Naagin Season 3 13th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahir remarries Bela who is indisguise of Shivli

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Naagin Season 3 13th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumitra asking Shivli’s parents to stop and says you can’t go like this. Mr. and Mrs. Sethi ask if you will stop us forcibly. Sumitra says it will look bad if you don’t attend Shivli’s marriage. She asks Kuhu to bring the thaali. Mrs. Sethi asks if she is mad? Sumitra says she got the thaali ready. Mr. Sethi asks what is she saying. Mrs. Sethi says this woman is mad and asks her husband to call Police. Sumitra says I am warning you and tries to apply tika to Shivli. Mrs. Sethi says we will go right now. Rohini and her husband come infront of them and become snake, they bite Mr. Sethi and Mrs. Sethi. Andy and Kuhu get scared. Yuvi asks her to keep quiet else he will send her to RJ. Rohini and her husband kill bite Mrs and Mr. Sethi. They die on the spot. The girl (Sangeeta Chauhan) witness everything. Sumitra says I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen. Mona asks who are you? Sumitra says we are not humans. Mona’s husband Raj tells that he will call the Police. Sumitra asks him to call Police and tell everything, but nobody will believe you. Alex tries to kill her, but Mona pleads infront of him to leave her husband. Sumitra asks Raj to get ready to do kanyadaan. Sumitra asks Yuvi to get Mahir ready. Andy is shocked and asks Sumitra why did she kill Mr. and Mrs. Sethi. Sumitra says she will get the land near the haveli when Mahir marries Shivli and thinks she will get naagmani. The girl thinks she has to stop Sumitra’s evilness. Yuvi asks Mahir to get ready and says today is your marriage. Mahir says I am 8 years old boy and don’t want to play this game. Yuvi says if you get married then will get toys, cars, teddy etc and also tasty yummy food. He tells that Shivli is a good girl. Mahir asks if she will play with me. Yuvi says yes, she will become your partner and asks him to get ready. Mahir asks about puppy? Yuvi says you will get.

The girl comes inside and hears Sumitra shouting at someone. She takes the boxes kept there and collides with Sumitra. Sumitra asks who is she and asks what is in her bag? Girl says clothes. Sumitra asks bride clothes and asks her to get the bride ready. Girl is about to go. Sumitra shows her the way to bride’s room. Rohini scares Shivli and tries to get her ready. Shivli asks her to let her do her parents’s last rites.

Just then girl comes inside and tells Rohini that she is Eme, marriage planner and have the responsibility of making the bride ready. She taunts Rohini and says she will get her ready. Rohini goes. Sumitra asks Kuhu and Boltu to get the mandap ready. The girl takes Shivli outside the room and they hide behind the pillar. Bela comes from there, signs them and hides on the stairs. Sumitra asks about the caterer. Boltu says they are coming? Sumitra asks Kuhu and Boltu to leave from there. Bela thinks you can’t kill any innocent people and she has returned to make her lose. Sumitra asks Rohini to hold her cup and it falls on the ground. Rohini says I am not your Servant. She asks the actual wedding planner girl to clean the mess. Boltu says he will do. Rohini says how you bear them and says she will call the snakes to do the work. Sumitra says we are among humans and have to do as they do. Rohini says I didn’t know that I will see mad humans here who do work slowly. Servant comes to Sumitra again and asks her to take the call, but she refuses. The girl takes Shivli to meet Mona and Raj. Mona and Raj ask if she is fine. Shivli opens rope and free their hands. The girl asks if there is any way to go out? Mona tells that there is no way to go out and the windows are sealed too. The girl Eme tells that the guest house windows are open and they shall leave from there.

Rohini asks Sumitra to calm down and says she will get wrinkles. Sumitra asks her to shut up. Rohini says I am a Naagin also. The stylist comes there and says she has brought bride’s clothes. Sumitra thinks who was that girl then? She calls Yuvi. Yuvi asks what happened? Rohini stops the stylist there itself. Eme takes them to guest room and tells that they shall go holding the rope. Shivli, Mona and Raj manage to climb down the rope. Yuvi holds Eme, but she pushes him and climbs down. Yuvi climbs down holding the rope and run behind them. Sumitra asks Rohini to catch them. Eme runs with Shivli and her family. Rohini and Alek become snake. Eme and others try to climb the stairs. Raj asks Shivli to go. Sumitra threatens to shoot them and finally shoots at Raj’s hand. Shivli cries. Sumitra calls Security and tells Shivli and others that next time her aim will hit on his chest. Eme escapes.

