Naagin Season 3 10th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela brings Mahir from Naaglok, and confesses love

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Naagin Season 3 10th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir takes out Naagmani from his chest and thinks this has saved me, I have to keep it safe, this is Naagvansh’s safekeeping. He walks in the jungle holding the naagmani in his hand. He sits in the jungle recalling Bela pushing her. Bela is searching for him and injures her palm, her blood gets smeared on the tree stem. Mahir also gets hurt by the same tree and sees the blood. He turns and looks at Bela standing there. Bela also smiles and looks at Mahir. Many snakes come there and tell Bela that she is doing wrong. They come near Mahir also. Bela thinks why they are not recognizing her. Sumitra comes to the den and sees an image of a man made with smoke, says Bela doesn’t know why her own people went against her. She doesn’t know about your powers. She will get

defeated and will return with Naagmani. We will take Naagmani from her hand.

Bela tells the snakes that she is their Naagrani and they don’t remember her. The snake men ask her to stop it and ask her to fight with them. Bela says I will not fight as I have the responsibility to protect you. The snake men try to catch her, but she stamps her feet on the ground and makes them fall. Mahir also hits the snake men and run with Bela. They go to the side and hide. Mahir asks what happened? Bela asks Mahir ji. Mahir says I have recalled everything, I am fine. Bela hugs him and says I had no other way to save you. Tere Sang Pyaar me…Mahir also hugs her. She thanks Bhole Naath, and says I know that nothing can happen to you until Naagmani is with you. She says I sent you here as this is Naag lok, and these people are mine, but they forgot me. She says I don’t want to fight with them, but they…Mahir says I am yours too, but you fight with me. sumitra tells Rohini that they might be kicked out of Naaglok now. Rohini says we are roaming here unnecessarily. Alek says every time you are overconfident and assumes things. Amita argues. Yuvi asks what to do. Sumitra says we have to keep an eye and wait for Bela, and once she comes here, we have to get Naagmani and give it to Huzur. Alek and Rohini ask who is Huzur. Yuvi asks them to hear. Sumitra says Huzur is the Shesh Naag Vansh’s enemy and wants to get Naagmani from Bela. Amita asks what we will get.

Vish tells Vikrant that Bela can return anytime, but she is feeling that there is nothing right there. Vikrant says I am feeling that everything will be fine. Vish asks since when he is believing his heart. Vikrant says just after loving you and says he hope that they will return. Vish hopes Mahir and Bela return. She says we will send Bela and Mahir far from here so that she can start her life with Mahir. She says I have seen the place, she can do her naagrani duties from there and asks him to think. She says everything will be easy for her. Vikrant asks which city? Just then Vish hears snake hisses and tells Vikrant that someone is keeping eye on them. Alek goes out and tells Sumitra that Vish is taking Bela and Mahir to safe side once they reach there. Sumitra asks him to keep eye on them. Vikrant tells Vish that they have to go to different sides so that nobody can know where they will take Bela. Vish tells that they have changed since they started supporting good and tells that when Mahir was drowning, she felt that she couldn’t save him, and was alone, but then she remembered Bhole Naath but realized that the person fighting for good is always alone. She fought and saved him. Vikrant says you have won as you had trust on yourself. Vish promotes the show Jhansi ki Rani…..

Mahir and Bela are in the Naaglok still. Bela asks him not to turn. She says I know there might be thousands of questions in my mind and it is genuine, and you might be thinking how and why I am talking to them like this, and why I am calling myself as their naagrani. She says I always say that I know what you want to ask. Mahir says I want to ask how to get out from here. He says I have thousands of questions to ask, but first I want your safety, I trust you. Bela says you said that you trust me. She asks Bhole Naath to trust them and asks him to close his eyes. She jumps down holding his hand and they come to the human’s world. Bela tells him to be there at a safe place and says she will tell where. She says those snakes were following some Huzur orders. Mahir says we will split and go separate ways. Bela asks him to give Naagmani. Mahir says no, and says he will keep it. And goes. Bela sees a lady coming out of a house and about to sit in the car.

Bela becomes a snake and sits in her car. The lady sits and starts driving the car. Mahir also sits in the car decky and goes. The lady talks to herself about her husband and says all men are same, her husband wants to make her typical wife and she sacrifice her job for him. Bela says I know all men are the same.The lady sees her and asks her to get down from the car. She asks if she is a psycho. Bela says I was in the café and fought with my husband, I saw your car and sat in it. The lady introduces herself as Ananya and says you don’t know what my husband Rohit had done in the café. A FB is shown, he asks what is Valentine’s day party plans….Ananya says she has a meeting with Harry. He asks if she is celebrating it with him. She says no for the meeting. Rohit says you have no time for me now, have time just for Harry. She walks out from Café….

Ananya asks Bela to sit and says she will drop her somewhere. Bela says her husband thinks she always do what she wants. She tells that they shall tell their words to her husband patiently and then hear them patiently and then do what they think right. She asks her to return to Café and talk to him. Ananya says I don’t think Rohit will be there. Rohit talks to his ex-wife Poonam and tells her about Ananya. Poonam asks him to calm down and tells that Ananya is a professional woman and she has some work. Rohit asks her to come with the children to go somewhere. Poonam says kids will be happy and asks him not to be like a typical husband. He asks if I am a typical husband.

