Naagin Season 3 1st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela Kills Daksh, Mahir Kisses Her

Naagin Season 3 1st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela follows the man and sees a witch in air. She tells the witch that Adi is her enemy and she can’t kill him, he has to die with her (Bela’s hand) only. She asks witch to look at what is written on the wall. Witch goes in the street light bulb and it bursts. Man/Adi runs away.. Bela thinks what do you think that you can run away from us, we can cover distance without legs. She becomes snake and crawls to reach him. Man/Adi is still running. Bela as Snake follows him. He falls down. Bela comes in human form. Man shouts. Bela asks her to shout and plead like she was pleading that day, and says nobody showed pity on me, likewise I will not show pity on anybody. She says she will kill Vikrant’s murderers and circles him with her tail. She hits him and says this is the fruit of your deed and

your death. Naagin song plays…She kills him. Adi comes from behind and claps. Bela is shocked and says if you are here, then who is he? She removes his hood and sees his face. The man turns out to be Daksh. Adi congrats her and says you killed a cat while trying to hunt tiger. He says you looks beautiful in anger and shows the video in which he has recorded everything. He says I know even Daksh is in your list. Bela says your time will come too, I will not leave you. Adi says just one click and your video will go viral. Bela gets angry. Adi says even Mahir has phone and asks her to obey him. Bela says I am Naag rani and can destroy you and your proofs right now. Adi says your enemies are very clever and have backup of this proofs, they are very powerful and have servants against you. He asks her to obey him and says this Naagin is my ghulam.

Vish thinks where is Adi? She gets ACP’s call. She sees three women going holding a box. Adi asks bela to think how powerful is her enemies when they can make him alive from death, and asks her to think. He feels pity on Suhani and says now she can’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan. He walks away. She thinks if Vish would have been here then this wouldn’t have happen. She searches Vish. Vish asks her where did she hide Adis body. Bela says she has killed Daksh instead. Vish says you went after Adi. Bela says she could kill Daksh. Vish says Anu’s time has come, I will kill her. She becomes snake and crawls. Bela thinks I shall stop her, Daksh’s death is shocking for the family. Anu asks Shaan to close his eyes and kisses on his cheeks. Bela stops Vish from biting Anu. Shaan is shocked and tries to talk to her, but Anu doesn’t listen to him. Everyone is in the haveli. Anu comes with Shaan. Boltu asks about Daksh. Anu says she doesn’t know. Boltu gets call from Daksh’s mobile.

Bela asks Vish why she is not thinking before doing anything. She says if you would have been with me then I would have killed Adi. Vish says I asked Arvind to dispose Daksh’s body. Bela asks what is he going to do? Arvind as Daksh calls Boltu and talks in his voice and tells that he is going as his friend met with an accident. Boltu says ok. Arvind thinks it is good that I got this phone. Boltu tells everyone that Daksh went to Delhi. RJ says Yuvi, Rehaan and Daksh went and jokes. Pratham and Kuhu ask RJ not to scare Boltu. RJ goes.

Bela asks why is she behaving strange? She says I am your friend and you can speak to me. vish says really and says I can’t understand you. Sometimes you tell that I can do anything, but stops me and tells that you are Naag rani. She says you were not ready to kill Mahir and I know why. But why did you stop me from killing Anu. Bela says Anu was not alone, that guy was with her and he would have tried to save her, and you would have killed him too. She says I know your anger. Vish says I am feeling pain that you don’t trust me and you don’t know how much I have sacrificed for you. Bela says I know that you have left your Naag log..

Vish says many more thing and says I have lost my love and identity. She says someone has felt the pain, I got him and lost him for your revenge. Bela asks whom you have lost and thinks if she is talking about ACP Ajitabh. Vish says I want to be with him, but can’t stay with him because of you. Bela asks her to say who is he? Vish says he is the one whom she loves, whose breath she feels, whose presence made her heart beat faster etc. Bela thinks of Mahir and her. Vish says we love each other, without confession and I want to forget everything. Bela thinks of Mahir’s words that she didn’t break their name sake marriage. Vish cries and says I want to wipe that feeling of love, but don’t know how. She cries. Bela looks on. Vish then says I can’t be weak like you and become like you. She goes. Bela follows her. Anu tells Shaan that she never thought she will fall in love and says he is cute. She tells that she will tell Shekhar, Andy and Poulomi also. She hugs him again and says I am in love. She asks everyone to come to hotel. She tells Shaan to come and says she will make the announcement and knows that he is shy. Bela apologizes to Vish. Vish says now nobody can stop me, not even you. She shows her red eyes and pushes Bela on ground hard. She then hits her with her tail. Bela faints. Vish thinks I have to give you this pain, and says when you gain consciousness, then you will congratulate me.

