Naagin Season 3 1st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir proves Vish to be fake investor, Bela plans to kill him

Naagin Season 3 1st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar tells his wife that someone from Andy’s house killed his son. Andy says what you are saying, you have no enemy here. Jhamini comes there and cries. Kuhu says she is his girlfriend. They think she is a villager. Inspector tells sorry and says we have his personal stuff which you can get. He says very soon DNA report will come and says I don’t think that it is an accident. Vish calls Arvind and asks him to do some work. Jhamini cries and says she got engaged to him and was waiting to tell everyone. Andy says I understand. Shekhar says you can’t understand and tells that if you had understood then you would have taken my worry seriously. He says he told that he saw Naag and says he didn’t return. Inspector says Rehaan was found in the jungle behind the haveli. Shekhar blames Andy. Jhamini shows her ring and checks his ring and says he is not Rehaan. Inspector says let wait come. Vish’s man Arvind comes there with changed avatar and gives fake DNA report. He thinks he made real Rehaan fake. He says he is not Rehaan. Bela and Vish go to the room.

Vish asks Bela to kill Mahir. Bela tells that everyone is gathered to search Rehaan. She says Jhamini is involved now and says she can feel her pain of losing her love and says you will not understand humanity. Vish says you are not human. Bela says what is that girl’s mistake? Vish asks if Mahir’s love changed you. Bela asks are you mad to think that I will leave my lover’s killer. She says I will kill him first. Vish says I am afraid that you believe in marriage institution. Bela says I will kill Mahir and take my revenge. She goes to Mahir and tells that it seems that it is a punishment for him. He tells that when everyone looks hopeful at me, I look at the God. He says sorry and tells that he won’t let any trouble fall on her. He promises her. Bela doesn’t let him touch her shoulder. Mahir goes. Bela thinks why I see truthfulness in his eyes. She thinks everyone is a betrayal.

Jhamini shows the CCTV footage and tells that Rehaan went to the jungle. They see Rehaan running and someone holding his neck. Vish and Bela come there. They get shocked. Bela shows her ring to Vish and takes it out (it might be visible in the CCTV). They see the video again. Andy, Sumitra, Shekhar, Mahir, and Jhamini tell that they will go to Haveli. Bela tells that she will also come. Jhamini thanks Bela and tells that you did right. She smiles. Bela is confused and thinks if I shall be saved from her. Vish tells Bela that you did right. Bela says she will clear the proofs. Vish asks her to kill Mahir once she finds him alone. Sumitra asks Bela to come. Vish hides. Sumitra asks if you really want to come. Bela tells that it is a family matter and tells that Shekhar uncle is our family. Sumitra feels proud to have her and tells that Mahir is also like her. Shekhar tells Andy that why this girl is coming with us and says she is inauspicious and an outsider. Mahir says she is his wife now and tells that she will come if she wants to.

They all come near the haveli. Shekhar says he will check in haveli. Bela says she will check with Mahir. While he checks, she appears as a snake and follows him. Mahir comes and keeps the hand on her when she is half human and half snake. He pulls her towards him hearing the sound and keeps the hand on her mouth. She gets back to human form fully and thinks to bite him. She is about to bite him, but just then they hear Sumitra shouting and run to haveli.

Sumitra shouts and shows blood on the wall. Andy asks them to relax and says it is not his blood. Jhamini cries and says it must be Rehaan’s blood. Mahir says we all shall go to Police station. Sumitra finds a lady’s slipper with blood on it and brings it home. She thinks whose slipper it is, who wanted to kill Rehaan. Shekhar, Mahir, and Andy come back home. Shekhar tells Andy that someone from his house is involved. Sumitra drops the slipper by mistake. Bela wears it and says she was searching it. Sumitra tells Mahir and others that she saw Bela wearing that slipper which has a blood stain on it. They go to Bela’s room calling her, but Bela comes from outside and they see Vish wearing that slippers. They accuse Vish of killing her.

Vish tells that Bela gave her slipper saying it was hers. She blames Bela for trapping her. Mahir takes Bela’s side and says she can’t do anything wrong. Shekhar blames Vish and says you are lying. Vish tells that she will call her lawyer. Jhamini asks Vish to tell what she did with Rehaan. Vish asks her to shut up and says I didn’t know anything. She pushes Jhamini. Jhamini falls down near the shoe rack and finds slipper/shoe. Mahir gets a message. Vish tells that this is her slipper and tells that the deal will be down under her shoes. Mahir tells her what is she talking about and shows real Vishaka Khanna’s pic and tells that she received our proposal, but didn’t revert back. He says I was doubtful since you came here. He says she is fraud.