Sumitra asks Security to search her. She tells that marriage will happen in the evening and tells Shivli that they will stay with her. Eme thinks she has to hide till the evening, her truth can’t come out. Andy comes to Mahir and says sorry. Mahir asks what did you do? Andy says I am helpless, I can’t do anything. He feels bad and regrets to neglect him and for taking him for granted. He says I am a bad father. Mahir says no, you are a good father, you didn’t beat me, and says Yuvi beats me. Andy cries. Mahir cries and hugs him. Andy and Kuhu bring Mahir for his marriage. Mahir asks where is puppy? Andy says it is sleeping. Mahir asks where is the good girl? Shivli comes down with Mona and Raj. Sumitra comes to mahir and says he is looking handsome. Mahir gets scared. He asks why shivli is crying? Sumitra asks her to come and make her sit on the mandap. Boltu tells Kuhu that surely something will happen. The snake gang comes there with Yuvi, Rohini and Alex. Sumitra signs them. Servant comes and says there is an important call for you. Sumitra puts the phone in water jug and asks him not to disturb her. She asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done fast. Pandit ji asks her to keep the right hand on Mahir’s hand.

Sumitra and Yuvi ask Pandit ji to hurry up. They tie the ghatbandhan. Yuvi asks Mahir to take rounds. Eme is standing outside Sehgal house. Mahir stops during rounds and tells that he is feeling drowsy and can’t walk anymore. Andy says just 3 more rounds. Rohini says the same. Sumitra asks Shivli to come forward. They take the rounds. Pandit ji says rounds are done. Sumitra asks Pandit ji to get sindoor and mangalsutra rasam. She tells that mangalsutra is not here and questions Kuhu. Kuhu says she doesn’t know. Eme comes inside Sehgal house in the jeep. Guards open the door. Mahir shows the mangalsutra and says he found it there. Yuvi asks him to make Shivli wear it. Kuhu tries to convince mahir. Mahir makes Shivli wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks Mahir to apply sindoor. Sumitra asks Mahir to hurry up. He applies sindoor with the coin. Pandit ji says marriage is completed, Eme opens the door and gets inside. Everyone look at her.

Sumitra moves Shivli’s veil and she turns out be to Bela shocking her and others. Mona and Raj become Vishaka and Vikrant. In Mahir’s room, Bela and Mahir walk towards each other while the song plays……

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    So was all4 for guest appearance only.
    And eme ,who is she , but glad to see Sangeeta Chauhan finally ab kuch revenge saga start hoga.lets see for how much days.
    Aaj to precap ne Dil Jeet liya.mahir Bela and that song .pyaar aa gya.

  2. Is that Eme or Yami..
    I didn’t know that mahir turned to 8 years old boy.. they are wasting the character.. he should gain consciousness back.. I think that will happen next week.. as this serial introduces changes in lightning speed..
    Bela could use naagmani to cure him.. (just my prediction) if she is naagrani then mahir should be naag Raj (ardhang-ardhangini concept)… What kind of naagmani is that if it does not become useful for its preservers..

    1. Just think…if she takes the naagmani to cure mahir and naagrani ma, then sumitra and her allies may come out of nowhere and get hold of it…their only moto was to keep naagmani hidden from enemies even if that costs their lives…see how the naagmani was kept insecured in 1st 2 seasons…

  3. Aman

    superb episode, I think they will pair boltu kuhu

  4. Today’s episode is good and Mahir looks so cute while behaving like a child but it is bad to see him in such a position.The precap is very interesting as Bela got married to Mahir and we Behir fans hope that we can once again see Behir’s love story and Bela teach a good lesson to sumitra and yuvi. Please show Behir’s love once again Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode… Best secene for today is Mahir innocent acting, he was looking soooo cute. Waiting for next week…

    Writers plz change dp of show now

  6. Omg!!!! Kl bohot bura kaha now feeling good that behir along with vishakha is back. Jldi mahir ko naagraj ke roop mein le aao agar plan hai toh plzz. I want to see how mahir will yearn for bela and will get her coz we have always seen Bela to be struggling for mahir now I want opposite coz as a girl I like the way noys get possessive??

