Naagin Season 3 12th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets moved seeing Mahir’s selfless love

Naagin Season 3 12th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vish says she is innocent and says maybe. ACP says even I think the same. Vish says so what? Vish comes closer to him and says you don’t seem to be innocent by face and looks like stealing hearts. She says you don’t remember my name, but you are cute and we shall be friends. ACP says not bad, I will answer after coming back. Vish gets upset and says she would have killed him if Bela had not given her promise. Bela tells Pavitra that she will bring water. Anu says she will bring. Pavitra says she will see the hand in 2 mins. Bela says I don’t want this and thinks you will die in 2 mins. Pavitra tells that she will see her hand, but Bela shouts and tells that she doesn’t want to show her hand. She shouts. Anu says now everyone will know that she is not human. Sumitra tries to convincecher, but Bela says she is superstitious about something and goes to her room. Anu says Bela is hiding something. Andy says he is also sure that she is hiding something from them. Sumitra looks on.

Bela comes to the room and asks God to give her strength to complete her task. She thinks she has to hurry up. She comes to the room and sees Mahir working on his laptop. Her skin gets scaly. She takes the medicine and thinks of Naag guru’s words. Mahir says it is safe for baby, you can have it. She picks up his gift. He tells that he has read that she shall wear such clothes. She says when I get fat. Mahir says no and says it will be fit and comfortable. Bela says when I get fat. Mahir says you glow always. She asks why you are always being nice to me even though I behave badly with you, get irritated with you and hurt you. Mahir says I know you have reasons for that and I am not angry with you. He says I am here to make sure that you are happy. I can do anything for your happiness. Bela thinks of Naag guru’s words. She says you can do anything for me and says I am so sorry for everything. She asks if he is not angry with her. Mahir says never. She asks can you hold me once. Mahir is surprised and hugs her. Bela gets teary eyes and says I am sorry. Mahir asks are you fine? Bela says I am sorry, I didn’t want to do this, but I have no other way out. She moves back. He feels pain in his neck and couldn’t speak. He falls down. Bela drops the gown from her hand. She recalls Vikrant’s death. Naagin song plays. Mahir closes her eyes. It turns out to be Bela’s dream.

He asks are you fine? Why are you crying. She says nothing. He asks are you fine? She says I am fine and thinks I didn’t kill him. She goes to the washroom and stands under the shower. She asks why I couldn’t kill Mahir who had killed my love. She recalls Mahir’s words and the moments they spent together. She recalls his words. She reminisces about Vikrant’s death. She recalls her mum asking her to protect Naag mani and Naag guru asking her to search it. She slips. Mahir comes and holds her while the shower water falls on them. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..They look at each other.

Bela recalls Naag guru’s words and asks him to leave her. Mahir says I heard your scream and came here. Bela says let me get hurt. Mahir says If you get hurt then baby will also get hurt. He asks what is my mistake and reminds that he is her husband and asks her to tell what is the reason for her rejection. Bela asks him to leave her. He says are you scared that your truth will come out and asks her to tell truth to at least him. . He asks if she is silent because of the loan on his father and says I have paid it already. He says he wanted her to come home with her head high. He says he wants her to be confident. He asks when you hate me so much then why did you wear mangalsutra and sindoor of my name. bela is surprised. He says if you don’t care about me. he says you hate me. bela says you are good at heart and says I don’t know. Mahir asks her to be quiet and says I am what I am, and who I am in front of everyone. He says if you can’t understand me then you can’t. He asks her to stop insulting him.

Bela says I think how can anyone be so good? Mahir says how can anyone be so good when someone is bad for him and says I am stone hearted and not a human. He says whoever I love, loves fully. He says he doesn’t understand the girls who fight with the guys without any reason. Bela is about to faint as poison content increases in her body. He lifts her and takes her to couch. She complains that her leg is sprained. He twists her leg and makes her fine. She scratches on his cheek unintentionally and says sorry. Mahir asks are you allergic to something and ask her to tell. She says it is too late. Mahir says I will call the doctor. Bela says sorry and says she doesn’t want this, but….Mahir says I know you are pregnant with Yuvi’s baby and can’t forget first love. He says I will take care of baby like my own. She sees his cheeks bleeding and says oh my God. Mahir says I will not die. She asks him to get saree for her and reminds him that he has promised not to do anything against her wish.

