medicine. Vish, Vikrant and Bela peep in the room. Vish says I have replaced the medicine with the sugar powder and says medicine will not affect him now. Mahir takes the tablet and says it is good. Vish and Vikrant hide. Yuvi opens the door and sees Bela. Bela says I am going to my room. Yuvi says he don’t like you. Bela says I will handle him. Yuvi thinks after 10 seconds, you will see Mahir’s dangerous side due to the medicine and starts the countdown. Bela keeps hand on his shoulder in Shivli’s disguise. Yuvi thinks he might have slept. Mahir says I was waiting for you and tells that a bad girl came and tried to befriend him, but he didn’t agree. He asks her to tell a story.

Vikrant comes to Vish and asks what happened? Vish says she is getting worried and says I have changed the powder and added sugar, but don’t know if he will get back his memory or not. Vikrant says even I was thinking the same and asks her not to worry. Vish says if this doesn’t happen then bela will have more problems. Vikrant asks her not to worry and says I will make tea or coffee for you. Vish is surprised. Vikrant says if you make fun of me then I will not make coffee and sleep. Vish asks him to go.

Bela says it is an old story and tells that a guy and a girl get married and the girl think that the guy is bad and hate him, but he is actually very nice. Mahir says like me? Bela says yes. She tells that the girl hurts him much, but the guy never hurt her and cares for her. Mahir tells that he has a robot whom he cares and tells that they shall forgive the person they love. Bela says they started understanding and loving each other. Mahir asks then? Bela says then that girl fell in love with him too. Mahir says you also love me naa and feels sleepy. Bela comes in her avatar and says I love you more than anything else in this world. She says I can’t see you in this condition and can’t bear if you don’t recognize your Bela. She says I will die and asks him to become fine for her.

Vish is happy that Vikrant went to make coffee for her. Vikrant comes there. Vish asks him about the coffee. He tells that I went to jungle to search jaadi buti for Mahir. Vish gets shocked and says who was here then? The fake Vikrant becomes Yuvi and goes to Sumitra. He says they came to know about the medicine and also came to know that we don’t want Mahir to get fine. Sumitra says we have to wait for my next move.

Next morning, Bela wakes up and finds Mahir sitting. She asks what happened? Mahir says ofcourse I am fine and calls her Bela. Bela says you remember me. Mahir tells that he is feeling as if they are meeting after a lot time. Bela says yes, and tries to make him remember that he tried to save her from falling down the cliff. Mahir sees blurred visions and asks did I try to harm you? Bela says you tried to save me. Sumitra and Yuvi come there. Mahir is in extreme pain trying to get the memory. Yuvi holds Mahir. They push Bela to the floor. Mahir runs to rescue her. Yuvi becomes half snake. Bela throws something on them and they fall down. Mahir and Bela come out of room. Alek catches Bela’s hand. Sumitra becomes purple snake and bites Mahir. Bela cries and asks if she don’t have shame. Mahir turns purple. Sumitra smiles. Bela asks how can you do this? Sumitra asks Yuvi to say what they can do. Vikrant and Vish come there hearing Bela screaming. Vish is shocked to see Mahir turning purple. Sumitra says this is Nidok vansh’s deadly poison. She says what do you think that I will be a fool that I will not know if you replace medicine with sugar. Yuvi says Vish told everything in bedroom. Sumitra says Mahir’s whole body is turning blue and asks her to cry loudly. She asks Bela to make Mahir fine and goes. Yuvi tells Vish that he will send coffee to her. Bela, Vikrant and Vish take Mahir to bed. Vikrant says he brought some roots from the jungle, but don’t know if it will work. He says if his blood will work as he is also from the Nidok Vansh. Bela tells that Guru Ji had said that Naagmani can be used to treat someone.

Sumitra tells Alek and Rohini that she has done this to get naagmani, and become dramatic as Bela likes it. Vikran says how to bring Naagmani here. Vish says they are waiting for Naagmani. Yuvi and Alek appreciate Sumitra. Sumitra tells that she will follow Bela when she goes to search Naagmani. Sumitra calls someone and switches off the lights. Vish tries to look at them. She makes them meet Alek and Rohini. Alek and Rohini tell that they never thought they will shake hands with her. Vish sees their reflection and comes to room. She tells him that Sumitra befriended vultures. She tells that they are playing games and can kill us. They have nothing to lose, but we are worried about Andy and Kuhu. She can end us all using Naagmani and is making her army ready. Vikrant asks her to calm down. Vish says I don’t want to die, I want to live my life with you and hugs him. He says nothing will happen to you and asks her not to worry. He says we shall have courage, if we are destined together then we will live together else we will die. He asks her not to lose hope. Vish hugs him and says we shall not lose hope, nobody can snatch our destiny. He says be hopeful. Bela applies lep on mahir’s forehead.