Ananya comes to the Café…Waiters give her bouquet. Bela takes Rohit’s avatar and comes to her. Ananya asks if you have done these arrangements. Bela asks Rohit tells Ananya that today is her valentine’s day and asks her to end her work and celebrate valentine day with him. She thanks him for understanding. Rohit comes to the side and becomes Bela. Bela calls Mahir and tells about Ananya. Mahir asks if she is snake also. Bela says very funny and tells him about Ananya. She says Naags left from here, and we can help Rohit and Ananya. Mahir tells her where Rohit is going? Bela says I am coming there. Mahir says I am still agitated with you. Bela says me too and says I am coming there. Bela thinks this love becomes heart pain and then headache.

She comes to the place and takes up Ananya’s avatar and comes in front of Rohit’s car. Rohit stops the car and goes to her. She says hi. Rohit asks what are you doing here? Mahir gets down from the car and looks at them. Ananya says I have decided not to go for a meeting on Valentine’s day and be with you. Rohit says I want to hear this from you. They promote their show humsafar 2 on Alt Balaji App from 14th Feb. Rohit hugs Ananya. Mahir is shocked. Bela signs Mahir. Rohit offers to drop her, but she tells that she has her car. Mahir comes to her and asks if she can shapeshift. She says yes and asks if he is angry. Mahir says you hugged stranger man. Bela says I have done this for love, for Rohit and Ananya’s love, for our love. She hears snake sound and tells Mahir. Mahir says I will not go. Bela asks do you trust me? He says yes.

Vish and Vikrant come out of haveli fighting. Vish says I am worried for Bela and will go there. Vikrant says I will go as I can think like Nidok Vansh being one. He goes. Alek as the snake is spying on them. Vish sees him going and messages Vikrant, and asks him not to overact next time. Mahir and Bela travel somewhere. Mahir says it is a good journey and asks why you didn’t ask Naagmani from me. Bela says it saved you from Naags in Naag log and says I would have defeated the naags here as I am….Mahir says Icchadhari Naagin.

He tells that I remember everything. He says you came in front of me in your real avatar and told your story, why you came in between humans, to take revenge from me. Bela says don’t tell that I want to take revenge from you. Mahir says I can’t understand how much you would have loved Vikrant that you were ready to kill everyone to take his deadly revenge. He gets sad.

Later in the evening, he asks her to tell her story. Bela says when Naag or Naagin love each other they swear to be with each other for many births. She says I thought myself lucky, but on that day, I saw Vikrant dying in front of me, your brothers and friends shoot him. She says they tried to molest me, but I saved myself, but I couldn’t save him. She says whenever I think of this, my wounds get fresh. Mahir says you have done wrong by taking revenge. Bela says I had changed my face and came to take revenge with Vish’s help. She says Vikrant was alive and never loved me, he was using me to get Naagmani. She says he was doing everything on Sumitra’s orders. She stops and says your Maa. Mahir says you can call her Sumitra. Bela says Sumitra wants to take Naagmani, and I was thinking that Vikrant was death and taking revenge for his death. Mahir says you were trying to kill me all the while. Bela says I couldn’t kill you even after trying and was thinking why I couldn’t kill you, and finds a way to save you. She says Vish used to ask me why I couldn’t kill you, I never understood. She says when I was with you, I felt complete and never felt alone. I loved you truly, that soulmates love. She says before I could tell and confess to you, everyone and also Vish came to know that I love you. She says Vikrant had said that I never loved him as I loved you. She says I really love you. She says I know I am not human like you and you have many reasons to refuse me, but I love you. Mahir is also teary eyes and wipes her tears.

Bela tells Mahir that someone said that one has to take the first step in love. Yuvi suffocates Vish to kill her. Bela tells Mahir that Vish will come in sometime and then they will go and stay together all life. Bela falls down. Mahir is fallen on the ground unconscious. Alek slaps Vish. Vish falls down on the ground and he drags her. Bela runs and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cute and lovly episode….. After long time…
    But precap is tooo dangerous i hope mahir, bela, vikrant and vish stay safe and sound…

  2. Kamalanayani

    This is a promotion show.. Now the next promotion is Jhansi rani.. They make mistakes in Story plot but they wont stop this promotion..

    1. Kamalanayani

      Another Humsafar.. They are just confusing the plot and wasting time..

    2. completely agree… since the airing of the first episode, Naagin 3 is busy promoting other serials in nonsensical ways while its own story goes in every which direction. The story has no internal logic and things are happening for the sake of happening. Even the special effects were so laughable. Was that naaglok? Just empty fields and trees and caves…. didn’t seem any different from an isolated human lok or whatever…. topper in idiocracy

  3. What the hell is happening? Why they always target major,Vish? Who is that huzur now ? God it’s just irritating

  4. I have strong feeling that Andy Sehgal is huzur… ?

  5. Yes andy sehgal is the huzur!

  6. I love this show very much

  7. Nice episode. Hope to see love between Behir in the coming episodes. I hope Mahir,Bela,vish and vikrant be safe in the coming episodes.

  8. Why Mahir didn’t give naagmani to bela? Hav a doubt that he is Huzur.

  9. I think the master mind , rithik or the police man who died, that will be and I also think another wizard would come to the story, I hope everything becomes fine


    Why no one in the family are shocked seeing Sumitra in the form of snake

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