Naagin Season 2 FF by Cynthia (Intro and episode 1)

Hey guys, I am Cynthia a big fan of Naagin. As I don’t like how Ekta Kapoor changed one of my fav couple Rivanya, though this is not gonna be based on Rivanya. But will be on Ivangi.
Shivangi Ritik Singh- Main Lead
Ishaan Mehra- Main Lead
Shivanya Ritik Sing
Rocky Raheja(Mahishmati- secret will be revealed soon)
Rani Raheja
Ankit Raheja
Ritik Sangram Singh(only for few epis)
Avantika Mahishmati
Noor Mahishmati
Epi 1.
Shivanya is in labour at only three months, Ritik rushes for help but no one came. Ritik carries her in his arms and runs to hospital, in the way he faces lots of troubles including battling with an anaconda. But he doesn’t give up, he goes to hospital.
Ritik: Doctor, my wife is in labour.
Doctor: At only three months.
Ritik: Yes.
Doctor: Nurse! Take her to the Caesarean section.
They take Shivanya.
Few hours later.
Ritik is in the waiting room, suddenly a cry comes directly to Ritik’s ears, Ritik rushes to see what it is. The doctor comes down.
Doctor: Congratulations, you are blessed with a beautiful daughter.
Ritik’s face gets enlightened. He rushes to Shivanya’s cabin. Shivanya shows the baby to Ritik.
Shivanya: Look, she just opened her eyes and instantly started looking at you.
Ritik comes towards the baby and picks her up in his lap.
Ritik: My angel, my Shivangi, from now on her name is Shivangi, she is exactly the replica(duplicate) of you.
Doctor: Its quite suprising that she is born when only she is three months, she is premature though she didn’t needed the support, which a normal premature baby needed.

Shivanya(thinking): I have a doubt that if she’s Naagin, no, no, no, that’s not possible, she can’t be Naagin.
Ritik: What are you thinking, its time to celebrate not to think.
Shivanya: Ok, baba.

25 years later…
A girl walks down the streets, she greets nandu kaka.
Nandu kaka: How are you, Shivanya?
Shivangi smiles.
Shivangi: Nandu kaka, I am Shivangi not ma.
Nandu kaka: Woh, I am getting older thats why, let me fix my glasses. Oh, that’s better.
Shivangi goes to a house. She looks for Shivanya.
Shivangi: Ma, Ma, where are you?
A lady comes down.
Shivangi: Kaki, have you seen ma?
Kaki: Woh, she went to Shiv Mandir.

Scene shifts to Shiv Mandir.
Shivanya talks to a baba.
Shivanya: Baba, I have a doubt that Shivangi will become a Naagin. (Guys Its a 24 years leap not 25 I don’t know why Telly Update is not letting me fix it)
Sage: Shivanya, your doubt is true, she will turn Naagin when is she is gonna be 25.
Shivanya: What, but baba do youhave a solution for that.
Sage: I have a solution, it is to get Shivangi married.

Scene shifts to a road. A blind man tries to cross the road, but he can’t because every time he tries to do so a car comes front of him. Then a boy stops his car he comes out and helps the blind man to cross the road.
Blind man: Thank you very much, God bless you.
Boy: Thanks too, my mum gave me these sanskaars, I just obey them.
Blind man: God bless your mum too.
Precap: Ishaan collides with Shivangi. Shivangi goes. Ishaan gets an unique feeling. Ishaan says “I don’t know why, I felt an unique bond between us”
Thanks for reading guys, if I have any mistakes correct me.

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