Naagin Season 3 11th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets Vikrant marry Vish, Vultures came with a motive to end Naaglok

Naagin Season 3 11th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvi coming to hall for the marriage. Sumitra asks Pandit ji to do everything according to the rituals and do puja. Yuvi asks Sumitra to come and says Pandit ji knows what to do. Sumitra asks why are you getting so eager? Yuvi asks I am the groom and will get eager only. He asks her to make him wear sehra and bless him. Pandit ji asks where is the bride? Adi says bhabhi is there. Kuhi is bringing Bela. Yuvi tells RJ that heels are bad for Kuhu. He runs to her and asks her to take it off. She goes to change it. Yuvi asks everyone to come near the mandap so that they don’t see Bela going out. Meanwhile the bride comes to the mandap, but she is going out, when Amita stops her and asks where is she going? She says she is excited to see Indian marriage. Kuhu says this is her

second marriage in 6 months. Vikrant thinks Bela will kill Mahir and return for marriage. Amita and Kuhu bring Bride to mandap. Sumitra makes her sit beside Vikrant. Vikrant thinks Maa’s bite effect will still be on bela and after our marriage, it will be good if Bela kills her first husband. He tells her that he will take her to haveli, and she can kill him. RJ asks what you are talking to him and says you have all the life to talk to her. Vyom says Mahir must have thought this. RJ asks him to see the situation. They ask about Mahir. Kuhu says Mahir is not like bride, he has a heart. Vyom, Amita, Rinki and younger brother come out to balcony. They say someone is doing hidden conspiracy and nobody will know who is the real danger. Amita signs at her kids and says lets do for what we came for. Vyom says lets do our last trick. They become vultures and fly away.

Mahir comes to the haveli and calls on the number from which he received the call about the wall collapsing in the haveli. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to get up. They get up and take rounds. Mahir thinks there is not network out there. Vikrant and the girl take rounds. He thinks of the caller giving him false info. Pandit ji asks them to do pranaam as the rounds are completed. Boltu says it is good that groom didn’t elope. Adi takes selfie with them. Vikrant signs at his mum who became snake now. Kuhu asks Servant Mita to bring a glass of water. She goes to fridge to get water, but Vikrant’s mum spits fire on her and she starts burning. Everyone panics. Vikrant is going from there with his bride, he then signs her to go. Sumitra comes and asks RJ to call fire brigade. They put blanket on her.

Mahir thinks this means it was a fake call to keep me away from Bela and calls her, but there is no network. He hears anklet sound and sees someone (Bela) standing in the balcony. Vikrant comes to haveli and calls Ruhi. Bela comes as if she is hypnotize. Vikrant asks if the work is done? He says Mahir is dead. He sees blood on Bela’s hand and asks if this is his blood. He says I know you will do this and applies blood on his hand. He says I am doing my Raj Tilak and applauding for myself. He says I will become Naagraj, but you will not become Naagrani. He laughs loudly and says I got an innocent guy killed by your hand. He asks her to come and says he will explain. He says he has to do this, as until when his vansh will be Servants to shesh naag. He says that’s why I got innocent guy killed by you so that your crown gets snatched away. He says when you come out of trance, you will feel bad, but don’t I am with you. He says I will not forget you even after becoming Naagraj and says you rule on my heart. Bela asks what did you say? Vikrant says it seems you are coming out of trance. Bela says everything ended. He asks her not to cry. Bela slaps him hard. She says everything ended, the leftover dearness in my heart and some what respect, it all ended. Vikrant says I can give you answer for this slap, but I can feel what you are going through as you have killed your Mahir.

Bela says what do you think that I am a fool. She says she is Naagrani, have the responsibility of all Naagvansh, you feel that who can save all Naagvansh, but can’t save her own love. She says if you will become Naagraj like this, and says you have to take another 100 years, more than that, countless years. She says nothing will happen to mahir, until I am here, death can’t touch him. She says I held his hand leaving you as my true love is Mahir. She says liar like you can’t touch him, and says you can’t think where is he right now. She says this blood is fake, and everyone you heard is a betrayal. She says you betray everyone and today you got betrayed. Vikrant says wah, you are amazing. Bela says I learnt this from you, failure in love and attack on back. Vikrant asks her to accuse him and says I agree with it. He says I have to get habituated to it as this happens between husband and wife, arguing all day. He says you are married to me, have sindoor in your maang and mangalsultra of my name. Bela asks where is sindoor and mangalsutra. She says you made your wife have those things. Just then Vikrant’s bride comes there calling him. Bela congratulates him for his marriage and removes the veil from the bride’s face and says Vishaka. Vikrant is shocked.

