Naagin Season 2 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naagin Season 2 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky gets Shivangi arrested after thinking she killed Yamini. In jail, constable yells at Shivangi to get up and work, it is only 1.5 months in jail on her mother-in-law’s murder charges. Another inmate Kasturi starts yelling and troubling her. She warns Shivangi to befriend her, else face dire consequences.. Shivangi ignores her. Kasturi then stops her and snatches mangalsutra from her neck. A man enters and snatches mangalsutra back and introduces himself as Mahendra Pratap Singh, a criminal who is in jail since 25 years. He says he was given a guard’s position for his good behavior. He tells Shivangi she has to become python to tackle criminals here. Shivangi thinks she was a snake and just now became human. She remembers Rocky and says she loves him.

Rocky gulps glasses of alcohol and seeing his and Shivangi’s marriage photoframe breaks it, shouts at maids who brought this photoframe here. They say someone would have brought it while shifting things from Mumbai to Pune. Rocky orders to throw it away and continues gulping alcohol. Down in the living room, Aaliya tells Avni that she is missing her Mumbai home and Mumbai friends. Mansi without hearing aid hears kissing and starts yelling. Aaliya aunts Avni if she will kissing her partner before marriage. Avni runs to hit her, fixes Mansi’s hearing aid and tells Aaliya told missing. Rocky hears their conversation standing in balcony. He comes down and says nobody will talk about Mumbai again. Mansi tells she prepared paranthas for him. He says he is going to office and will have something there itself. A Gujrati couple come boasting about themselves in broken English. They invite Rocky for breakfast. Rocky says he is going to office and leaves.

Shivangi does not eat lunch. Mahendra gives her food and says if she keeps herself hunger, it will not solve her problem. He says he heard that she is here on murder charges, who informed about murder. She says her husband. She asks how he come into jail. He says he murdered his wife, he loved her the most in life. He is getting released soon.

Rocky reaches office. A girl/Tanya walks behind him holding knife. He catches her hand and pulls her in front of him. She smiles and says he catched her again, she tries to fool him repeatedly and he catches her. He says life teaches a lot, but it is good she did not learn anything. She shows spring knife and says she learnt this. She insists him for a party, then dinner, club, etc. He says they have a meeting. She says she came from US here to be with him and he insisted her to stay in his home so that they can work together. He says party later and work now. He starts meeting and briefs about this company’s new product. He says he needs 2 crores sales in 1 month and does not need excuses. Tanya comes running and tells her papa fell down. Rocky rushes home with her and calls uncle. Everyone come out and wish Tanya happy birthday. Rocky asks why did not she inform him. She says she requested him for party, but he did not listen at all. Tanya’s mother says let us start party, in US they do kissi wissy, hug, then dance on a song. Rocky says he came out of important meeting and will be back after a call. Party starts. Tanya with others dance on Dhak Dhak dhadke ye Rocky reminsices dancing with Shivangi and stars gulping alcohol.

Constable gives tiffin box to Kasturi and signals her. Shivangi notices it. Kasturi opens tiffin box and reads a chit, be ready tonight. After sometime, constable informs all inmates that laundrymen have come and to get their dirty clothes. Someone says landrymen came 3 days ago itself. Constable yells they will not come for a week. Everyone give their dirty clothes to laundry men. Laundrymen signal at Kasturi. Shivangi sees guns and laundrymen start shooting inmates and killing them. Mahendra saves Shivangi and says he got gun somehow from goons and asks her to hide till situation stabilizes. He starts fighting with laundry men goons and a burning wood is about to fall on him. Shivangi notices it and extends her hand. She realizes she is still nagin. She changes into nagin with different colors and grips goons with her tail and punishes them. She thinks how can she become nagin again, she should find answer from gurudev.

After dance, Tanya starts chatting with Rocky. Her mother gathers all her guests in typical gujrati style announces Rocky and Tanya’s engagement. They both are shocked and inform her that they are just friends and don’t love each other. Mother emotionally blackmails Rocky that she is like his badi maa and he should respect her request. Tanya says she cannot blackmail Rocky like this. Rocky agrees for engagement.

Gurudev thinks Shivanya and Rudra did not get moksha yet, only Shivangi can get them moksha, when will she come. Shivangi comes there and says even after consummating with Rocky, her powers are back. Gurudev gives Shivani’s ashes and asks Shivangi to drop gangajal emerging from Shivji’s braids. She does same, but ash does not soak water. Gurudev says this indicates her revenge is not yet complete and she missed someone. Shivangi says she will go to Rocky’s house and find out.

