Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi and her cousin Gautami enter Rocky’s house silently. They hide seeing Avantika passing by. Servant sees them and asks who are they. They say caterer called them for work. Servant takes them to kitchen. Rocky’s cousins dance to cheer him up. He sadly looks at Ruchika/Sesha and walks away. He goes and stands near balcony and imagines Shivangi coming and extending her hand for a dance. They both dance beautifully on Aye dil hai mushkil……… The dance till the whole song ends looking into each other’s eyes and then hug. It is seen Rocky is dancing with Ruchika instead who says she knew there will be a moment when he will like her. He gets conscious hearing her voice, part ways and walks away. Yamini stops him and introduces him to her friend who is an astrologer and can predict people’s future. Lady takes Rocky’s hand and says he will not get love so easily and will have to struggle a lot. He says his love is already gone. He says there is a big disaster awaited in his lif, she is unable to read his face well. He says she can predict whole world’s future, then why not his. She says the girl he will marry will not be from this world and will have a bit of poison in her. Sesha hears that and angrily goes and asks Yamini/overacting ki dukan why did she bring this original item, she will predict whole story and should be stopped. Yamini drops juice on Rocky’s clothes and he leaves to wash. Astrologer then tells Sesha that she has sene her before. Sesha nervously says she must have seen her mother, she looks eactly like her mother. Astrologer then warns Yamini to be careful from black nagin as she may kill her. Yamini says she knew black nagin can harm her and takes her from there. Sesha fumes that astrologer predicted more than she should have.

Rocky walks near kitchen and sees Shivangi in kitchen. His brother stops and asks where is he going. He says he saw Shivangi in kitchen and walks into kitchen. Shivangi hides. He walks out confused. She comes out of hiding and fumes that she will not spare Rocky for killing her mother. She picks knife and walks behind him. Astrologer stops her, checks her hand and says her life will change in a few minutes, she will start her revenge. Shivangi thinks she is right and looks at knife. Rocky goes out and cries thinking wherever he goes, he sees Shivangi. Shivangi walks behind him and raises knife to stab him, but stops reminiscing Rocky saving her life and then their romantic moments. Rocky’s cousin comes calling her and Shivangi hides behind a bench. Rocky senses her presence but leaves with sister.

Yamini and her puppets come out and calls Sesha. They all get into car. Shivangi then sees all her mother’s murders and gets into car dickie. They all erach cliff. In shiv tample guruji says today nagmani will come out after 25 years. Shivangi also reaches cliff with Yamini and puppets. They all see nagmani glowing and could not bear its brightness and close their eyes. in shiv mandir, guruji plays damru. Nagmani’s brightness lessens. Sesha shows nagmani to her team. Shivangi thinks what is looking so bright. Sesha takes her team near nagmani. Shivangi follows them and watches th em hiding. Yamini thinks she got back her life for nagmani and waited for 25 years. Avantika says nagmani is in front of them finally. Sehsa thinks she will get nagmani and will not give to these fools. Shivangi hears that and realizes this is the nagmani for which her parents sacrificed their lives. One of Yamini’s puppet goes to pick nagmani, but 5-mouthed snake bites it. Avantika asks Manav and Vikram to take this man and to remove his poison. Yamini asks Sesha to get nagmani. Seha turns into snake. Shivangi realizes that Ruchik/Sesha is icchadari nagin. Sesha tries to pick nagmani but 5-mouthed snake bites it. Avantika then goes as bee and tries to pick, but 5-mouthed snake bites it and she falls down. Shivangi thinks they all change thheir form, how will she take revenge from them. Avantika changes back as human and scolds Sesha that she killed suryavanshi who could get nagmani. Sehsa says suryavanshi clan is very big and she will find a person who can get nagmani. Yamini yells at he and they all leave. Shivangi comes near nagmani and reminisces Gautami showing her nagmani’s protector’s sign which she has on her neck. She thinks if she is the one who can pick this nagmani. She extends her hand to pick it but stops nervously and thinks she has to know if she is the one who can pick it. She hears a voice that she is nagmani’s protector and she has to protect it. She thinks if her enemies will know that she has picked it, they will take it from her, so it is beter that nagmani stays here itself. She picks and keeps it back. Stones start falling around and she runs out of temple.