Mahir gains consciousness. Bela says thank god, you are fine and asks how is he feeling? Mahir asks who are you and asks why she is crying? Bela says she is Shivli’s friend. Mahir says I am saying truth you are crying. He says you are not my wife naa and tells that his head is paining. Bela thinks she has to bring Naagmani and tells that he will be fine with it. Vikrant tells that his mother has called the vultures. Bela is shocked. She tells them that she will bring Naagmani. Vikrant and Vish tell that they will accompany her. Bela asks them to stay with Mahir and take care of them, and says she can’t leave Mahir also. Vikrant tells that he will go with Bela as equal danger is there too.

Vikrant and Bela become snake and leave. Alek sees them leaving and informs Sumitra. Sumitra asks Amita, Rinki and her brother if they remember what they have to do. They say yes. Alek flirts with her. Sumitra asks Alek if he remembers what to do. He says yes. Vikrant and bela are running in the jungle. Vikrant says we shall become naag and naagin and crawls there. Bela asks him to hide and says vultures are following us. She says if we become snake then they can see us even if we are miles away. They run in human avatar. Bela asks Vikrant if he remembers what they have planned. They come near the cliff and jumps in the water. They become snake underwater.

Mahir gains consciousness. Vish is sitting near by her and asks how is he feeling now? Mahir looks scared. Vish thinks Bela shall bring Naagmani fast and tells that she is Shivli’s friend and asks him to have fruits. Mahir tells that his head is paining badly. She hears someone’s footsteps and comes out. She asks them to face her, but don’t see anyone there. When she comes back to room, she doesn’t see Mahir and panics.

Sumitra throws Andy, Kuhu and Mahir’s stuff and asks them to leave. Bela comes and holds Mahir. Mahir hugs Bela. Vish asks where is Mahir? Sumitra says your life is in danger and attacks her with bel patr. Vish falls down and feels pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The episode is good as Behir is together and at one moment i felt very happy when Mahir became normal person and talking normally with Bela and he is talking with Bela in a caring manner,but it was shown for some time and it is very disappointing. i hope atleast in the coming episodes, Mahir will become normal person and we can see Behir love once again. please make Mahir normal person pleaseeeeeeeee…

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sometime i think sumitra should be naagrani as she is much more powerful than bela…

    And i hope vish will not die next week as I watch this show becoz of charming vish otherwise naagin 3 is nothing but stupidity and brainless concept of writers….

    I hope shivangi ki death ka cause pta chale or season 3 jald se jald end ho jaaye, can’t tolerate anymore

  3. I really want mahir to get better and I can’t wait to see when Bela vish an vickrant end summtri and her evil gang

  4. Saniya fathima

    I want behir scenes yaar highlight is tat only nd if tat is missing thn all flop
    EKTA is getting escaped due to only gud pairing RIGHT??

  5. Worst serial .. After watching Naagin 1 and 2 I was looking forward to watching Naagin 3. Unfortunately, this is the worst serial that I have seen. I hate it.. Bela only knows to says “Main sab theek karoongi” and she does nothing. As a Nag Rani, she has no brains.. Looks like all her enemies are more powerful than her. This serial is bogus.. No story, no dialogue, no acting… even the actors are mismatched. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I don’t ever want to watch this again.

  6. Saniya fathima

    Dis is unbearable just everyone go check 2 fan fiction one is STRANGE MAGIC by sushma nd other is AHISTA….BEHIR ND AJIVISH by jasminerahul tat story is fantastic rather than tat of ekta(brainless) there story has a superb plot if at all i would hav 2 vote i would hav voted them rather than ekta’s idiot nd storyless script

  7. Saniya fathima

    Dis is enough the story is only crap just read the ff of ahista… By jasmine nd strange magic by sushma they r lacks better than dis shit plot well done u both

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