Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-86

Next dayveveryone were wearing white cloths.It was ritik’s death ceremony.Karan was at a corner on phone.

Karan:Ok mr.mehra when your son will come i will surely take care of him till the time you don’t come back from America.

He cuts the call.He was in white cloths.

Karan:What a coincidence.

Karan leaves from there.

Hall is shown.Ritik’s photo was kept on floor standing and priest was also present their.Shivanya was in her room in her naagin avater and was crying hard when sweetie immediately came to her and said

Sweetie:Shivanya calm down

Shivanya:I cannot.

Shivanya takes Ritik’s photo in her hand and says

Shivanya:He is my love.

She starts crying.

Sweetie:There is no use of this tears.Ritik will never come back.

They go down as the pooja was going to start.All sat around Ritik’s photo to give peace to his soul.Priest started chanting some mantra.

On other side a boy is seen riding a sports bike.He was wearing a white full sleeves casual t-shirt.He was wearing cream colour denim.His face was not visible because he was wearing helmet.

He stopped in front of Karan’s mansion,without removing the helmet he entered inside the house and flower garland on Ritik’s photo broke and the diya stopped burning.All were shocked including Shivanya.

All turned behind and saw the boy and he removed his helmet and gave everyone a double shock.

Boy:Hi everyone!

Shivanya came to him and hugged him.The boy was confused.

Shivanya:You came back Ritik.

All stood from their place.

Ritik:How you know my name?

Shivanya:I know everything about you.

Karan and Sweetie went towards Ritik.

Karan:Are you Ritik Mehra?

Ritik:Yes,my dad told me to stay with you till the time he does not come back from America as i have to continue my studies.

Shivanya left him and moved backwards and ran away.Sweetie followed her.

Ritik:What happened to her?

Karan:Nothing bro.

Ritik:What is her name?

Karan:Shivanya.She is not married yet because 2 years ago she lost her husband.

Ritik:And that photo?

Ritik shows the picture of himself pointing towards it.

Karan was not knowing what to tell.

Karan:He is her husband.

Ritik was shocked.

Ritik:What the…..!He just looks like me.

Karan:No need to worry come with me.

Karan takes him to his room.

Shivanya comes inside her room and locks the door and starts crying.

Shivanya:He was not my Ritik!!!!!

Sweetie bangs the door and asks Shivanya to come out.

Sweetie:Shivanya please open the door.


She continues crying.

Next morning.

Karan and Ritik were sitting on breakfast table waiting for break fast.Shivanya and Sweetie came with breakfast.Ritik looked at Shivanya.



Ritik:Why do you seem so pale?

Shivanya din’t answer his question and served him the breakfast.Ritik was continuosly staring Shivanya.

Karan looked at him.After breakfast Karan took Ritik aside and asked

Karan:Why are you behaving like this?

Ritik:When i look at Shivanya it feels like i know her.

Karan din’t utter a word and left from there.Ritik was confused and left

  1. Rivanyaforever1

    Omgggg…. SIDDHI dear can,t tell u how much i missed this one…..??? i was so impatient for this ff as it is my fav??????
    A big fan of ur ff and the whole story u wrote
    I luv the way u write each and every word✍?✍?✍?
    U describe every emotion so well that the whole picture seems to be playing infront of my eyes??? thank uuuu so much for updating this episode ??????
    And cuming to the episode it is really awesum??? the best part was when ritik reached the house and the gardland broke and the diya stopped burning ???
    Please update as soon as possible ☄☄☄can,t wait for the next episode ??????

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks dear and will update today only ☺

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