Naagin Season 3 14th April 2019 Written Episode Update

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Naagin Season 3 14th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hukum writhing in pain when Gangajal is thrown on him. Bela, Vish and others. Vish asks him to look at them and see their face, says it is death face. She says Bela says Gangajal which purifies others is burning you. Vish says this is your karma pal. Vikrant tells that evil can’t win over goodness. Kuhu asks Hukum to die in front of everyone and says you had killed my dad, he must be happy today. I am really happy to see you die. Boltu says it’s ok. Sumitra, Rohini and Alek are having garland on them. Sumitra asks Tamsee to save them. Alek asks her to go and save her father. Tamsee says I have no father, I am all alone. She comes to them and removes the garlands from their neck. Sumitra thanks them. Tamsee asks her to be quiet and tells Alek that he look clever, and

asks him to take water in a bucket and throw on Hukum to save him. Alek goes. Tamsee asks Sumitra and Rohini to go. Alek throws a bucket of water on Hukum. Hukum gets up and shouts. He fights with Mahir and Vikrant. Bela and Vish become a half snake. Sumitra, Rohini and Alek come there. Alek beats Boltu. Vikrant holds Alek, while Boltu beats him. Hukum hits Mahir and pushes him down. Bela kicks Hukum with her tail. She says I won’t let you win. Vish asks half snake hits Sumitra with her tail. Mahir gets up and fights with Hukum. Vikrant bites Alek and he falls down. Sumitra also falls down. Hukum holds a heavy box and throws on Bela. Bela hits him and makes him fall on Abhimantric color. Bela, Vish, Mahir and others come to Tamsee. Tamsee says if the holi is over. Bela says yes and says they will go out. Rohini asks Sumitra to get up and run. Sumitra takes a bucket of water and throws on Hukum. Hukum gets up and comes to them. He says my tamsee will not go anywhere.

Some other Aghori baba asks the snake men to accumulate their powers and remember Bhole naath. He tells about Andhka and tells that her powers will evil. He says har har Mahadev. Hukum asks Bela to give Tamsee. Bela says never. Hukum says you can’t win. Bela says you have lost. Bela and Vish hit Hukum with their tails. Hukum pushes them down with his evil powers. Tamsee who is witnessing their fight pushes the car with her hand and makes Hukum suffocate between the car and the tree. She says holi over and your game is also over, bye bye.. Her eyes turn black and she makes Hukum vanishes/kill with her evil black powers. Vish, Bela and others are shocked. Vish asks Tamsee if she is fine? Tamsee asks where are we going? Rohini, Sumitra and Alek see Hukum vanishing and get shocked.

At haveli, Aghori baba tells that Agni is getting less in havan kund, Naagrani should have brought that girl by now. Tamsee comes there and smiles. Bela, Vish, Mahir and others walk inside. Aghori Baba looks at them. They all fold their hands before the havan fire. Bela tells Tamsee that Hukum and Sumitra must not have told you this. She says you have bad powers in you. She says everyone has bad power in them as well as good power. Vish also tells the same. Bela tells that this havan is performing to make her good powers shine and end her bad powers. Tamsee looks at them.

Sumitra, Rohini and Alek come inside. Rohini says hukum vanished in the air. Sumitra says Tamsee first helped us and then almost killed hukum. Alek says we don’t care about Hukum. Rohini asks them not to tell anything against Hukum as she is loyal to them. Sumitra asks why is she scared. Alek tells that they have taken Tamsee to haveli and tells that he heard the Naags talking. He says I have a plan.

Tamsee says she wants to play. Aghori baba asks Tamsee to sit and shout at her. Tamsee gets angry. Vish says she is a girl. Bela says she understands with politeness. Tamsee asks them to catch her and runs. She runs at a fast speed. Aghori baba says I knew that it will not be easy to catch her. Tamsee is running very fast. Mahir sees Tamsee and calls everyone, but she is gone. Vish, Bela, Vikrant and others are searching for her in the haveli. Tamsee is running and the whatever things she is touching shaken up. Aghori baba’s men try to catch her and fall down from the balcony. Tamsee laughs. Bela and Vish see her and message Mahir and Vikrant. They silently come down. Bela signs that she will go first. Tamsee is hiding and laughing. Bela comes to Tamsee and says I caught you and won. Tamsee says nobody can win over me, neither you nor your team. Vikrant comes to Aghori baba and asks why is he silent? He touches him, Aghori baba, and his men fall down as they are dead. Vikrant says, Baba. They are shocked. Tamsee says they were not letting me play and that’s why I made them out. She says the whole team is out.

Alek, Sumitra and Rohini come near haveli. He tells Sumitra that Aghori baba is also inside and must have blown some mantras on the door. Sumitra asks about his plan. Alek brings the bag. Rohini asks shall we catch her using it. Sumitra asks Alek to drown her in water. Alek says we will do it later and asks her to peep inside the bag.

Vikrant asks Tamsee why did she kill Baba. Tamsee says that the old man stopped me. Vikrant asks her to be quiet and says she is Hukum’s daughter, let’s catch her now. Tamsee tries to make pillar fall on Vikrant, but he gets saved. He says let’s catch her now itself. Tamsee hits something and the haveli gets shaken up by the quake. Vish asks what are you doing? Tamsee dances and says she is having fun.

Sumitra says kerosene oil. Alek says they shall burn haveli. Rohini says if something happens to Tamsee then? Sumitra says she is Hukum’s daughter and nothing will happen to her. Tamsee says nobody will be able to catch me and says haveli is about to fall down, whoever runs will get saved and whoever stays here will die. Bela asks Tamsee to stop this game. Tamsee says nobody shall quit this game. The haveli pillars are about to fall on them. Mahir and Vikrant hold it. Bela asks Tamsee to end her game. They leave from there. Tamsee asks where are you going and says this is not ‘hide and seek’ game. She searches them. They tie her with rope. She says she is playing a game and asks them to free her and says she is suffocating. Vikrant says you are shaitaan girl. Tamsee calls Vish as Maa and asks her to free her, says she will become a good girl. Vish asks them to leave her and says she is a little girl. Bela asks her not to meltdown and says we have seen what she has done with Aghori baba. She says we have to do the rituals which Aghori baba told to do. Vish says who will do the rituals now. Bela says Aghori baba is dead, but he told me everything. They take her to havan kund. Tamsee tries to free herself.

Alek, Sumitra and Rohini throw kerosene oil on haveli. Sumitra takes out match stick and lights the haveli on fire. Naagin song plays….Sumitra smirks seeing haveli on fire.

Precap: Bela tells that the rays will come out of the fire and it shall fall on Tamsee. Vish asks Bela to do it carefully and says she is a little girl. Light falls on Tamsee from the fire. Tamsee falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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