Naagin Season 3 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant’s mum gets Bela kidnapped, Vish determines to rescue her

Naagin Season 3 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishaka worrying about Bela and says where she could go? Vikrant finds crown on the ground, and shows to Vishaka. Vishaka says we were in our human avatar when Mahir came. Vikrant says Bela have left this intentionally and asks her to come. He tells we searched her everywhere, but not here. He says we did a big foolishness. Vish says we thought she went with her wish and finds Bela’s broken bangles. Vikrant asks her not to worry and says she will call bela here using Naag tarang. A lady is talking to Apharan expert and says you are getting money for your work. Mahir comes there and asks Apharan expert to help him and locate his wife as she is kidnapped. A lady tells that he is stuck with her case and gives advance to him. Mahir offers to pay double and triple. Apharan expert asks if he has only one wife. Mahir tells about him and says his wife is kidnapped. Apharan expert tells the lady that he won’t leave her case, first he will search Mahir’s wife and then will work on her case.

The kidnappers bring Bela to a secret place and tie her. Vikrant shows bangle piece to crown. Vish shows bangle piece. Juhi says she is searching bela. Vikrant and Vish tell that it seems someone dragged her, three of the foot impression is of human. Vish says we know where the place goes. Apharan expert tells Mahir that they shall search his wife in the haveli. Mahir says I am not going there, I don’t want to see her face, asks the Apharan expert to search her and take her home safely.

Bela asks the kidnappers to leave her alone else the consequences will be bad. She shouts for help when someone knocks on the door. Apharan expert breaks the door and says I knocked the door three times, he asks Bela if she is Bela Sehgal. She nods. He fights with the kidnappers. One of the kidnapper is about to hit him, but Bela saves the Apharan expert. He says well done, and says your husband is waiting for the new fight, and says he is strange to offer me big money, but don’t want to see my face. Apharan Expert sees a woman named Anjana going with a man. He is shocked. Mahir comes and asks if she is found? Apharan Expert asks him to take his wife. Mahir says she is not here? Apharan Expert says all wives are betrayal. Mahir asks about his story. He says I will tell later. Mahir goes. Lady comes and asks him to do her work. He says he will do on 14th December on Balaji show Apharan. They promote the show Apharan and briefs about the show.

Bela is still in kidnapper’s place. The kidnappers tell that Apharan expert can’t save you. Bela asks about the woman who got her kidnapped. Kidnapper tells that the woman is powerful and gave us so much money. He says we didn’t know that a woman can be controlled by a bel patr, she told us that you can get controlled by it. Vikrant and Vish come outside the haveli. Vikrant says she is not here, even Naag Tarang is not working. Vish says we didn’t use Taj ki Shakti and if we keep it on our hands then we can know where is she? They see some dark place. Vish says where to search her, Mahir also left. She says if her truthful life partner can recite the bholenath’s mantras then he can search her. Vikrant says I will recite the mantras and closes his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. Vish tells Vikrant that you are not her life partner and that’s why couldn’t see anything. Vikrant gets teary eyes. Vish saysI am very sad to tell you this, it is your decision if you want to help Bela and go to Mahir. Vikrant reminisces Bela and says lets go to Mahir.

Mahir is in the room and sees Bela and his photo frame and breaks it. Sumitra comes and asks him to be careful, Mahir’s hand gets cut. Sumitra says she will apply antiseptic and asks about the room. Mahir says I broke it. Sumitra asks if Bela and you have a fight? Mahir says I hate her, don’t take her name. Sumitra says some tension was going on because of Yuvi, but now everything is sorted. Mahir says Yuvi is not between us. He tells that bela didn’t come to marry Yuvi, she came here for revenge, it was all drama. Sumitra says I am going to call Yuvi. Mahir says Yuvi is dead. Sumitra asks what did you say? Mahir says Yuvi is dead and the man who was staying here, is an imposter. He says Yuvi died on his marriage day. Sumitra slaps him and says I met him in the morning and made him eat parathas. Mahir hugs her and cries. Sumitra asks him not to say this again. Mahir cries badly. Sumitra says everything will be alright. Mahir says I saw and heard with my eyes and ears. Sumitra says whoever is saying this, is Bela’s enemy. Mahir cries. Sumitra asks him to freshen up and take bath. She thinks what is happening, what Mahir is saying? I need to talk to Bela, but where is she?

Bela cries calling Mahir and asks him to return and save her. She sees stone and tries to break the rope, but the kidnappers come there and tie her again. Bela throws bel patr on them, and they become snake. One of the kidnapper is human. Bela thinks who got me kidnapped, the kidnappers are from Naagvansh.

Vikrant comes to Sehgal house and thinks to wait outside for Mahir. His mum comes there and is about to bite Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to listen to him. His mum comes in human avatar. Vikrant says it is good that you came here and tells that we have to save bela. Bela scares the human kidnapper and tells him that he saw how they became snakes, and says they will kill me and then you. Kidnapper says they will not kill me. Bela says I heard them talking to the woman and she said asking them to kill you after me. She asks him not to see in their eyes and says the snakes are dangerous and have venom in their mouth. She says we both will die. Kidnapper says I will help you, but don’t act to be smart. He asks Bela why Bel patr was working on her. Bela says it must be magical with tantra power. He frees her hand. They try to run from there.

