Naagin Season 3 19th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir gets saved from Bela’s poison, Vish decides to kill him

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Naagin Season 3 19th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela comes inside the house and hears people talking that don’t know why God gives such death to good people. She thinks her venom has killed Mahir. She asks herself not to feel bad and remember why she came here. ACP comes home and asks his Maa what she would like to have. He turns and sees Vish feeding his mum. Vish says she made Kadi Chawal and came to discuss about the case. His mum says today Sudha haven’t come, she made food for us. Vish says it is not a big deal, I made food for my people. She asks why her son talks like Lucknowi. ACP says you work with me, it is not good to see you working in my house. Vish says I am from Calcutta and don’t want to offend you. ACP says I didn’t mean. He says I will serve food for you and asks ACP to rest. Poulomi says why God you have taken her. Sumitra hugs Bela and cries. Vish gets the file. ACP comes and takes the file. Sumitra asks Bela to come. Bela recalls sindoor falling in her maang and Pandit ji telling that their love will never have any bad sight and blessing them. She sits and says Mahir….Vish comes to ACP’s room and hears him talking to sub inspector and telling that full autopsy report haven’t come. She takes the file in her hand. ACP comes out and asks why she is after the file. She says she wants his mum’s medicine list. ACP asks what is the matter, why did she come to his room. Vish says so that I can see you in this condition and says you are hot. She flirts with him. ACP asks her to go out.

Sumitra asks Bela to get up and says I called you many times when Mahir’s condition deteriorated, and I called you when we were on the way, but you didn’t answer. She asks if she went to temple to pray for Mahir. She says when we reached hospital, Doctor told ….Bela says sorry. Sumitra asks her to go and rest. Bela sees Shekhar’s wife’s pic with garland. Bela is surprised. Sumitra says Mahir is allergic to almond, but nothing happened to him due to your prayers, and poison didn’t affect him. Bela says Mahir ji. Sumitra says he is talking to Pandit ji to do last rites. Bela runs towards their room and says poison doesn’t affect Mahir. Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi plays…..

She comes to room and sees Mahir talking on phone. She comes running to him and cries. Mahir is still talking on phone. Bela hugs him from behind and cries. Mahir gets surprised and says Bela…you. Bela says I am sorry, I thought I have lost you for forever. She hugs him and says she was very scared. Mahir says I am fine. Bela says it was allergy, but I thought it is poison. Mahir says poison. Bela says I have scratched you. Mahir asks her not to worry and says poison didn’t effect me. She recalls Tantrik telling that the person will be saved only if he is her life partner. Bela thinks what he was saying and thinks he is Vikrant’s killer. Mahir touches her shoulder. She gets uncomfortable. Mahir says I talked to my lawyer about our divorce and tells that no need to stay in unwanted relation. He says Yuvi called and was apologizing. He says once he returns, everything is sorted, you, yuvi and ….(baby). Tere sang song plays…..Mahir looks at her and goes.

Bela wipes her tears and comes to ACP’s house. Vish is already there. ACP says you were running and tells that his officer is about to get injured. Bela says sorry and says it was an emergency. ACP introduces Vish. Bela says she is going to temple and then Purani haveli. ACP says don’t know what happened to her. Vish thinks she wants to talk to her.

She reaches purani haveli and asks what happened? Bela says why did she call Mahir as Yuvi? She says if she was not done by becoming Rehaan. She says Mrs. Mittal died today and everyone was waiting for Rehaan today. Vish says he will not come as we killed him. She says we came to take revenge and not to cry on their death. She asks if she remembers their revenge. Bela asks why did you call Mahir? Vish says to save you and tells that ACP got dead body of Yuvi. Bela says we didn’t decide that. Vish says you lied to me and when I called home, Mahir picked the call. She says you don’t want to kill Mahir and says you are pregnant. Bela says she is not pregnant and tells that I thought he died after touching me. Vish says he got immortal after he touched her, as you touched him with love. She says you wanted to kill other guys, but what happened to you. Bela says I was searching Naag mani and handover it to Naag guru. Vish says what you were doing till now and says you are changing and became his pati vrata pati. She says you are thinking much not of Vikrant, but of Mahir. She says I will take revenge for my friend’s death. Bela says enough and says Vikrant was just your friend, but my…Vish says he was your love and you are thinking to say that. Bela says I was searching Naag mani. Vish asks her to prove and kill Mahir within 24 hours else she will kill him. Vish walks off.

