Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi with Anshuman and gurudev takes Rocky to Shiv mandir. Rocky asks her to establish nagmani in temple as he is from takshak clan and cannot enter shiv mandir. Shivangi says whoever protects nagmani is shivji’s disciple. She holds Rocky’s hand and walks into shiv mandir. Flowers fall on their way. Gurudev says today takshak nag entered seshnag shiv mandir and Shivji accepted him. Shivangi keeps nagmani in front of shivling. Shivling lifts up and absorbs nagmani. Shivangi says shivji blessed unity of 2 clans. Rocky promises that Shivangi’s enemies are his enemy, they both will punish their enemies, even if it is his badi maa. Shivangi says they cannot kill Mahendra baba is his father and the woman whom he sees in dreams is his mother. Rocky is shocked to hear this secret and says no… Gurudev asks if he wants to see his mother’s face, then come in. They both walk to gyaani maa. Gyaani maa does magic and shows Mahendra killing his wife/Rocky’s mother by mistake. Rocky shatters seeing that. He says how can his father kill his mother, he will be punished. Anshuman says Gyani maa that Shivangi had seen takshak and sheshnag clan nags together. Gyaani maa sees image in nagmani book. Shivangi says she saw similar image in takshak lok, what is the secret behind it. Gyaani maa oes magic again and brings the incident on screen. She says this is the place where she will get answer to all her questions. Shivangi asks where is this place. Gyani maa says she does not know, Shivangi should find out herself. Gurudev throws powers on Rocky and Shivangi and says their powers are increased and will help them fight Sesha. Rocky says Sesha played a game with him, now he will play a game with her and defeat her.

Sesha walks to Shankamaa and asks where is Rocky, she searched everywhere. Shankamaa says shivji must have used Rocky to kill Shivangi’s ichadhari nag friend via Sesha as nag must be knowing her secret. Sesha asks where is Rocky now. Shankamaa shows that Rocky is in home. She leaves. Shankamaa turns into Shivangi and says 119-year-old nagin will face the wrath now.

Sesha walks into Rocky’s room and asks where was he. He says he was waiting for her in takshak lok and then came here. She thinks Rocky did not go to panchner haveil then. She then closer to him and asks to forget Shivangi. Shivangi hiding behind bed pinches rocky’s leg. He writhes. Sesha asks what happened. Rocky says something pricked in slippers. Lights go off. Sesha changes her clothes to beautiful black sari and starts luring Rocky with a romantic song. Aa zara bahon me samaja…song.. Rocky feels shy seeing Shivangi. Shivangi bites Sesha and gives her hypnotic poison. Sesha collapses. Rocky walks out and asks Shivangi what was that, he was trying to play game with Sesha. He gets romantic with her and dances. Bol de tu zara….song..plays in the background. Rocky then sees Yamini and her team coming. He fumes that he will not spare his mother’s murderers. Shivangis says Yamini is very cruel and they have to be very careful.

Ruchika wakes up in the morning. Rocky sipping coffee greets her good morning. Sesha thinks she needs to know what happened last night. She asks Rocky if something happened last night. Rocky says yes, she came to his room and tiredly slept on his bed. Sesha thinks she had to spend night with Rocky, how can she fall asleep. Rocky says he will go and meet badi maa and walks out. Sesha thinks she cannot sleep so easily, something had happened. Rocky walks into Yamini’s room and sees Tanya, Manjusha, Ranveer. He shouts what are they doing and asks to get out from here. Yamini says they are repenting for their mistake and signals Tanya to convince him. Tanya apologizes. Yamini requests to forgive them. Rocky reminisces Shivangi’s words to not reveal his secret and pretend. He says he can do anything for her and forgave all 3. Rubel enters and informs that Shivangi has returned. Rocky acting angry walks out and shouts at Shivangi to get out. Shivangi says she will not go, she did not get divorce yet. Yamini asks Rocky to kick her out. Aaliya and Avni smirk and act, asks Rocky to send her out. Sesha says Shivangi cannot harm Rocky. Shivangi says she will call mahila morcha an get him arrested for trying to kill her. Rocky acts as afraid and says she can stay till divorce. Yamini calls Sesha as multicolor nagin and says Shivangi returned, do something. Sesha thinks why she came.