Andy asks how dare you to cheat me? Mahir says I will handle her. He asks her to go. Sumitra says Bela told already that she is not good. Bela recalls Vish seeing the sandal and asking her to give it to her. She tells that someone might keep it to get the proofs. She tells that she doesn’t want her to get into any trouble. Vish while going threatens that as you sow, so you reap, nobody will be saved. Jhamini smiles. Later Vish meets Bela. Bela asks who kept that third slipper. They think to find about the third person. Mahir comes there. Bela tries to set her Pallu and it falls on Mahir. Vish changes in snake and escapes. Later Bela couldn’t sleep. Jhamini comes in her dream and scares her. Bela gets up and thinks who is this girl? She thinks if she is his enemy? She calls Vish later in the morning and tells about her dream. Vish asks her not to worry and questions Jhamini else kill her.

Bela says I will not kill anyone without any reason. Vish reminds her to kill Mahir just as she gets a chance. Bela opens the door and sees Sumitra standing. Sumitra comes inside and tells that they have a ritual and tells that all married couple go to Kuldevi temple and says mokshdhaam. Vish says Mahir will get moksha by Naagin’s hand. Sumitra says you have to be careful while passing from the jungle. She asks her to get water from a lake. Vish says you have to drown Mahir in it. Sumitra asks her to keep the water and Sindoor to the goddess. Vish says Goddess will accept Mahir’s dead body as they end criminals. Sumitra asks her to do the puja. Mahir comes there. He tells that he will refuse to go and make some excuse. She says we will not do the thing in which you are uncomfortable. Vish messages Bela to kill Mahir in the jungle, it is a good chance any wild animal can attack him. Mahir is about to call Sumitra, but Bela comes out and holds his hand. She tells that they shall go for everyone. She messages Vish that she is going and will end Mahir.

In the temple, sindoor falls from the plate and Bela’s maang gets filled by it. Jhamini asks Adi about Rehaan. Bela changes her avatar and hits Mahir. He falls down on the road. Adi tells that he heard Rehaan’s voice message and he had told that Bela wants to kill him. Anu hears him and tells Sumitra and Andy that Bela wants to kill Mahir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Something is wrong with Jamini. She is an ichchadhari character maybe. Many mysteries surrounding… Anu seems to be fallen for Mahir and is taunting/accusing Bela for marrying him. I don’t know if she will be negative as well. When Ruhi was being assaulted and caught by her friends, Anu did the disgusting thing. Being a woman she didn’t rescue Ruhi but was interested in capturing Naag Vikrant’s pics. ?

  2. Lokesh

    Thanks was waiting for precap update.

  3. Shivanya didn’t harm Rithik because she didn’t know exactly if he was also a culprit. Shivangi and Bela saw Rocky and Mahir in the evil gang so they tried to harm both of them. But Bela shouldn’t have beaten up Mahir. I felt bad for him. ?

  4. TaniaFairy

    Nice epi,something is happening behind Bela’s back.This Jamini is an ichadhari naagin.the way she stare at Bela.she is sure know who Bela is..the question is now that if she is negative or positive??? hope she will be positive and will help Bela.

  5. The premise of this season remind me of an older Naagin serial it was Telecasted in 90s. in which Vaishnavi an icchadhari Naagin take revenge from those people who stole her Naagmani and injured her husband Paras. You guys should’ve seen her. she’s was so powerful that even if you combine Shivanya/Sesha/Shivangi/Vish and Ruhi even then their would be no match
    I thought this season would be like that but I think they’ll make it like previous season Where Bela will eventually fall for Mahi and forget Vikrant

  6. — People are at least worried about missing Rehaan
    But what about Yudi ? Nobody cares that he has been missing for days now.. serious loophole !!

    — Adi heard rehaan’s voice message in which he talks about bela being a snake.. but stupid adi is idling around and not telling anyone about it.

    — Rehaan had asked the doctor to send Karan’s hospital room’s cctv footage to prove he has been in coma all this while and never came to their home that day to accuse adi.. lost that plot as well.. Rehaan missing now and the doctor never bothered to contact anyone else for the cctv footage and not even for the 24 lakh hospital bill for which he was quite concerned..

    — Yudi had a girlfriend who came to attend his wedding, vish attacked her some episodes ago, no conclusion on that angle as well – saved or dead or anyone looking for her or not , not even her dad who called her to mumbai for justin bieber concert and she apparently still hasn’t reached mumbai for days now

  7. It was such an awesome episode!! Guys don’t you think they are reminding you of the flavour of S1??? I mean with all new characters, family setting, loving husband and Naagin wife?….for me its like revisiting the memories of S1! I’m so happy that the creators have brought back the original flavour! Just love it♥️♥️♥️

  8. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  9. Ooshi

    Who is this jhamini
    Waiting for Bela to know the truth of that night
    Because of yesterday the doubt on vikrant had to be cleared too
    So many questions waiting for answers

  10. hi i didnt finish the earlier seasons, can someone explain what these mean: sheshvansh and dakshak/takshak vansh? thank you.

