Naagin Season 3 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela’s Mother Tries To Warn Her Against Vikranth

Naagin Season 3 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikranth brainwashes Bela not to tell truth to Mahir, he is very cunning and just wants to know her truth. Bela’s mother watches everything in invisible mode. Vish walks holding Anu’s jewelry. Kuhu scolds how dare she is to take Anu’s jewelry and snatches it. Bela clashes with Kuhu and asks her to slow down. Kuhu yells at even her and leaves. Bela takes Vish to balcony and asks if she knows who has disguised as Yuvi. Vish says Vikranth and says he was eager to return to her, but now she should kill all enemies. Bela asks where is a question of revenge when Vikrant is alive. Vish says they don’t spare their enemies, she should kill Mahir especially. Bela says Mahir is innocent. Vish shows Mahir’s watch and lies that she found it near ACP Ajitabh’s dead

body, so Mahir is a murderer and just acts innocent. Bela does not trust her, but Vish continues brainwashing her against Mahir that he even killed Bela’s mother, their nagrani. Bela’s mother in invisible mode shouts that Vikranth tried to kill her, Vish and Vikrant are bad and not Mahir. Once Bela leaves, Vikranth enters. Vish says he was nearby then hearing their conversation, she has provoked Bela against Mahir.

Bela walks into Mahir’s room and sees him wearing T-shirt. She reminisces his love for her and tries to hug him, but he pushes her away and says he is not Yuvi and tries to leave, but she tries to hug him again. He pushes her again and leaves. Bela sleeps on bed thinking Vish was lying, Mahir is not a bad man. She falls asleep Her mother walks in and thinks she has to warn her against Vikranth via getting into her dream. She gets into Bela’s dream. Bela emotionally hugs her and says she was missing her. Mother says she wants to warn her against enemy who is very cruel. Vikranth walks into her room thinking Mahir has gone out, so he can brainwash Bela. He walks near her and pampers her. Bela’s mother is about to warn her against Vikranth when Bela senses someone touching her and wakes up, sees Vikranth and asks what is he doing here. He asks if he cannot care for her and reminds her childhood dream. She says maa had come in her dream. Vikranth says her mother is warning her against Mahir as she is close to Mahir right now. Bela does not believe him. Mother thinks how to tell Ruhi/Bela that Vikranth is the culprit. Vikranth tells he will sleep near Bela. Bela says she is fine alone and can manage.

Next morning, Vish walks into Mahir’s room and gives him Andy’s file, then stands there. Mahir asks if she needs something. She says look at his sad face, she knows what is happening with him and says she and her friends are going on outing, he can join them to diver his attention for sometime. He says he will think. He then goes on a jog reminiscing Yuvi’s words and Bela’s reaction and thinks he loves her a lot and cannot give up. Vish walks towards living room when Vikranth pulls her aside and says he feels something weird here and says Bela’s mother came into her dream last night. Vish says only alive nagin can come in dreams, if nagrani maa is alive. Vikranth says his poison did not kill nagrani maa then. Vela’s mother/nagrani maa thinks they are doubting that she is alive, so she has to get into Bela’s dream and warn her against Vikranth soon, hope she falls asleep. Bela walks into living room. Vikranth returns from jogging. Bela stops. Vikranth gets happy thinking he succeeded in provoking Bela against Mahir. Mahir stops Bela and requests her for a date. She agrees after a bit of hesitation. Vikranth fumes that Bela was blushing when Mahir is near her.

Mahir walks towards his room when Yuvi stops him and asks him to divorce Bela soon. Mahir asks him to back off as he loves Bela now and will not divorce with her for even lives. Yuvi continues arguing. Bela enters and tells Mahir let her speak and tells Yuvi that she is going out with Mahir and he should excuse them now. Yuvi goes to Sumitra and says Mahir and Bela are going to get god’s idol, so she and Kuhu also accompany them. Sumitragrees hesitantly. Mahir and Bela get ready and are about to leave when Sumitra and Kuhu join them and insist to accompany to get god’s idol. Mahir fumes and tells Bela she will sit in front seat with him. Kuhu says she does not like back seat, so she will sit with Mahir. Mahir fumes while Bela smirks seeing Mahir’s angry face.