Bela says you had said about the old magic. She says I know how to break it and show the trishul pendant tied to her hand. A fb is shown, Sumitra makes Bela take off her trishul, but bela ties it on her hand. She says when you sent your Naag to bite you, I didn’t get in its influence and says I was never in your control. Vishaka says bela…you lied to me. Bela says why, only you can lie to me, but not I. She says you both do conspiracy against me and says now I failed you both. She says when Kuhu was taking me downstairs, RJ stopped her. A fb is shown, Bela runs to her room and sees Vish coming there. She asks Vish to help her. Vish asks what to do? Bela acts as if she is in trance and tells Vish that she is getting married to Vikrant today, but he asked him to go and kill Mahir first. She asks her to wear similar bride’s clothes and sit on the mandap. She asks her not to say anyone, not even to Vikrant. Vish says I will handle everything and asks her to go. She thinks this is what I wanted. She takes the clothes and smiles. fb ends.

Vikrant asks Bela how dare you to play games with me, you didn’t do right. Vish says Bela did wrong. Vish says she betrayed you, but important thing is that you got married to me and not with someone else. Vikrant says matter is I got betrayed and asks Bela not to smile and asks her not to provoke his anger else. He stamps on the floor. Bela says don’t forget that I am your Naagrani and more powerful than you. She also stamps on the floor. They both attack each other. Vikrant falls down. Vish gets concerned for him.

Bela says I can show your place to you in a moment, this soil is your place, you have betrayed naagrani and this is your punishment. She says I will kill you, you will not be saved. Vish asks what are you saying? Vikrant says she has gone mad and forgetting me and my love after staying with humans for 4 days. Bela says do you know what is love, and says there is no betrayal, lie, cleverness and says you did all these, but not love. She says I had loved you and gave my heart in your hands and you played with it thinking it as toy. She says whatever Mahir does is love and says he never forced his decision on me, as his love have no condition, he don’t have any lie, don’t hide anything from me, trusts me. She says he gave me freedom, I can do anything. He don’t betray me, conspire against me and take revenge from me, and says there is no comparison between you both, if you compare then love will be ashamed. She says today you will not be saved. Vish asks bela not to do anything. Just then a snake falls down injured. Bela, Vikrant and Vish are shocked. Snake becomes Arvind.

Bela says who did this? Arvind says Naagrani…they have come. Bela says who? They look at the sky. Bela asks who are they. Some more snakes are thrown and they die too. Arvind dies. Vish says who is doing this. Bela sees vultures and says they attacked us. Vyom’s family become human outside the haveli, says we have come, and will end all snakes, there will no naag and no naagrani. Amita says Naagrani will get punished for what she has done. Vyom says Naagrani has seen just a glimse, and says everyone will die. He says Bela has saved her crown, but how she will save all Naags. He says all naags will die. They all laugh.

Sumitra asks RJ and Boltu if they sent Servant in ambulance. Boltu says she said that she saw a big snake in the kitchen, who burnt her. Kuhu says why nothing good happens here. RJ says marriage happened here and asks where is Yuvi and Bela. Bela and Mahir come there. Bela says here. She says Yuvi got married. Mahir says we shall welcome the newly wedded bride. Kuhu asks why did you change your clothes, if we will make you bride again. Bela says she will bring aarti. Sumitra says we will do and asks about Yuvi. Bela says he might be coming. RJ asks Kuhu what is happening? Kuhu says new bride is doing grah pravesh and making arrangement for it. Sumitra and Bela bring aarti and kalash. Sumitra asks Bela to go out and stand. Bela asks why? Sumitra says you are new bride. Bela says I am not new bride. Mahir calls Yuvi. Vikrant as Yuvi comes there with Vish as his wife. Everyone is shocked. Sumitra asks what is this tamasha and asks Yuvi and Mahir. Mahir says Yuvi will say, why he has done this. Sumitra asks Yuvi to say. She says you asked us that you wanted to marry Bela and love her and got Mahir and Bela divorced. She says why did you marry Vishaka Khanna. Yuvi says I did what I think is right, I realized it is not good to separate them. Kuhu asks if Vish was in ghunghat. Vish says ofcourse, all rasams happened with me. Kuhu congratulates Sumitra for her new bahu.