Bela wakes up worrying for Mahir. She gets Vish’s message that if she don’t kill him then she will kill him. Bela covers blanket on Mahir and goes out of room. She asks herself not to think about Mahir and thinks Vish is right.

She collides with Sumitra and says sorry. Sumitra asks if she can go to Kuhu’s Nanand’s engagement with Mahir. Bela thinks of Vish’s words and tells that she will go. Mahir comes. Bela says I can go. Mahir says he has back to back meetings and he will pick her in the evening.

He comes home in the evening and looks at Bela. Ahista song plays…..Bela says you are staring. Mahir says sorry. Bela says your suit is there hanging. Mahir takes it and wears. He says sorry and says you have to do this as my wife. Bela says Maa said. She comes to him and sets his suit collar alright. Mahir says I would have done that. Bela says perfume is on bed. Mahir takes it and asks him not to do it, and says Yuvi will come tomorrow. Bela fills sindoor in her maang and says…she is filling maang as….Mahir says so that Maa don’t doubt. Bela says keys are in drawer. Mahir asks her not to do his work and says he will have a tough time without her after she leaves. Ahista Ahista plays….Mahir says lets go.

They come to the engagement venue. Mahir’s friends take him. A lady touches bela’s hand as she passes from there. Bela looks at her. Mahir and Yuvi’s friends speak about them. They ask Mahir if he is jealous of Yuvi as he is more popular with girls. Mahir says he was not jealous till now. His friends ask if he is jealous now. Bela cries and runs from there. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai plays…….She reminisces their moments and marriage. She recalls her conversation with Mahir.

Bela thinks what are you thinking? She asks her to think what he did and says he has ruined your life and snatched your happiness. She says if you get weak then how will you take your revenge. Kuhu comes to her and says you asked for orange juice. Bela says when did I ask? Kuhu asks her to go and bring if she wants something else. RJ comes and asks Bela to come, as the pic which he clicked just then is blurred with her eye closed. Bela thinks when did I click pic with them. She keeps juice glass. Kuhu asks Mahir to congratulate the couple. Mahir and Bela go to stage and wish the couple. RJ asks Bela to keep her eyes open and asks Mahir to keep hand on Bela’s waist. He clicks selfie. RJ says you should have look at camera and not at each other. A boy collides with a lady and icecream gets applied to her saree. Boy’s mum says sorry.

Waiter comes to Bela and says lime juice. Bela says she didn’t want. Boy’s mother says it is for cleaning the icecream stain. Bela says there is no stain. Boy’s mother says my son collided with you. Bela sees someone wearing same saree. Mahir asks what happened? Bela says she is going to washroom. She washes her face and looks in the mirror. She sees her lookalike and says Vish. Vish comes out of the mirror and says I came to keep eye on you.

Precap: Bela says there is still time for 24 hours. Vish ties Bela in the washroom and thinks I will bring you out after killing Mahir. Mahir and Vish dance in the party. Bela runs on the road. Mahir and Vish are in the car. He sees Bela sitting with him and other Bela infront of his car. He says if you are here then who is he? Vish says I have no idea. Mahir hugs Bela. Bela holds Vish’s neck and warns her. Vish becomes snake and is about to bite Mahir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the update h hasan… Vish and ACP makes a good pair… I never expected that it will be Mrs. Mittal’s body… I thought it was yuvi’s body
    Don’t know why maahir is doing this with such pain… I’m happy that nothing happened to him… Precap is just unbelievable is it Bela’s dream or will she really go against vish…can’t wait for next 6 days

  2. Just loved Behir scenes today and the way Bela hugged Mahir from behind precap seems to be interesting

  3. My god! So many twists. I think Ajithab will help Bela unknowingly by proving Mahir’s innocence (Vikranth’s death) and he is going to unfold Vikranth’s truth.

  4. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Today’s episode is ossum.
    Bela and mahir (behir) couple made at heaven,?
    I feel Very sad about mahir situation now.
    Bela’s anger towards Vish is completely natural,Bela fell love with mahir?.
    And the promo is just wondering.
    How best frnds are turn in to enemys ….?
    Waiting for next week to see the war between two frnds ?.
    the moment when Bela holds Vish neck
    We can see the love towards her lover ♥️.
    Sooo sad about Vish????

  5. Thanks H Has an for quick updates

    1. H Hasan **

  6. Can’t wait for next saturday

  7. Lokesh

    So again Ekta mata , changed everything , na yuvi na mahir, it was Mukti aunty.offo, anyways I enjoyed the hug, and the precap.

