Naagin Season 2: My thoughts on it…

Hey, Naagin fans, I am writing my thoughts on this very popular show, Naagin Season 2.

Naagin Season 2: Story till now…
It is about Shivangi who married Rocky, who insanely loves her, for the sake of revenge. Her father was killed as well as her mother. She turns into an ichchadhari naagin and starts taking revenge.

Thoughts on cast…
I am a big fan of Rivanya, as there were unique magic between the pairs. Clearly I am not fan of Rovangi, as I really don’t like Rocky, his make up, style, talking, anything. I liked Arjun as Ritik as he had a simple style, not Karanveer who tries to be so glamorous.
I really hope that Shivangi pairs up with Rudra, he looks very handsome and has a simple style.

Many of the fans hated the way Yamini got alive, as she was killed by Hindu Goddess. The CVs could have got new villains.

What I didn’t like…
I didn’t like how Shivangi got poorer make up than Shesha/Ruchika. I didn’t like Ritik leaving the show. I also didn’t like that Kinshuk Mahajan didn’t enter as Rocky, if that happened than the chemistry would have created more magic.

Guys there is little vote.

Which Pairing Do You Like?
None of them above

  1. I also don’t like rocky. I don’t watch naagin s2 regularly but in some clippings I see their scenes. There is no magicAl chemistry between them. And aBT the poll my vote goes to Rudra Shivangi. I seriously hope they should b rudra Shivangi as a couple

  2. I also don’t like rocky. I am not a regular watcher of naagin s2 but I don’t feel any magical chemistry between rocky and Shivangi like I found in rivanya. I also want rudra Shivangi as a pair.

  3. Ya I too don’t like his name he is a rock no use of him in the story except for the so called romance?? and it looks forced for me ,it became 2 months and no chemistry is seen between them

    My vote goes to Rudra shivangi as their chemistry is working

    1. Nandhini

      Totally agreed with all the words of you priya!??

  4. Rudra shivangi

  5. Rivanyaforever1

    Honestly speaking, i really with don,t like rovangi coz chemistry is far their
    Romance also luks like they r trying acting but rivanya in their talking their style their
    Eye contact each thing was beautiful ???❤️ Just magical as a leading couple
    And about rudra shivangi i also don,t agree on them also coz rudra is good but
    I am just madly in luv with rivanya no one else they luk beautiful pair and only
    They desrve the position of the leading cuple of indian telelvision

  6. I can’t seem to get into the Second Season! The story line is all over the place, the characters so over made up! and the couple pairing is even worse!

    The chemistry in the 1st season between the main actors was sizzling.

    This S2 is just dead…lacks character and chemistry between the pairs. They do not sit well together. Shivangi is a gorgeous girl, so it would have been nice to have someone more in keeping with her good looks. I have nothing against Rocky as a person, but for this particular role, he is totally unsuitable and he is as rigid as a rock!

    I think the producers and the casting directors were focussing their attention elsewhere and it clearly shows in the outcome of Season 2.

  7. I am big fan for Rivanya. I didn’t like Rovangi. Rudra is far better than Rocky. So My vote is for Rudra – Shivangi.

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