Bela asks Vish to kick the kalash and enter inside. She asks Sumitra to do aarti. Vish says we are made for each other, you left me for death, but I came back from there to marry you, to become yours. Sumitra does their aarti and asks Vish to enter with her right foot. Vish enters in the house. Yuvi looks at Bela and goes past her. Sumitra asks Vish to come to Yuvi’s house. Vish asks for her blessing. Sumitra blesses her. They go to room. Mahir asks Bela if she sent him to office from haveli because of this. Bela says I know how to tackle this trouble. Mahir says it is risky to keep this imposter at home. Bela says his truth will be soon out and thinks I don’t know how to tackle this new trouble. She says we will face this imposter together, we will fight and nobody can separate us. Mahir smiles and says we are together even today, just as you promised. Bela says just as we promised. Mahir smiles. Bela hugs him. He asks her to come. Bela says it has been quite a hectic day.

Vikrant is angry and upset. He thinks nothing right happened with me, what I thought. Vish says one thing was right, our marriage. Vikrant says you sat on the mandap and didn’t even inform me. Vish says you left me to death and asks why did you do this. She says I helped you. Vikrant says you have gone mad. Bela says I am your wife now. Bela comes there. Vikrant asks why did you come here now? You might be relieved that I got trapped by you and got married to Vish. Bela asks them to stop arguing and says we will settle our scores later, I will do it. She says I came here for my Naaglok and says whatever happened today is a big problem, we have to forget our differences and fight with our enemy. Vish says I am with you. Vikrant says ok, I am also with you. Vish says from where this vultures came from? Vyom’s family hear them and look on.

Bela says she knows the guests. She says she couldn’t tell Vikrant’s truth to Mahir even now, and thinks it is good that he is not here, then what I would have told him. She thinks from where did this vulture come as a new trouble.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Today’s episode was mindblowing and hillarious, full on laughter dose….😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    Bela taught good lesson to Vish and Vikrant, she made them married and she hitted so much vikrant, mujg se to hasi hi nhi ruk rehi thi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 last me vikrant was so irritated with marrying Vish and Bela anger on them made show full of fun😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Wasn’t Vishakha dead, how is she back again? How was she saved and in which episode was it shown ?