  8. thaks hassan for update and the epi was amazing

  9. Hi Guys I’m Sabari
    I’m reading the updates since season 1 but Rarely Comment.. I need to comment 2day
    That Excitement of Bela when she knows Maahir is Alive was Lovely..
    In The Precap Scene
    Bela saves Maahir from Vish . When Bela signed Vish to Get away from Maahir..
    (This scene Remembered me a scene in Magadhera (Telugu movie) where Kajal signs the Villan to get lost .) That Hand Sign of Bela towards Vish was like a Queen to stay away from her King..

    Sorry for the Lengthy Comment..

  10. Today’s episode is very nice as there are sweet moments between Behir. And precap is very nice as Bela warned vish and hugged Mahir. I hope that in the coming episodes Bela realise her love for Mahir and start a new life with him as Mahir is also very upset as he is thinking yuvi will come back and cannot live without Bela. Please don’t separate Behir.

  11. Why is vish hell bent on killing Mahir I think she was also in love with vikrant or they were both cheating behind Bela she is taking d revenge serious than Bela herself
    As for Bela she is in love but Dont want to admit it yet and thank god d suspend is over but when d hell will yuvi body b reveal his parent are not even worried for him even if he his that spoilt they should atlease show us they are worried for him

  12. Awwwwwww..cant wait 4 nxt epi… 5 more days to go ??

  13. So now we’re back to why can’t Bela kill Mahir…..this show is just dragging. Getting so annoyed now.

  14. Arrey yaar! Koi batao. Its not Mahir who killed Vikrant. It was Adi n unfortunately he was killed by some other one’s hand. I love Behir.

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. One thing is clear that vish and vikrant had affair, as her words and expression are so clear… As she is just behind to kill people just like shesha (if vish is another shesha or related to shesha)

    2. Now vish will fall in love with mahir, after taking identity of bela regularly (just like season 1 where shesha loved ritik, after regularly taking shivanya identity)

    3. I am liking chemistry of ACP and vish.. I just hope they get married (only my dream)

    4. Its too much in serials: abhi to mrs. Mittal died and next day they went for party…??????????????????

    1. I agree with you that how can they go to party in the time of mourning

  16. Nooo…i don’t want bela and vish to be like shivanya and shesha…first they were partners in crime n then ended up becoming enemies of each other…i dont want that to repeat in naagin 3…

  17. I want Vish to be a lover of ACP Ajitav and they both will stay together forever so that she doesn’t come in b/w Bella & Mahir. Today episode is awsm I love it. I don’t want this part to be same as part 1&2 as Sivanya & Sesha 2sis but enemy

  18. ShraddhaSharma392

    I know non of us want to see that, but i am sure it will turn it like this.. Vish bela to turn enemies if not due to love trinagle than due to some reason.. As it is clearly showed in vish eyes today.. Even i doubt that may be she didn’t love vikrant but wanted to be naagrani and owner of naagmani, as when ruhi said that she might leave her taj and rule for vikrant, that mean vish will be naagrani and owner of naag mani, so may be she joined hands with vikrant for this purpose only

  19. Sunder

    We all thought that it’s yuvi’s body.. But..
    Can’t we relate this strange this to naagmani or thief?
    Amd precap is interesting, finally bela is standing against the vish to save mahir! She realised her true love..

    1. Sunder

      Strange death*

  20. This season there won’t be Bela bish mahir love triangle as such bcos then there won’t be any difference between season 1 2 and season 3

    Bish will become negative but it is not for mahir might be bcos of her being Vikrant secret lover or bcos of being power hungry and want to become naagrani herself

  21. Vikrant is alive as ajitav said once looking at vikrants pic in haveli that he saw Vikrant some where…he may be a cheater I suppose ..and just back of Bela for naagmani…

  22. Vikrant is alive as ajitav said once looking at vikrants pic in haveli that he saw Vikrant some where…he may be a cheater I suppose ..and just back of Bela for naagmani….

  23. I read in upcoming episode many things that 1st mahir is hiding some truth tat he is a warrior who fights with naag and naagin for naagmani? 2nd prince narula will give a entry? 3rd kushal will give a entry
    Ma head is breaking yaar clear it pls i got mental it seems behind pearl
    Bela and mahir best jodi luv t dont get separated

  24. plz put 25.08.2018 episode plz it’s cry cry

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