Vikrant is shocked to know that his mum got Bela kidnapped. He asks why did she do this? His mum says my son is a fool. Vikrant says you know my heart and mind don’t work infront of Ruhi, and you know well that I love her a lot and care for her. His mum says she don’t love you. Vikrant says I have to save her from every danger, from you also. She tries to bite him. Vikrant falls down and the crown falls down from his hand. His mum says she wants naagmani. Vikrant says Ruhi will never tell you. He says you can’t kill Ruhi, if you kill her then Naagmani’s secret will be secret, he asks how many persons she will kill infront of him and begs infront of her to save Bela. His mum becomes snake and crawls out. Vikrant follows her forgetting about the crown there. Bela and the man hide from the kidnappers/snakes. Bela asks the man to run. They start running. The kidnappers see Bela escaped with the human kidnapper and get scared. Bela asks Someone to give phone to call her husband and says she will pay money when he comes. Constable sees her and calls Mahir and informs about seeing her. Mahir thinks I don’t care about anyone’s sayings, I have seen your truth and will think what to do. Vikrant’s mum comes infront of the kidnappers and scares them. They run to search Bela. Bela is walking on the road and thinks Mahir didn’t pick the call. She thinks Mahir has the right to do this with her and says I can’t question him. He shall give me a chance to speak, why I got helpless to kill them. She recalls Mahir asking her to kill him. She thinks she wants Mahir to hear her truth and thinks she lost so much, but don’t want to lose him, under any circumstances. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…….

Mahir is searching for the keys and finds it. He sees eh sparkling crown kept on the floor. He touches it and closes his eyes. He sees Bela walking on the road and thinks what the hell was that. He thinks where is Bela? He thinks what is it, how can I see her holding this? He closes his eyes and sees Bela. He thinks this street seems to be MG road behind road, but what bela is doing here?

Vikrant is in the haveli. Vish comes there and asks what did mahir say, did he see anything. Vikrant is sad. Vish asks why you are silent, and asks what did Mahir say and asks him to tell. Vikrant says how do I know? Vish says you went to tell Mahir about searching Bela using the crown. Vikrant says I didn’t meet him and gets angry. Vish asks him to lower his eyes more and says I don’t know how you see your face in mirror. She says it was our last effort to save our naagrani, you left her to die. Vikrant shouts at her. Vish says you can’t bear that you are not his real partner and that’s why punishing Bela. She calls him selfish and says you want to see her dead. Vikrant says I love her and that’s why I went to talk to her. Vish asks then what happened? Vikrant says someone else is also important for me and says my mum. He says how can I refuse her sayings? Vish asks him to look at her and says your mum..She says you are doing this for your mum. She says you had said that your mother and father are dead, it was a lie, I can’t believe you have betrayed us.

Vish says I thought you are doing this to rule on Naagvansh, you wanted Bela to kill some innocent guy so that you can get Naagmani and you can become Naagraj and that’s why I helped you. She says I helped you and thought that we are working together, but you were against me. She says you will get the crown of betrayal and lies. Vikrant says you have also betrayed Bela and lied. Bela says I lied because of you. Vikrant says you was greedy and betrayed me to get me. Vish says I betrayed you to marry you, but I couldn’t get you and have just one sided love. It was good, else my condition would be like Bela. She is crying for Mahir. Vikrant says nothing will happen to Bela. Vish says you were helpless to choose between Maa and bela, so you chose your mum. She says you don’t care about Bela, but I will search her, will not make excuses like you. She says she will bring her alive and goes.

Mahir meets Bela. Bela reminds him of the night when his drunkard brothers called him. She says they didn’t shoot any snake, but they shot Vikrant who is…Mahir says your first love and says you are free now. Bela becomes snake infront of Mahir to save him. Mahir is shocked. Bela comes face to face with Vikrant’s mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Today’s episode is very boring. Mahir still hates Bela. Precap is very shocking as Mahir sees Bela in naagin avatar. Now he will hate Bela a lot. If Behir gets separated like this, most of the Behir fans will stop watching the serial. We can’t see Behir getting separated.From last 3 episodes including today’s episode, Bela and Mahir are separated. Please clear the misunderstandings between Behir as soon as possible Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. Ektaji,I had already told last week that if this story goes like this..,definitely loose it’s TRP.. See BARC reports.. As both shows were yours..,You may not have any
    Behir… Can’t see you in pain… viks mother is who.? Poulomi/sumitra.. I think it’s poulomi itself.. If sumitra..same storyline as in naagin1.. Mahir supports maa.. Later knows his secrets then helps bela…
    But aaj ka episode full rubbish hai.. Just for Apaharan promotion… After saving,if a person is missing again,it means he/she cheating.. Wat a theory of nonsense.. Normally people search for him/her again,but here left the case.. Mahir ka concern itna bura hai yar..he went back to house without even bothering where is Bela gone again.. I’m happy for vishkant.. Finally some changes in vik_vish relationship.. Good.. But,please ektaji..please don’t do anything that separates Behir and flops the show…

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Either update is confusing or may be I just saw half of episode so got nothing….. But finally Vikrant is getting reality check… Miss Ajitap…
    And someone will give brain to writers and connect season 2, shivangi death reason….

  4. Episode not even worth to comment

  5. I dont like belas acting…
    I dont feel any emotions portrayed by her…

  6. Lokesh

    Jaldi se aaj ka bhi plz, kyunki episode to Mai dekh nhi rha , so this site is the only hope

  7. Watched naagin 3 till today… but do not know what s the storyline..started with revenge story and then left the revenge in between… now all the blunder… I am just waiting to get over with this series….

  8. Your Comment what the hell is going on?

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