Vikranth and Vish decide to spread belpratra around house to catch nagrani maa if she is around. Yuvi/Vikranth orders servant to spread belpatra across all door and windows and corners of house. He obeys. Nangrani maa walks outside house somehow. Vish thinks she can catch nagrani maa as nagin and becomes nagin. Nangrani maa continues moving aside. After servant spreads leaves, he asks what to do next. Yuvi scolds and sends him away. He then asks Vish if she sensed something. She says she sensed a white shadow.

Mahir with Bela, Sumitra, and Kuhu get god’s idol home. Nagrani maa standing outside thinks how will Ruhi get inside. Bela walks in holding idol. Nagrani maa is surprised to see that. Vikranth tells Vish that he cleared belpatra to let Ruhi in, but magical ash will not let nagrami maa in. Nagrani maa tries to enter house, but cannot, stands shocked. Vish says nagrani maa has returned as soul, she will capture her.

Precap: Yuvi asks Mahir what did Bela say that he considered she loves him.\
Mahir says Bela did not deny also, so she loves her. Vikranth poisons Vish. Vish feels dizzy and falls unconscious calling Vikranth. Mahir says nothing is black and white in life, not even relationship or love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan\

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  1. Lokesh

    I enjoyed, but Bela ‘s mum, she can tell directly.the name.i don’t understand what is this belpatra logic.?

  2. Behir scenes were very nice today. I hope that Mahir should not give up and keep on loving Bela and Bela should also love Mahir. Please don’t separate Behir.

  3. I like to address Bela as Ruhi more

  4. Amazing episode after so long my behir babies are back maahir gift bela mirror bela to yuvi m maahir ji k saath jaogi was amazing kuhu torture maahir and the way he said bela blushed was super kuhu torture maahir and vish and vikrant torture me. Love the way bela doesn’t believe vish maahir too just love that scene. Maahir asked for dinner how cutely and romantic way maahir is rock vikrant is shocked in precap vish deserves this karma back to her. Maahir take stand for bela love it.

  5. I love behir… That’s the only reason for still watching this even it is boring..
    1.what the hell is bela doing.. Why can’t she tell openly that she prefer her hus than lover in front of mahir,then aur koi clarity nahi chahiye..mahir ka saari galath femi dhoor ho jayenke naa..Then y still waiting for something worst to happen..?
    2.Yes, I agree with you..nagmaa can say that vik is the real culprit,don’t believe him..instead of it, long emotional essay dialogues.. Kya hai yar..? And what a concept is that,how could they use ash against nagranimaa..If belpatra hurts whole naags,both soul and body,then ash also should have same effect..
    3.Precap is becoming worst.. Its showing just for confusing and their is no hint of storyline at all..just showing something which is unable to link..
    I think vikrant gave poison to vish for catching nagmaa..

    1. Lokesh

      Ooo u replied me,yup everybody is confused, just watching for behir

  6. Good job Mahir

  7. Now a days this show has become very boring. This naagranimaa ugh, it takes a second or two to say the name but she had to prolong her dialogues .
    2 Why does this Bela let Yuvi be so touchy to her. Can’t she just say back off
    3. I hate vikrant and his overacting

  8. Oh.. After such boring weeks,here again Behir magic… Behir rocked.. What a lovely episode.. I love you behir… Behir scenes were fantastic.. I watched it again on voot.. But I hate vikrant..he weird in his appearance and his overacting…

  9. Can anyone please tell me what was written on that mirror?sorry,i can speak hindi,but i cannot read it

  10. Can anyone please tell me what was written in that mirrior?sorry i can speak hindi,but i cannot read it

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