Mahir goes to get saree. He gets saree and asks her to wear. He says he will call Maa. Bela asks him not to call anyone. Mahir says I will stand here and will not see. Bela feels weak. He helps her to wear the saree. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..She gets sad and looks at him while the song plays…

He asks why are you crying and says I said that I will call someone to make you wear a saree. He says I am sorry for making you wear a saree and for his anger. He asks her not to cry. Bela gets emotional and hugs him, says sorry and asks forgiveness. His hand gets scratched again as she feels like fainting. Mahir says if she wants to kill him slowly and take revenge. He feels pain in his neck and goes towards the bath rub. Naagin song plays….Bela goes to him and says Mahir ji. Mahir says don’t know what happened and asks her to relax. Bela says what did you do this and says why you stopped here. Mahir says I can’t leave you. She rests her forehead on his forehead. She faints. Mahir asks are you alright and come out of the room. He shouts Maa. His condition deteriorates. Sumitra and Kuhu are talking. Andy talks to Shekhar and tells that he will call you. He says he is just married and not careless. Sumitra says I can’t hear anything against my son. Kuhu says I can’t hear anything against RJ. Just then Mahir falls down from the stairs. Everyone rush to him.

ACP gets spy camera attached to his shirt. Vish hears him and thinks he is after Bela and calls her. Bela is unconscious in the washroom and gains consciousness. She gets up and comes to the room. She sees his watch fallen down. Ahista Ahista song plays….She recalls asking him to correct his watch strap and their marriage.

She thinks eclipse started and I have to search Naag mani. She hopes Mahir is fine. She looks out of the room and hears Sumitra shouting Mahir and RJ calling an ambulance. She thinks I have killed Mahir in reality. She comes downstairs and sees RJ telling Sumitra that he called an ambulance. The doctor checks Mahir. Andy asks what is wrong with my son. Juhi asks why his veins are turning blue. Sumitra asks Doctor to say. The doctor says his body temperature is getting low and his body is getting cold due to poison. Bela closes her eyes in pain. Sumitra says how come poison came into his body. Andy says he doesn’t take drugs etc. Anu says may be from Bela. Doctor asks them to get him admitted in ICU. Sumitra asks RJ to get a car and says they will go to the hospital right now. Bela cries and says I have killed Mahir. She recalls their moments. Vish calls Bela and tells that she might find difficult to take revenge. Bela says I have killed Mahir. Vish asks how and when? Bela ends the call.

Precap: Bela fights with a mysterious enemy. She comes back home, a lady tells that they can’t estimate your pain, we have to work according to God’s wish. Bela sees a dead body kept in the house. Sumitra hugs Bela and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Good job guys!!!

  2. Love behir

  3. Thanks for the update h hasan..atlast Bela realized her love and thank God maahir is questioning her at least or else he would be silent when she hurts him
    Yeah guys vish and ACP are good together but I think it won’t happen let’s wait and watch
    Don’t know where suhani is? She didn’t came to wish her friend strange things happen in naagin series
    At last yuvi’s dead body came to sehgal house and want more twists and this season is like S1 can’t guess what will happen
    This season is having best trp and hope this will continue
    Love BeHir???
    Missed today’s episode bcoz of busy schedule but will try to watch in voot

  4. Ohho ab phir next week tak suspense chalega Mala was looking very good today Mahir you said it right you are always good with Bela but she doesn’t reciprocates your feelings not fair felt very bad for you.

  5. This is one of the best episode of this season
    In this episode we clearly watch the love between Bela and mahir ?(behir)
    I think when Bela went to fight with that misterious lady ,mahir will get conciusness.
    And the dead body is yuvi.
    Eagerly waiting for next Sunday ?

    1. are u sure that the dead body is yuvi

  6. Mona146

    that body is of yuvi for sure.

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s not mahir but yuvi’s dead body

  8. Is mahir dead?

  9. Hiii.
    I love tdy episode ?.
    Tdy we saw the real love of nagrani ..
    I think when Bela went for nagamani.
    Mahir Will get conciusness..
    And the dead body is yuvi.
    This episode is one of the best episode of nagin 3?

  10. It’s Yuvraj’s dead body.

  11. Maahir!! kya ho yaar!!

  12. If it is yuvraj’s dead body?? then why in the precap they have showed like “lady tells that they can’t estimate your pain, we have to work according to God’s wish”.

    1. Wellknown Stranger

      Exactly… I was also trying to understand the same point..!

  13. They’re dragging a bit again.

  14. Yaar…mahi wala Ni ayega KY show me… please dont do like this use marne k bad to show me kuch rah hi Ni jayega

  15. Mahir naag banega shaed ya pehele sehi naag hai vu mara nahi jayega . Dead body yuvraj ka hai ….. .

  16. hlo everyone…. i think bela ka shesha se koi connection hai… bcoz jb wo naagin bnti hai uski eyes yellow ho jati hai… jese shesha ki hoti thi

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