Shivangi walks in. Rocky pulls her to his room and gets romantic. A romantic song plays in the background. Shivangi sees Sesha coming and turns into mini nagin. Rocky asks what happened and sees Shesha entering. Sesha asks why did he allow Shivangi in, she is not even nagin now and cannot harm him. Rocky says she has come with some motor and they should keep enemy near them to know their motto. Sesha thinks he is right, she must have come with some motto and should find out. Sesha flies to shiv mandir and sees Gurudev praying. She turns into snake and tries to enter, but cannot, realizes takshak clan nagin cannot enter seshnagclan’s shiv mandir. She then sees Anshuman and is shocked, thinks only nagmani can relive someone, so shivangi got back nagmani and became nagin. Rocky is with Shivangi continuing their romance. Shivangi hears Sesha’s voice and hides as snake. Sesha comes and says Rocky they have to go back to Takshak lok and takes him there. Shivangi thinks she needs to go behind Rocky. Sesha with Rocky goes to Shanka maa and insists to see nagmani. Shankamaa lifts shivling and shows nagmani. Sesha is surprised, picks nagnami and says it is fake nagmani. She says she wants to slit her hand. Maid brings knife. Sehsa cuts her hand and keeps nagmani on it. Her wound heals. Sesha says this nagmani is real. Rocky thinks how can nagmani come here, he kept in sheshnag’s shiv mandir. Shivangi watches hiding. Shesha says it means shivangi’s old gurudev has some big magical powers.

Rocky returns home and walks around in his room. Shivangi enters and Rocky asks how did nagmani reach takshak lok. Shivangi says she kept it there doubting Sesha. Rocky says she told it is risky if nagmani is in takshak lok. Shivangi says shivji is at both places, so he will protect nagmani, they have to get nagmani from there soon somehow. He says shhh.hh.. and starts romance again. A romantic song…plays in the background again. Shivangi hears someone coming and hides as nagin again. Avni, Rubel, and Mansi enter. Anvi asks Rocky where did he hide bhabih. Rocky gets nervous and calls Shivani. Shivangi turns into human. Avni hugs her happily and says they should party on Shivangi’s return and she will arrange it. Mansi prays god Shivangi and Rocky’s Jodi should be together forever. Rocky also prays for all their togetherness.

Party starts. Aaliya cat walks and asks how was it. Everyone clap for her. Sesha tells Yamini that her house is famous for parties, whether someone dies or lives. Yamini says Aaliya got some assignment, so she is cat walking. Sesha asks where is Shivangi. Yamini waves her hand like snake and must be somewhere here. Shivangi is seeing walking in corridor. Tanya goes to Manjusha and says nagmani is with Sesha and she is doing pooja on terrace to know how to get it, Manjusha has to guar outside. Manjusha says she can do anything for nagmani. They both walk towards terrace. Rocky silently follows them. They both act as getting bored in party and walking to terrace. Manjusha says she told she wants to do pooja, where is arrangement. Tanya asks her to lock door. Manjusha does. Tanya turns into Shivangi. Manjusha gets tensed and asks what is she doing here. Shivangi says she is nagin and manjusha will be sacrificed in her pooja. She throws Manjusha in air and Manjusha falls down.

Precap: Shivangi kills Manjusha and thinks her father’s first murderer is dead. Rocky thinks this is beginning, all murderers will die one by one. Sesha tells Shivangi that her dear ones will die. She kills Anshuman and says he is dead and Shivangi’s powers are gone. Rocky thinks he will decide who will die and who will be alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice Epi.Waiting For 2mrow Epi

  2. Hi,sharddha,nandani,tania,shivangi,rahel,jim,arjit.Hw Al Ar U??Warmly Welcme Jim & Other New Cmentors For Site

  3. Friends Do U Knw Yamini (sudra Chandran)is A Great Bharata Dancer Bt When She Is 14 Yrs To A Accidnt She Amutated Her Left Leg.Bt She Never Fall.She Restart Her Dancing Career By Wearing A False Leg.She Start To Learn Dancing In 5th Years Old..So She Is A Very Dedicated Actress I Saw..My Salute To U!!

    1. Raheel

      I Liked Her Character In Nagin 1 when She Was Shown as a Positive character(at The starting of Season)
      But After Becoming a Villian She has started OverActing
      Specially In Season 2
      She Looks Good as A Serious Villian & I Like her Acting in Pardes

    2. Yes I know she is a perfect bharatanatyam dancer……and am from AP state….here in AP her film released with a name “mayuri” her own biopic……the story of her life is very inspirational…..I read her story as a lesson even in my school books…..hats off

  4. Frndz How Are You All?Hi Dhananjaya You Are First Commented.You Said That New Commenter Jim!Did You Said About Me.My Name Is Jemi And I’m A New Commenter,or Any New Frnd Named Jim