  11. Amazing episode yarr jamini seems mysterious bela you behave rude to maahir he doesn’t deserve it .vish expose by maahir. Anu love maahir that why she hate bela amazing scene through out the episode bela talking to vish sumitra comes there and explain her everything and vish too say dialouge I love this scene

  12. Bela ne maahir ka Bluetooth lga rakha tha did you notice guys

    1. Haa! She was talking to Vish with that.

  13. somehow I feel Vikrant would be a negative character who was with Ruhi to acquire nagmani

  14. They never showed us the mansion had CCTV & I knw the jungle doesn’t have cameras so where in God’s name did the footage come from????? Could have @ least learnt a few things from Hollywood!!!

    1. TaniaFairy

      that was the question of mine when I saw they are watching the video.I mean where the hell they got that..And I don’t think there will cctv camera in trees in jungle.but if it from haveli than they will also see Vish and Bela but they just saw a particular person’s video, how that can happen??? we are not fool to not notice those things.

  15. I think this jhamini knows well about bela and vish as she is yaminis daughter she’ll be greedy about naagmani
    And maybe vikrant was also greedy about naagmani so he tricked ruhi or bela to love him.
    As in previous episodes he used to say repeatedly that ruhi will be naagraani
    No body wants to know about yuvi…it seems sumitra also has a mysterious past…waiting for many answers
    And don’t know why adi is not revealing if he forgot that or what ever…any loves maahir so she is taunting bela
    Feeling bad for vish…chemistry between maahir and bela is good…she’ll fall for maahir as she’ll be smitten with his caring attitude

    1. Hello Samreen! Jamini is an ichchadhari character. Coming to Yamini’s daughter, it will be portrayed by Amrapali Gupta. Her name is Shalaka (a sorcerer).

  16. hello sona…sheshvansh and takshak vansh are two diff clans of naags…maybe with diff powers also

  17. Agree with you Raj….too many loose ends left unexplained …Particularly Yuvi,how can any parents just carry on with their lives by concluding that their son has run away with one of his girl friends and do nothing to search for him…Sumitra,being his mother, doesn’t even seem to bother about her missing son..She is too busy showering love on the new addition to the family…Really strange are the ways Andy and his family!
    And Mahir not noticing Bela’s lower body in snake form is strange too…One more new character Jhamini and more suspense …the precap is interesting …Finally Adi will be finding time to inform about Rehaan’s crucial voice message…I don’t think Andy and Sumitra will believe him ….Bela will cover up somehow and continue with her deadly game plan…

  18. Agree with you Lekshmi,how could Mahir avoid the below part of Bela as naagin.He is blind when he’s with Bela.Is jhamini too villain??
    precap was interesting poor Mahir eager to know what will happen next

  19. Surbhi Jyoti is too horrible she is much more worst than previous shivanya and ania hassandani is looking like an aunty oh my god and they are portraying naagin character ekta Kapoor pleases bring a new and refreshing face rather than such dumbass people’s……….

    1. Angelk1

      Why exactly does looks have to be everything. If you enjoy the show and the acting you can overlook her looks. Also I dont see anything wrong with her naagin or acting

  20. After seeing the precap felt bad for Mahir

  21. Actually there is nothing wrong with Surabhi but she is not right to play a Naagin …..a Naagin should be someone who is beautiful and graceful in a classic way…like Mouni Roy ….Yes ,Anita too is a little on the heavy side to be cast as a Naagin ….Anyways Ekta must have thought over well before opting for them….Still I have to say that I am disappointed …..

  22. Looks and acting ,both are important for the success of any character …All of us know very well that just anyone can not be taken to play a role..the reason why,there is always first a search for the right looking person who suits the character and then a screening test to determine his / her acting skills …the cast of this serial must have undergone all this process….it is ok if some of us are not comfortable with Surbhi as a Naagin and some liking her….there will always be a difference of opinion…

  23. Hey guys, when I was checking the pics of N3 there seen that Sumitra isn’t the mom of Mahir, showing somthing like babies were exchanging in hospital and also he is a naag.Second thing is shivangi will rtn as d daughter of Behir.Any one have d idea of this…???
    I’ve also read Vish will be seen as d puppet of Yamini’s daughter & create problms for Bela in future

  24. this is same like S1 marriage run away visi is like Sesha and she I’ll fall for mahir

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