  3. So… Vish came back just like that? No explanation nothing. It seemed Vish just came out of the blue to talk to Bela and Bela asked her to dress up as the bride. If Vish hadn’t come, then what Bela would have done? And even after Vikrant left her to die, Vish is still happy to be married to him. In her ‘death scene’, Vish was thinking about Ajitabh’s words. But now she is back as if nothing happened.
    And Mahir knows the man in his house is an why he isn’t worried where his real brother is? Yuvi left months ago and there is no news about him, Mahir sent him one message talking about Bela’s ‘pregnancy’ and after that this impostor comes in. Mahir’s character seems so stupid. He only does what Bela says but never uses his own head. He knew impostor shot Bela’s mom, but he was ready to leave Bela alone in that haveli? He didn’t question why isn’t Bela telling her ‘father’ about her suddenly alive mother? Mahir is supposed to be family caring person, but doesn’t even ask to meet Bela’s injured mother?
    This season doesn’t seem like having any proper story. Randomly anything happens any day. Dead people always come back. Be it Vikrant, Vish or naagrani ma. Neither Vish nor Vikrant were given a proper explanation of how come they are alive. Vikrant was first supposed to be from Takshak clan, but is now from some new clan altogether. Chudail, vultures, pied piper shan… Random villains suffering random deaths. The initial revenge story is completely gone and now it is about supernatural creatures running after naagmani. And no one in the family cares about who killed Anu, where is Rehaan or Yuvi. Where is poulomi? Bela was supposed to be remarried today but no one invited even Bela’s father.
    And i dont know why, but these characters dont feel like Naag/naagins to me. Vikrant is the only one who doesn’t speak english. Bela and Vish must be the most modern naagins using technology and english words. I always used to associate elaborate dances with naagins to please Lord Shiva and get more powers, but these naagins dont do that often. Bela’s mom even roamed the house as some weird ghost. Then they talk about ‘magic’ of snakes biting naagrani or magical rings to talk with parents… just feels like some weird supernatural show. the costume designs are so bad this season that Bela doesn’t even wear her white costume anymore.
    Seriously, the only good thing going is the amazing cast. Dont know how the actors tell their lines with so much conviction. Bela looks great when she talks as the naagrani. Bela and Maahir’s chemistry is amazing and they look great together. Even Vikrant and Vish are wonderful actors. The guy playing Adi acts well too. Sumitra, Andy, Poulomi, ACP… they are all seasoned actors who can make scenes funny and enjoyable with their dialogue deliveries.
    I dont want to criticize unnecessarily. I used to be a big fan of the Naagin series and used to run to TV on weekends to watch it. Naagin season 2 was a big disappointment with the miscasting of rocky and dead people always coming back and the number of murderers that Shivangi has to kill increasing in dozens. Then that big twist ending that made no sense. With the fresh casting of season 3, i was really hoping to be thrilled again. But i am just disappointed with how things are going. Some of my favorite actors are in this show but i am not able to enjoy at all

    1. @Dhara, please don’t be disappointed. This is more likely the series of the Vampire Saga and not Naagin. Anything can happen anytime. In the previous season, bee and the bull came out of nowhere and this time it’s the vultures. More like a zoo and not focusing on the main theme. You just gotta enjoy the humour of the director. XD

    2. Well said dhara

    3. Yes me 2 live the first part. 1st part was amazing and 2nd part’s starting was good but the role of Rocky was irritating. And the 3rd part was nice with meslenous story line.

    4. l think like that you are right

    5. Well said. Poor story narration. So many logical missing. Sometimes irritating.. Naagin 3 seems to be better

  4. This serial is getting interesting…wonder what nagarani did to the vulture family….the actors playing vultures are over acting…it looks so funny when they focus on their faces and they are trying to act….all other actors are fine….Vikrant sounds constipated when he is talking…like something is stuck and he is in pain and can’t talk….that actor needs to open his mouth and speak…it’s so hard to listen that I have to keep the volume at the highest but still can’t listen to all his words…. but rest of it is good…they shouldn’t have killed that Arvind…. without Vishaka the serial will not have thrill…she is a good actress and I think they brought her back because of her fans.

  5. Vish aka Anita hassanandani was on personal leave… she was spending her quality time with her husband . she was on foreign tour. But yeah, agree Vish is a mind-blowing actress. Without her, i was not enjoying the drama as much. finally she came back. This time, Bella played so nicely. waiting eagerly when Mahir will come to know Bella’s truth of being Naagrani . vultures are creating unnecessary scenes. Again fight 🙁 please give some time to Behir …

  6. Sat episode full of romance ……so nice sun episode was full thrilled…… Both awesome but one thing when sumithra is there …..purple naagin don’t come…but sumithra not a purple naagin bcz when bela bitten by purple sumi call her from outside……something fishy in polomi’s death…….maybe she play a plan as she dead so bela will not think she is that purple and then in mandap vik and vish before run vik didn’t tie mangalsutra in her neck but she come she were mangalsutra maybe vish came to betray vikranth…… Something missing vish comeback…….. Plz finished that four comedy eagles they are acting was so irritated. But one thing behir awesome no words tosay

  7. Bela taught a lesson to vikrant by getting him and vishaka married. Now I think Behir should get some time. It would be nice if in the coming episodes, they show Behir’s marriage because they both knowingly or unknowingly signed on divorce papers. Don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  8. I’m sure 100% sumitra is purple naagin… Who agree with me

  9. i agree with you

  10. I think poulomi is purple naagin. Wantedly makers create doubt on sumi so tat viewers will get suspense wen thy disclose the truth. But im pretty sure poulomi is vikranths mum.

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