Naagin Season 3 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu laid a trap for Bela

Naagin Season 3 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu tells ACP that everything is happening because of the incident which happened 6 months back in which Naag and Naagin died. ACP looks on. Bela comes to Jamini’s room and sees her watching Rehaan and her video. She tells her that she heard someone shouting. Jamini says she must have heard video’s sound. She tells Bela that she is not her enemy and it is Anu, and tells that they are stuck in a similar situation. She says we shall support each other. ACP says I thought it is baseless story. Anu says they all had seen that Naag turning into snake and then he was shot and he slipped in the valley with his Naagin. She tells that they all were there and tells that Karan, Rehaan, Adi, and Yuvi along with others were there. ACP says I couldn’t digest this. Anu says she feels something very grave happened with Yuvi and Rehaan, and now she feels they will never get them back. She says this everything is happening since Bela came, and shares her plan with him. ACP looks on.

Jamini tells Bela that they can be friends and asks her to sleep. Adi is locked in the box and asks her to take him out. He shouts for help. Jamini says who will leave you, you are caught by the chudail who has just befriended icchadhari naagin. She takes him out and flies in air. She tells him that she will never bring him back in his real avatar and says she wants to save Bela. Adi says I will not tell anyone and takes God’s promise. Jamini says you are mad and dangerous for me. She says she has to save Bela as she will sacrifice her to become hell rani. She tells that she will sacrifice Naagrani and become naraq rani, then she will get more powerful and will take him to hell.

Vish comes to Bela and asks about the pics. Bela says Anu got it and showed to everyone, but nobody believed her as Jamini took her side. Vish says Anu will not stay silent. Bela says there is something wrong with Jamini. Vish says she will find out and asks her to postpone her plan to kill Mahir for now.. Just then Mahir comes to room. Vish turns into snake and crawls to leave. Bela falls on Mahir so that he don’t see snake/Vish crawling. Yeh kaisa ishq hai plays…Bela tells that she couldn’t sleep and was feeling scared, may be due to the dream. Mahir asks her not to worry and asks her not to touch the wound else it will not heal. He closes the door and takes pillow. Bela asks what happened? Mahir says I will sleep on sofa, if you get any bad dream again then tell me. Bela smiles and then looks on. .Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays….Bela also rests on bed.

Anu calls Kuhu and tells that she wants to prove that she is innocent and asks her to bring everyone to haveli. She asks what? RJ asks if baby came. Kuhu asks what? She says it is 5 am. RJ asks Anu to get lost. Kuhu asks what will I tell everyone. Anu asks her to tell that Bela’s muh dikhayi is there and says if she does her work then she will tell her RJ’s secret. They gather in the hall. Poulomi comes there. Kuhu tells everyone that villagers kept muh dikhayi rasam for Bela. Poulomi asks shall I call Suhani and Pratham? Andy says I didn’t agree yet. RJ tells Andy that if they go there then villagers will think him great. Andy agrees and asks Mahir to ask Bela to get ready. He asks Poulomi to call Suhani and Pratham as well.

Anu makes the muh dikhayi arrangements and trap for Bela. ACP comes there and says if Mahir comes to know about your planning against his wife then even I can’t save you. She asks him to talk less and keeps his eyes and ears open. ACP sees Ruhi and Vikrant’s pics in the haveli. He asks the decorator if they are Naag and Naagin. Decorator says yes. ACP thinks he had seen Naag somewhere.

Jamini cries and tells bela that she is feeling heart wrenching pain and says you will not understand. Bela says I understand and feels the loss of losing love. Jamini asks her to come to temple with her so that she can pray for Rehaan. Bela agrees. Mahir comes there and asks Bela to get ready as they have to go to haveli. Jamini applies kajal behind their ears and blesses them to be together. ACP and Anu hide. Snake charmers come there. Mahir gives clothes to bela and says Sumitra gave him for her. Bela goes to change. Mahir says Jamini was right. Bela asks what? Mahir says he never searched any girl and suddenly he got married. He asks what is love for you? Bela says life and reminisces Vikrant.

Mahir says love is a good feeling. Bela goes on talking about love. Mahir says we trust on our love and hopes that nobody will leave us. She gets ready and tells that they get habitual to love then. Mahir says it is a heart disease. She comes out wearing the dress. Mahir gets romantic. They arrive at the haveli. Sumitra thanks villager lady for keeping the function. Lady tells that someone invited them. Sumitra is surprised. Bela hears them. Her father/Naag pandit comes there and hugs her. Poulomi asks him to sit and asks Bela to sit. Vish comes to the house and comes to know about muh dikhayi in the temple. Kuhu thinks villagers are very tacky. RJ comes to Andy and he got wine for him by giving money to a villager. Anu tells ACP that her plan will come into action. Villager ladies tell that they will ask both bride and groom. Villager lady asks Pratham if he gets embarrassed with his wife. Pratham says Suhani cries seeing romantic film. Everyone claps. Villager lady asks Mahir to tell his wife’s bad habit. Mahir thinks he doesn’t know Bela. Villager lady asks him to tell about his wedding night. Mahir says Bela has OCP problem and tells that she wants to make the things correct. Lady asks him to tell something more. Mahir says she was snoring loudly. Bela asks why did I snore? Mahir smiles. Bela also smiles. She shows thumbs up.