Everyone is at the hotel for party. Kuhu tells Anu that she got her love in flight. Andy, Shekhar and Sumitra come there. Sumitra asks what is the matter? Anu says she is going to make an announcement. Poulomi asks who is going to become a mother. Sumitra asks where is Mahir? Adi lifts Bela and takes her to terrace. He drops her and tells that he knows that she fought with Naag. He tells that he will kill her and tell her story to everyone, then they all will appreciate him. Bela gains consciousness and hits him. Adi pushes her and she falls, but holds the terrace edge. Adi says if you die then…Bela thinks a Naagin has attacked me and that’s why my powers got less. She falls, but again holds the edge. Sumitra worries for Mahir and Bela. Poulomi says they might have gone for date and tells that even they have went. Andy asks her to be quiet. Poulomi says even they romanced. Andy asks her to be quiet. Poulomi says don’t know when they will come? Andy says don’t know if they will come or not. Anu is about to stop, but Shaan says he will bring Mahir. Bela says Om Namashivay and asks God Shiv to help her get back her powers. Just then Mahir comes on terrace. Bela asks what are you doing here and asks him to go back. She says she will manage Mahir says I came here to see you doing yoga and asks what is she doing here? Bela says I don’t need your help.

Mahir falls and holds the pipe. Bela asks if he is mad? She says we will fall together. Mahir says I am ready to fall with you and says I never understand the feeling of love, but after meeting you, I am ready to die with you, but don’t want to stay without you. Bela asks him to close his eyes and keeps hand on his eyes. She says Om Namashivay. She becomes half snake and crawl them up. Mahir asks who has saved us? Bela says Bhole Naath saved us and asks why did he jump and became filmy. She says I don’t need you and I can take care of myself. She says how did your heart know that I am in danger? Mahir looks at her. Bela asks him not to risk his life for her. Mahir kisses her. Bela looks at him. Main phirbhi tumko chahunga…..Bela says I was telling something. Mahir says this will be the answer to your all questions and asks if he shall repeat his answer. Bela says we are getting late. Mahir says I will bring car and asks her to come downstairs.

Shaan comes to the village and thinks if Mahir and Bela are here. He thinks what they will do here. Bela thinks where to search Vish? If she went to kill Anu or went for ACP. She becomes snake and crawls. Shaan thinks to go back thinking he will forget the way. Mahir brings car. Shaan stops seeing car. Mahir asks where is Bela? Shaan says she must have gone to hotel. Mahir says ok, lets go then. Anu thinks don’t know where is Shaan? Laila comes and says he will meet you if he is in your destiny. Anu hugs her and tells that she has searched her soulmate. Bela comes and thinks Mahir might be worrying for her. Laila asks her not to tell that she is not in love. Bela says Mahir just cares for her. Laila says you are hiding your feelings from yourself and says you love him, and fought with him just now. She says you can fight with him, but can’t fight with your feelings. She says it will be your defeat eventually. Bela thinks what she wanted to say and thinks of the kiss.

Precap: Anu informs family that their investor Shaan has found his life partner, yesterday was proposal night and the lucky girl is.. Vish walks in saying its her. Mahir dances with Laila during party. Anu gulps liquor feeling dejected.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lokesh

    Oo ho kya scenes the behir ke, and this any,poor girl, I think atlast she will fall for boltu only.

  2. 😒😒😒😒😒😒
    How nagrani get attacked by her servent,
    Adi is soooo irritation and Vish attitude towards Bela is so worst.
    *Tdy behir ♥️ 😘 is really nice.
    *I think Vish is the lover of Vikrant, that’s y she showed much interest in killing mahir.
    *we can observe that Vish says about Vikrant only about her love ♥️
    *And only Vikrant loves (cheat) Bela for tha sake of nagmani.
    *That masked ladies are the servents of whom?????
    *Last Saturday we saw a person tells he come to meet her pyari Nagarani.but that is not reveal also that masked women’s.
    *Eagerly waiting for shaan real identity (nag)
    *Made behir ♥️ so chweet for every episode
    *Waiting for Sunday 8 pm
    Love you behir ♥️
    Good night………..