    1. Wellknown Stranger

      Boys will be definitely possessive for their true love but in turn they will get nothing, nothing but just than betrayal.. ?? U may be right at your point of you but i have a experienced a lot worse than betrayal.. In my relationship i was like mahir sehgal.. Who used to trust blindly on my girl.. And she just lied to me each and every time… I’m not blaming or pointing on all girls but nowadays 90% of boys and girls pretending to be nice for a while and showing their true cheap f**king demanding personality to their partners.. This kind of love stories is just up to the Dailly soaps nowadays their is nothing like that..

  7. Mahir really looks so cute while acting like a child but still i can’t see him like this ?
    But thank god from next episode behir will be seen together once again ?

  8. I loved today’s episode and precap… Our guessing was correct.. It’s bela,vish,vik.. I think sangeetha may be juhi.. So,finally we can see Behir together again.. both..
    But,guys I have some doubts…
    1.Even if sumitra is acting till now,andy gives her full power of controlling his family,he gives respect to her and told his friend she is their bhabhi not poulomi..if mahir is not well,she will have the authority to manage everything then now what’s the need of being bad in front of them..
    2.If nagmani needed,y could she try it before when nagrani maa is absent..,with vik’s help..wats the need of yuvi drama and nagin revenge..
    3.No explanation for return of those who are dead..from yuvi to bela.. In season1,its sensible that shivangi alive with holy water when she was stabbed and buried.. But,here how could biten yuvi alive and electrified bela he powerful than nagrani..Also, is nagin sumitra itna dafar hai to think a nag/nagin die by just falling from cliff..She knows her sons are alive even they fall like that..then also doing same bhakvas..wat a senseless idea..
    What’s the benefit of killing RJ..Just for fun.,reducing family no..wats the reason..
    3.Where’s other family members, those vultures,gurujis(who know about sumitra)..?
    4.Why adi is supporting them knowing that they are hurting his family..Even boltu is braver than him..
    6.I don’t know much about law,but usually a single/mutual divorce is approved only after court hearing,not by just signing..Then,how could they say behir is divorced by just a sign and is ghar main ek permanent mandap set karo..Har din kissi ka,wat a faltu family.. Atleast,pundit ko hosh hona chahiye..
    5.Who said Mahir stabs bela..? If anything happens like that toh nagin series band karna ekta ko acha hoga.. Sab chod dheke iss series ko…
    After a long time ‘kuan hai’ is hearing.. Very happy to hear the song of season1 again for Bela..

    This series is still on TRP list only bcz of its excellent cast..surbhi,pearl,anita.. Nahi toh iss story ab tak nahi jayegi.. They are giving their 200%in this show..Hats off to all..
    Also,thanks for the update..

  9. Huendoataanas golli te zahreelalich trath

    Devath lad shikas lad hoeen lad koule paevi zahreelalich thrath.Trati buzun wothvi koulav

  10. Nice preview

  11. if shivli is bela and raj and moana are vikrant and vish then who is that couple who came as shivli parents and who is that girl emi why she is helping bela and how she knows sumitra….and what about the mystery of rhitik ,rocky and shivangi the season will end in February then why they didn’t revealed the secret of shivangi’s killing she told in 1st episode of naagin3 that she will come to take revenge then why she didn’t come back …even if mouni roy is busy in bollywood they can at least still bring some other girl as shivangi’s new avtar character like they did in ruhi character by replacing karishma tanna with surabhi jyoti similarly they can bring shivangi character back by replacing mouni with sanjeeda shaikh or some other girl who can fit for naagin character …but i think sanjeeda shaikh will be good option to replace mouni roy in shivangi character why they don’t reveal that naaginseason 2 mystery what is the connection of bella and shivangi still not known when they will show this things

    1. Wellknown Stranger

      I’m also eager to know this mystery..

  12. Do u all think that Shivangi has reincarnated as Ruhi

  13. no i think maybe rocky and shivangi’s daughter is bella

  14. Amazing episode my behir is back

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