Yamini takes Avantika and Sesha to a hotel. Sesha asks overacting ki dukan, why did you bring us here. Yamini yells in her usual overacting style and says Shivangi is in this hotel. Sehsa says she had killed Shivangi. Yamini says she was fooled and asks them to get into their real form. They turn into snake and bee and enter Shivangi’s room. Shivangi and Gautami get afraid seeing them and worriedly open door to run out, but stop seeing Yamini. Yamini enters room and pampers Gautami, asks why is she so afraid, it is all because of Shivangi. Shivangi cannot escape from her, nobody can escape from her. She hits Gautamini. Shivangi pleads to leave Gautami. Yamini pushes Gautami on bed and says if they pick Gautami, she will pick nagmani. She orders Sehsa and Avantika to take them both into cave. They are in front of nagmani. Avantika orders Shivangi to pick nagmani. Shivangi says no. Avantika slaps her. Vikram holds Gautamini. Yamini orders Shivangi again to pick nagmani or Gautami will die. She orders Avantika makhi/beed to suck Gautami’s blood and kill her. Avantika turns into bee and revolvves around Gautami. Shivangi pleads not to kill Gautami she will pick nagmani. Shivangi wakes up shouting no no… no.. and realizes it was her dream. She says they will kill Gautami and take nagmani. Gautami wakes up and asks her to calm down, they will find a way. Shivangi locks Gautami in room and asks her not to come out, else enemies may kill her.

Rocky drives his car and car stops i the middle of road. He gets out off car and checks engine. Oil smears on his hand. He reminisces his first meeting with Shivangi. Shivangi walks on roaad thinking they will kill her and Gautami after getting nagmani from her, so she should kill herself. She walks towards Rocky. Rocky gets his cousin’s call and leaves. Shivangi goes to cliff and addresses god that she knows he is everywhere. She continues that her paernt’s murderers will kill even her after getting nagmani, so it is better she kills herself. She falls down from cliff, but is surprised to see herself alive. She then turns into icchadhari nagin with half human and half snake body.

Precap: Inspector brings Shivangi to Yamini and says she has complained that dacoits killed her family and she knows only her. Yamini tells Shivangi that today is Rocky’s marriage, he thinks she is dead, so she should not come in front of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. wow , awesome episode . finally shivangi became nagin , amazing … again the history repeats , shivanya married ritik in this way and shivangi is marrying rocky in the same way . eagerly waiting for tmrw’s epi……………

  2. Samehna

    wow! the most awaited episode. finally Shivangi turns into nagin!!!! can’t wait for the next episode. oh God….

  3. It is same as season 1 how Yamini swapped tanvi with shivanya and ruchika(sesha) with shivangi. But how did she change sesha’s mind. Can you all friends tell your state please. I am from AP(Andhra Pradesh).

  4. Hi! Awesome episode. Hi nandhini! If anyone has any update (spoiler) plz share it here.☺

    1. Nandhini

      Hiii Alia! Yeah the episode was awesome as they showed in a fast forward mode with lots of special effects! But i dont like the story with the same vamp (yamini) back alive..well as for the spoilers,, rocky and shivangi will get married and shesha will do shivangi’s graha pravesh..shivangi will start her inteqaam starting with rocky on her wedding night..dis is the new spoiler given…

  5. Nandhini

    So yamini’s death will be caused by kaali naagin (shesha) as predicted by the astrologer..i am saddened by the fact dat there is no point in bringing back a dead character alive who has been killed by maa kali..they are making mockery in the name of Gods.

    1. Shakaib

      Hi Nandhini! I don’t think so that Kali naagin( Shesa) will kill yamini because because which is back after death. How can she be kill by Shesa???? She is amar villain,she come back from death. She is suryavanshi too/sangram’s sister. So maybe avantika can’t let this happen.

    2. Lol yeah! Amar yamini! She will live longer than all naagins and even younger?

  6. Shakaib

    Hi Guys! I enjoyed the episode lot. Last scene of Shiva GI changing into half human and half snake was really best for me. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  7. Hai i am a silent reader from first season
    I am eagerly waiting for their marriage but missing rithik and shivanya

  8. Nice ep..still shivangi dnt knoww her does ritik die


    Finally nice episode after so many days… and yes history will repeat but i miss ritik and shivanya pairing….???

  10. How does Ritik die??im too confused yaar..

  11. Rithik was killed by shesha or ruchika when shivangi was just 9 years old.

  12. Hi !
    This was awesome episode bt

    How did ritik died ?

  13. Pujith209

    nice…….epi again her revenge starts from right now

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