Villager asks Suhani and Bela to tell about their husband’s bad habits. Suhani says he doesn’t drink tea with me, but drinks milk. Bela tells that Mahir is always having blue tooth on his ears and he sleeps for just 3 hours. Jamini acts to get emotional. Sumitra hopes Mahir and Bela get united. ACP says he will leave. Anu says snake charmers are here. Vish comes there in snake avatar and then comes into human’s form. She thinks it is a trap. She becomes snake and goes to Suhani’s room. Bela pulls her hand and takes her to her side. Snake charmers begins playing the cbarmer’s flute. Bela couldn’t control. Vish asks her to come in Naagin’s avatar and says she can control for some more time than her.. Bela asks Vish to call Pandit ji. He tells Sumitra that he will meet bela and goes there. He says Naag rani. Bela says Vish is also here. Pandit ji tells that he will read mantra and increase her power. He comes out and tells Sumitra that bela is very happy in their house. He pretends to get a call and leaves. He goes somewhere and prays in his avatar. Bela couldn’t resist herself from becoming a naagin.

Mahir asks Bela not to hide from him and says I have seen love in your eyes for him. Bela asks what is your issue? You shouldn’t have any problem. Mahir says I have a problem as….Jamini brings Bela to her temple and pushes her. Bela falls down and shouts seeing something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Interesting precap

  2. Why to kill a character and bring it back? It’s happening everytime. How can someone be alive even after being hit badly by the powerful Naagrani and her friend? They could have killed Rehaan later na. What about CCTV camera recordings which record the whole place? Maybe Vish or Bela will delete them. Muh dikhayi is organized by elders generally. Why did Anu ask Kuhu to convince RJ to request Andy and others? No other way? ?
    It is Vish as Bela with Mahir in next episode I guess.

  3. Lokesh

    Loving it more and more day by day, naagin , chudail, commoners , and the background song for behir, always best songs.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting episode…. Nice conversation b/w couples…

  5. Thanks for the fast update h hasan…nice episode so jhamini wants to kill naagrani
    Bela have many enemies in disguise of friends hope she’ll get to know this soon
    Maahir will be her support…maahir has fallen completely in love with her I think bela also started feeling for him
    Hope she’ll know that maahir is innocent …in a spoiler read that jhamimi will kill adi but I don’t want it to happen as adi is the main culprit
    BeHir chemistry is just awesome
    Loving maahirs caring attitudehe just reminds me of rithik

  6. Only bela mahir part is Gud. Not liking this serial ?. Chudail? seriously??? Gona stop watching this show. Sorry if this message hurts someone. It’s just my opinion..

    1. Mona146

      hey its ok even i felt chudail track is ridiculous

  7. Today episode was amazing specially behir scene day by day pearbhi chemistry get increase I love them my favourite behir after behir marriage maahir less work on Bluetooth song was perfectly fit .precap was amazing specially behir part so maahir love bela she also fallen for him but doesn’t realized Acp character is so funny .Acp see vikrant pic and says he see him so vikrant is alive I think he plan everything his fake death for naagmaani I strongly feel sehgal family and vikrant joint hand for naagmaani

  8. I have some question for director
    1)Bela is naagrani and she has less power infact vish has more power

    2)In behir reception night only bela has changed her skin not vish

    3)Chudail want to kill bela because she is naagrani but she doesn’t have any power.

    4)Vish and bela are modern naagins they talk on phone shivanya and shesha always sense if another person is in danger but vish and bela doesn’t sense it.

    5)Bela says to maahir she sense which is going happened than why she is not sense about jamini.

    1. I’m not a director but I’m replying.
      1) It’s not power and is about immunity of Naagins while they are charmed by saperas. Bela might have been changed to snake because of her snake skin unleashing faster than Vishakha’s.
      5) Bela is sensing wrong seeing Jhamini’s expressions alike Sesha, who sensed Kabir as mongoose by smell.

    2. 1) i think its cuz only recently bela got new form
      2) they change skins at different times
      3) well good luck cuz bela has vish and chudail no power
      4) shivaya and shesha were sisters so they could sense but vish and bela are not related
      5) she doesent know to trust or not

  9. Acp said he saw vikrant but it does not mean that vikrant is alive.He mght have seen him before he got killed.Bela is new naagin so she will have less powers and vish became naagin first so she has more powers and bela became naagrani as her mother was a naagrani.vikrant is dead i dont think he was the culprit of belas todays epi loved the conversation bt bela and maahir about love .

  10. I love the muh Dikhai scene and also precap I see the precap many times_??☺??

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