  5. Oh I know it dhananjaya bhai! I have it in my 7th class english text book. About her. I saw her movie Mayuri. About her life. I think I can’t comment from next week. My classes start this week. I will try to comment. Dhananjaya bhai, I think you know sale prema warsha song naagin 2 sinhala title song. I like the song very much even I don’t know any single word’s meaning. I like the song. I too created a video with rivanya’s scenes and added the song and uploaded to youtube. But again as regular, Colors tv blocked my video. I recorded the scenes from voot with hd resolution. My video came very well but that stupid colors tv is blocking it. Coming to the episodes, I think this week naagin 2 will score better in trps. Why because that Rocky’s rock heart melted and he has some nok jhok with shivangi. I liked the scene where shivangi pinches rocky to get away from sesha. Shivangi bites sesha. I really wanted to see chandrakanta. Its new promo was awesome. A lady with black cat and full promo was superb graphics. I will watch chandrakanta and will comment sometimes. The promo was ?. I am watching nagini 2 in gemini tv telugu. Shraddha dhi, nandhini dhi, shivangi, maira, jia, raheel. Raheel, i think you have edited naagin wikipedia page on tuesday or wednesday. You watch naagin so I think you have edited its page as raheel007. I know because I have edited it thrice but all in vain. The user cyphoidbomb is always removing our edits. Very sad. I will be again here tomorrow morning at 11 am or before. Good night?

    1. Raheel

      Hi , Yes I Had edited It & I was disappointed to see it Deleted
      I guess they’ll Approve It Once The season ends

    2. R u a telugu guy? Am also telugu one….even am watching nagin 2 in telugu….

  6. Oh sorry I forgot to mention my name arjit. I told you last week I will change my name as you all call me arjit not pranay. So sorry. Its my old account pranay555 in january 2017

  7. Nice Epi.Heard That Anshuman Will Die Next Epi.Is It True?Hi Tania,jia,maira,arjit(pranay).How Are You All? How Was Today’s Epi?Like The Way Rocky And Shivangi Trapped Sesha.

    1. Raheel

      Yes He was shown Attacked in Precap
      He Was stabbed with Trishul As per precap

  8. Yes,dhananjaya.Sudha Chandran(yamini)is A Dancer And She Lost A Leg Due To An Accident.She Is A Kerala Actress.I Also Salute Her.

  9. Hi Jia Tania And Everyone.How Was Today’s Episode? I Like It.

  10. Good episode.and I like it

  11. Antara

    after so much melodrama nice epi rocky & shivangi together kill all enemies intekaam shuru huyi hai
    only 3 episodes left excited 4 upcoming epi iam eagerly waiting 2 see how shivangi kill 119 old naagin sesha ?

    guys any news on naagin 3? pls share

  12. Hi friends! how are you? I am nandhini. I did not comment from two days as my account was deleted by a mishap. so I am commenting with other account. i will soon add a new account. I liked today’s episode. Hi shraddha , dhananjaya, arjit(pranay), maira, jia, jemi, harshi, shivangi, abhi and all. bye

    1. Nandhini

      Hello! Who is this commenting in my identity?? I commented last monday and i didnt come to this page due to tight works…what new account you will add in my name?????

  13. tania-the fairy

    Nice episode.shesha u r going to die.Be ready..keep rocking Rocky. Its great hearing about yamini…who is on screen villain but a great human in real life. she didnt let her will power die..thanx dhananjaya bro for sharing this news.

  14. liked shivangi and rocky uniting. someone hacked my telly updates account and is using it by changing password. Anyone help me to know who is that. who hacked my account nandhini and was commenting bad in some updates. I will scold him/her who hacked it. bye

    1. Nandhini

      Miss fake Id i never liked rocky and shivangi together…i feel bad for someone hacking ur account.??

  15. tania-the fairy

    Hi,everyone……..Shradda di,Nandini di,dhanjaya bro,pranay,jia,jemi,maira,how r u all? Nandini di ,so nice seeing u beck.where r u shradda di?
    jemi,d epi was nice .I really enjoyed it.

  16. tania-the fairy cheap doing.who can do that.. its really bad.


    1. It was so sweet to watch shower of flowers??????? on way of Rockey and Shivangi.
    2. Rocky’s overacting when shivangi came back in house ???? it was so easy to know that he is acting but fooled all even 119 yrs old shesha????
    3. Rockey playing with shivangi’s snake braclet (awwww moment????)
    4. Shivangi jealous was soo dumb as she knew rockey was acting????
    5. Poor Shesha 25 yrs phele ritik nhi mila or ab rockey ???? but can anyone tell me how is she 119 yrs old (she should be atleast 125 yrs old) ????
    6. Yamini overacting ??????

    1. No. 3
      Yes Shraddha di n did u notice that the mini Shivangi blinked her eyes too
      So cute


    Hi Guys.. how are you all??
    Sorry I am little unwell so I am not replying and writing all names.

    Now comes good news and bad news. For good news I am writing G and B for bad news-
    1. Naagin 2 will be ending by 18 june (B/G)
    2. Season 3 will be on air soon by oct or nov (G)
    3. Rockey will not be part of season 3 (G)
    4. Suspense on Mouni and Shesha (B)
    5. Ritik is approched for season 3 (G)
    6. Going to miss all frnds of naagin (B)

    1. Nandhini

      Take care Shraddha…hope you are fine now…

    2. Agree with u di
      As season two ends all of us will be back to our work
      Busy as usual
      Get well soon 🙂

  19. Raheel

    A Nice Episode but Not An Excellent One but I Loved The Precap ☺

  20. tania-the fairy

    Hi,shradda di,hope u will get well soon..praying for that.