  3. So am I the only one who is irritate by this timeline. The way the story was portrayed it looked like only 2 days passed since Anu’s mom died but everyone is acting like it’s been month or so. I love bela and mahir’s story and I want to continue watching their relationship develope but god the writers are irritating me.

  4. Kavya Chinnari

    I guess there is no story line to.this…more and.more people are coming and doing something…more then bela vish is having more powers i guess…i just watch for behir scenes which have become very less from last 3 episodes…in 45mins episode only 5mins for them..offcourse this is a revenge drama but still we need space to breathe among that mess

  5. What an episode Hated it to the core. I have so many doubt with this stupid Ekta kapoor serial.

    1) Vish is talking about vikrant, seriously like why do they want to repeat the season1 story where sesha and sivanya were best team then sesha betrayed shivanya?

    2) Mahir kissed bela but she is naagin right will she not loose her powers?

    3) I really wanted to see vish and Acp love track they look cool together but that acp is not even shown in this episodes.

    4) I seriously don’t want shaan and vish as a couple (if that happens then I will stop watching)

    5) Kill Adi I don’t understand how can a human be so powerful in front of naagin. And this so called Naagrani is so dumb in front of him.

    6) Bela can do nothing without vish. Bela is so helpless sometimes. And Its sure that vikrant loved vish that’s why she is so angry and restless to kill them.

    7) Please show Acp falling for vish track.

    Ekta if u don’t have any good storyline then please contact with some good writers, no need of mixing season1 and season 2 to create season3.
    We are not fools and let me clear u one thing ekta no one watches your shows because of your storyline but because of your cast they watch. Because u take actors who looks very good along with it acts very well. So please change the plot and show something different.
    Otherwise all your storyline are like vomiting and why u drag one episode till three months. Like if its a scene of engagement party then u will drag it till one whole month. Really like engagement goes on till a whole month. Please add some logic and use your brain. Because audience r not fools they understand and all your serials falling TRP is the proof.

    And u know because of your stupid serial which without any proper storyline keeps on going many good serial’s doesn’t get chance to get telecast.

    Like Who the hell on Earth asked u to bring this stupid season2 of KZK. Stupid Ekta.

  6. I think this serial now become a flatform for promotion movies
    1.veee Di vedding
    No content only dragging
    Last 2 weeks too boring to watch
    Please stop promotion s and come in to serial content.
    Sorry if I’m wrong

  7. First of all its a boring episode, out of the whole episode the best thing was Behir scene and there was no concentration on Behir for last 3 episodes. Please make the relationship strong between Behir.

  8. For some reason, I think Shaan is Vikraant in disguise. And he and Vish will team up against Bela. Ekta’s serials are _too_ predictable

  9. Who is daksh?

    1. Lokesh

      Suhani ‘s brother, that munsi ji ka beta, and among the 10 in this revenge.

  10. No logic in The story
    If u all know in the beginning vish entered as investor at that time vish and bela were acting like enemies, aravind does all the things to save naagrani then in one of the episodes bela runs to the haveli there aravind tells her not to enter many have died here before blah blah…
    But she enters laters she finds vishs pic there then why does she act like she doesnt know vish is a naagin and aravind is her servant even in private when there was no one in haveli…
    On the road wen aravind warns her not to go in that way only she could see him yet she didnt know him at all….. She shooed him
    Yaar aap kya gumaphirake dikhate ho jo dhikaya hai usko toh pehle clear karo na naye naye log aate hain na jane kya karte hain kabhi bhi ye ekta ke serials nahi sudrenge
    Dushman ko hero ya heroine ki chaal malum hai usko hero ki ya heroine ki plotting ki baatein sunaayi deti hain magar leads ko unke ankho ke saamne hua toh bhi nahi dhikta .
    Dushman hero se ya heroine se clever hai toh ye buddhu hero heroine kyun bane hain
    Kundali bhagya mein ye prithvi sherlyn ka kissa katam hi nahin hota karanpreeta ki chaal unko pata chal jati hai lekin inko malum hui bhi toh bhi vo bach jaate hai kya hai yeh
    Kya parivaar valon ko ek dusre par bharosa nahin hota ? Sach bolona man lenge ye saaboth ke chakkar mein story karaab karte hain…..
    Isme aap sab ka kya kayaal hai

  11. shaan is the real vikranth…….and vish may come against bela as sesha came against shivanya,,,,,,,,,,

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