Naagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sesha in half snake and half human avatar clutches Shivangi in her tail. Shivangi asks who is she. Sesha says she her mother’s sister. Earlier her mother snatched her love Rithik and now she is snatching her new love Rocky. She will not let her snatch her Rocky and will kill her. She lifts her in air via her tail and is about to throw her when Yamini comes with Avantika and other puppets and orders her to stop. Sesha says she tricked her and was getting her Rocky married to Shivangi. She continues yelling at each puppet.

Shivangi reminisces that she is actually Shivanya and reminisces how she kept someone in her place and entered Shivangi’s room. She tells Shivangi that dacoits have attacked and killed everyone. Shivangi sees multiple stab wounds on Shivanya’s abdomen and asks what is it. Rocky knocks door from outside. Shivanya hits Shivangi’s head and she falls unconscious. Her nephew comes via window. Shivanya asks her to take Shivangi out from there and herself wears bridal dress and becomes Shivangi. She thinks she will not let her daughter die. Shivangi used to tell they both look same, and she used it to save her daughter.

Rocky gains unsconscious and reminisces knocking door and someone hitting his head from behind. He then is shocked to fin find all guests dead on floor. He searches his family and Shivangi.

Sesha throws Shivanya from cliff thinking her as Shivanya. Yamini shouts why did she throw her down. Shesha says whoever comes between her and Rocky will die. Avantika fumes and turning into honeybee fights with Sehsa and bites her. They both turn back to human. Avantika says this is Mahishmati queen poison. She saved Shesha for 25 years so that she can get her nagmani via Shivangi, but she killed her. Yamini says only Shesha can get them to nagmani, but cannot get it, so they will let her take them to nagmani, they will get someone to pick nagmani then. She orders Sesha to go and get Shivanya’s dead body. Sesha goes and brings deadbody. Rocky comes there calling Shivangi. Yamini starts acting and crying that dacoits killed everyone. She ran behind Shivangi to save her, but could not save her. She found her dead her. Rocky cries loudly.s

Shivangi wakes up and and finds herself in temple. She calls maa. Sadhu says Shivanya is dead. Shivangi says maa cannot die and runs. Sadhu stops and says it is very dangerous and she cannot go. She runs into jungle calling Rocky…. Rocky hears her voice and tells Yamini that Shivangi is dead and shows Shivangi’s dead body. She applies glylcerin in her eyes and starts overacting. Sesha sees Rocky crying and thinks why she is feeling so much pain seeing her love in pain. She consoles and hugs him. Yamini takes Rocky and puppets from there leaving Shivanya’s body there.

Shivanya comes there and cries seeing Shivanya’s dead body. Sadhu says her mother was not a human and was an icchadhari nagin. He asks her to see her mother’s murderers in her mother’s eyes. Shivangi opens Shivanya’s eyes and sees Yamini and her puppets stabbing Shivanya repeatedly and notices their faces. Sadhu tells Shivanya’s story, how her parents who were guarding nagmani were killed and Shivanya noticed murderer’s faces in their parent’s eyes. Shivanya and Shesha were sisters and protectors of nagmani. Shivanya entered Rithik’s life to take revenge from Ankush and other, but fell in true love with hi, their marriage, etc.. how Yamini killed Rithik’s father, etc.. How Shivanya fought with Mahishmatis and did not let them break wall for 25 years. How Shivangi was born in 3 months as icchadhari nagins give birth in 3 months, what happened to Rithik, etc… He continues that her mother sacrificed life to save her.

Shivangi walks on street crying and reminiscing Rocky betraying her. Rocky in his house cries reminiscing Shivangi and thinking she is dead. She thinks if maa was icchadhari nagin, why did she hid it from her, if mamaji knew about this and why even they hid this from her. She goes to her room and reads icchadhari nagin’s books. She then comes on cliff and cries that she has nobody now and prays god that she has to take revenge from her mom’s murderers. She slips and rolls down the cliff into jungle and gets her hand injured. She checks her hand injury when she senses a tiger walking towards her. A big snake comes behind her and protects her blowing poison on tiger. Tiger runs away. Snake then leaves in front of Shivangi. Shivangi sits in a shock.

Precap: Yamini promises Sesha that she will get her married to Rocky tomorrow. Rocky says he cannot marry her. Shivangi tells she wants to meet Rocky and ask why he betrayed her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Now the inteqaam starts??????…..
    By the way, how come shivanya’s cousin is still alive? I guess she was also killed in the massacre????

    1. She had flue I think. In last week I saw a girl muttering about getting stupid flue in the marriage day.

  2. nice episode excellent acting by mouni naagin ki inteqaam shuru hui hai now they r entering into the story who is that mask guy in place of rocky?

    1. Yep nayana! I have the same doubt. Now the fire of revenge starts. Sad to see shivanya dying.

      Happy diwali to all of you my friends and have a prosperous new year. Stay blessed & happy!!!!??

  3. No… shivanya died…..
    Now revenge for shivanya would b done by shivangi….. But dis time i don’t know who will support her in dis revenge coz dere is no sheshaaa….

    1. Sarayumane

      shivangi’s one cousin is not dead


    Happy Diwali to all

  5. This season is not so gud!! The first season was sooo amazing (maybe coz of rhitik. :p)….. hope this goes to that level.. but still less expectations..

  6. SOHAN

    Ok first of all WISHING EVERYONE A VERY VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI….. There r many doubts in my mind
    1.yamini was killed by kali mata and was buried deep, then how did shesha and mahishmati found her lying in jungle? did mahishmati cross the wall when it was not broken only?
    3.we all know that those killed by Maa kali can be revived only and only by kali Maa, then how come these puni mahishmati revived yamini again that too with bees? Ridiculous… today’s episode it was shown that shivanya took place of shivangi after being stabbed 7-8 times, still she was able to get up and go to shivangi room done makeup everything, but here in last episode it is shown that as soon as shesha and team killed shivanya they gone for shivangi, then where is this plot takes place in front of mahishmati? today’s episode it is shown that shesha and team killed shivanya while misinterpretating as shivangi-who is the only one who can bring them the NAAGMANI, after that shesha brings the dead body also for rocky, High voltage drama took place that now how will they get NAAGMANI as shivangi is dead, so bewakoofon ki toli mahishmati, u all can revive yamini who was killed by Maa kali but cannot revive ur NAAGMANI key with ur puni powers?

  7. Hi guys can i join u the man is shakti arora nd i think he will marry shivangi as i dont like shivangi nd rocky sorry if i hurt ppl who likes them nd yah i miss first season as even this season is just like first to kill ppl….

    1. Tvfan1

      Nooooo I want shakti and radhika (Ishveer) not shiveer. I don’t think that’s true..

  8. Nice Epi. Oh The Same Story Wil Go As Nagin One.Becuz Shivanaya Take Revenge Frm Her Parents Murdrs Nw Shivangi Taking Revenge Frm Her Mothers Murders.Wht Hapen To Ritik??Ths Yamini Is A World Numbr One Actor,lier..Hw Does She Join With Rockys Family??So Many Hiddn & Curious Things To Knw

  9. I have a small doubt he loves her and he left her dead body like that without doing any rituals y.????

  10. hi guys ! Shivanya is old and dead. But how is sesha is young. Happy Diwali

    1. Sesha is young because she is a naagin and shivanya is a human

  11. Can somebody please tell me what happened to Ritik?

  12. Shifny Ahamed

    Season 1 Is Better Than Season 2

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