  21. Yes Jime Its Abt U Sy 4 Mistake

  22. Raheel

    Will Anshuman really die today? ?
    I don’t understand why are they playing the chuha-billi khel
    They are 3 powerful naag/naagins(Shivangi,rocky,anshuman) & they have nagmani
    Even if they call all the 8 remaining killers in a single room they can kill them within Seconds
    & Shesha is Creating huge problems for her but why the hell are They Toleration her,trying To Fool her etc ?
    They Could just Take her powers using naagmani & then Just kill all The killers at Once

  23. Hi! Means 3 or 4 friends are here from AP telugu. Yaah! In one episode first gurudev of shivangi who told her mother’s story. He said naag naagins who perform 100 years of penance will get shape shifting powers. Children of ichchadari naag naagins will be a ichchadari naag/naagin. He/she no need to perform 100 years of penance. If shivanya’s mother is an ichchadari naagin then shivanya no need to perform 100 years tapas. Sesha too. Then how come 119 years old. Why because in first season, tanvi found shivanya’s parents pics in which they were as humans. It means they are definitely ichchadari couple. Means sesha’s parents too are ichchadari couple. Sesha does not need to do 100 years. Then why did she. Then her age would be 50 now.if she has done tapas, her age should be 150. Shraddha dhi, I don’t feel sad naagin 2 after 1 week. I would see chandrakanta. Its graphics were awesome. Really liked the new promo. Will comment again at night.

    1. Raheel

      Yes i Have already explained The Above Logic Earlier
      Shivanya & Shesha were Born Naagins
      & Shivanya Clearly said that the Killers Ruined her Childhood
      So that means They were kids when their Parents were Murdered (Let’s Assume they Were 10 yrs old)
      Then a 20 year Leap Took Place (The Start Of Season 1)
      So They were 30 years Old when Season 1 started
      Then another 25 years leap
      & 1-2 years of Revenge
      So Shesha Must be Around 56-57 years old Now
      & Yamini Said A Few Episodes ago That She’s 46 years Old
      But I Have Already Proved earlier that According To Logic she Must Be Around 80 years now

  24. tania-the fairy

    it is not easy to kill shesha at once.shesa bcom very powefull .they have to trick her first n then kill her.otherwise they cant fight with her along with naagmani.

    1. Raheel

      But they have nagmani & Shivangi’s original plam was To take away her powers using nagmani

  25. Hope That Rocky And Shivangi Doe’nt Loss Naagmani.Though They Are Very Much Busy In Romancing,they Have No Time To Defeat Enemies And Vice Versa.Does Anyone Noticed The Romantic Track Of Yesterday.They Are More Than 2 Songs.Come On Rovangi!Be Serious And Defeat That Yamini,sesha Etc.

  26. Hope Rovangi Will Save Naagmani.Or Else They Also Dies At The End As Rivanya Died.If They Both Start Seriously And Fast,they Both Can Defeat Their Enemies.Only Less Epi Left

  27. I Don’t Think I’ll Watch Ck.Because Of My Class.I’m A College Girl And First Time In College.Want To Concentrate In My Studies.I’m From Kerala.My Frnd Said To Me That If Arjun Bijlani Is The Lead In Season 3,he Must Have To Play A Serious Character.And The Lead Girl To be A Bubbly.Lol! This Is The Concept We Saw In The Beginning Of Every Serial.Hope Ekta Mam And Team Will Bring An Amazing Story.What Are You Saying Frnds?Plz Reply

    1. Nandhini

      Yes jemi i too hope ekta will bring a better story in next season…

  28. Nandhini

    Hello friends pranay, tania, jemi, maira and all! I dont know who is that above nandhini in pink colour…my account was not hacked…someone is using my identity unnecessarily here….
    Ok coming back to episode, i didnt watch it coz i knew they wil show rocky-shivangi romantic scenes…i dont like their chemistry,, so i avoided seeing the episode..i have decided to watch only the climax…pranay you are totally right…shesha’s age is really confusing..even yamini’s..lets not break our heads in calculating characters ages in ekta’s shows…i just read the written update and found many romantic scenes of rovangi??? how you guys saw that and tolerated?????? ok lets see how many murderers are getting killed today…

    1. Hi Nandhini di
      Even I agree with all of u
      Yes tooooo much of romance between the leads


    Thanks for wishes..
    I am fine now..

  30. tania-the fairy

    Hi,Nandini di,what is happening?who is d above one? really hoping something new in s3…

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