Rocky gulps alcohol and imagines Shivangi. Tanya enters wearing sari and say she is practicing for her engagement. He continues drinking. She suggests him to find a partner. And move ahead.

Shivangi goes to Rocky’s Mumbai house disguised as old lady and tries to walk in. Watchman stops her and says this is a murder house, a lot of murders happened here, so Rocky got his wife arrested and shifted with whole family to Pune. She asks to give new house address. He hesitates. She say if Rocky will know that he did not give his new address, Rocky will fire him. He gives address. She searches house showing address to people. Someone shows direction. She reaches house and seeing party environment thinks it must be Avni’s engagement ceremony. She disguises as woman and walks in. Tany’s mother Manjusha stops her and says her sari is pretty, she had worn these kind of saris long ago and donated them to servants, if she bought it from servants, forget it, who is she. She says she is Mrs. Kapoor. Manjusha asks every other woman in India calls herself as Mrs. Kapoor, what is her full name, if she is from Rocky’s side. Shivangi nods yes and asks where is he. Manjusha in broken English tells Rocky’s room direction. Shivangi walks towards room when she sees Mansi and stops. Mansi’s sari burns in kitchen and Shivangi runs and blows it off. Mansi thanks her and hears something else without hearing aid. Shivangi hugs her and thinks she missed Mansi a lot. Mansi asks if she is from Tanya’s side, Tanya is getting engaged to Rocky. Shivangi is shocked and thinks how can Rocky do this, she will stop him. She walks towards Rocky’s room and sees him wearing sherwani.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chaaya

    Thank you Hasan for the update.

  2. So Sad Abut Shivangi.Where Does That Yamini Went??Nw The Drama Is Like Meri Ashique Tum He Sei..Shivanaya Like Ishani Who Do Sacrify To Her Love.Rocky Acting Like Ranver Who Showing Outside He Forget Shivangi Bt Inside He Is Sufring Lot…Hw Cn A Lady Cn Escpe Frm Jail So Easily??

  3. Dat fite sequence make over she is death in jail. Moreover she is not a lady she is a nagin instead…

  4. It’s good that the story now turned somewhat different from season 1 and also I am happy that Shivangi gets her powers back hopefully has become an “updated version” 🙂 But story makers always goof up by showing something stupid. Its ok that Yamini asked Rocky to not complete her last rituals before punishing shivangi. But after sending shivangi to jail, how come Rocky forgot about yamini’s body. Also no one else questioned it….. 🙁 Also how yamini was sure shivangi will kill her by her poison only and got exact antidote… how?

  5. Rocky know that yamini is alive…
    and one more murder is coming who had killed rithik
    on Sunday epi it will show………………….

  6. Hei Nandani Do U Have Any Idea Of The End Of This Drama??Wil There Be Season 3?

  7. Rocky Didn’t FORGET about Yamini’s Body
    I Guess That Powerful Priest(Who Gave Yamini Antidote was The One Who Must have later acted aling with Yamini that Wow This Is a Miracle Yamini Is alive etc
    & Rocky Must have believed that
    In Precap It Was Shown That Yamini Enters the Party
    Along With Mahendra(That Guy From The jail)
    Then Shivangi enters & Stops the engagement
    Then Its Shown That Mahendra Tells Yamini that Shivangi should never come to Know that I Am The One Who Shot Ritik

  8. Hi everyone!!!?
    I was not watching naagin 2 from where rudra died..
    Only watched yesterday’s first 25 minutes. That too, got angry and didn’t watch next.
    Let’s see and eager to watch naagin 2 final episode..?
    A update:-
    Sorry if already heard..
    Naagin 2 is going to be replaced by ekta kapoor’s chandrakanta.
    Mouni roy (shivanya/shivangi) will be seen in naagin 3. As the TRP is raking, the season 3 is planned to be back till diwali 2017. Except for mouni, ekta is planning to bring new faces for season 3!!!?
    Hi nandhini!!?

  9. Episode was ok,ohh that mahendra is the one who behind rithiks death,he will be yamini’s assistant,next they are aiming to kill shivangi
    I think shivangi will come to know about his truth
    Story has turned very different now,
    how did a childhood friend appear suddenly
    Tanya & her family seems to be innocent
    Makers are trying to show up something new in this season& grateful to know that shivangi has all her powers back, if rocky has something special
    In 1st season shivanya lost her powers after consummating with rithik
    there will definitely be some truth behind rocky
    eager to watch next episode
    Hope they show something nice &interesting for us

  10. Good episode ……… happy that shivangi got her powers back

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