Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-6

Both are shocked.

Yamini:But how can he get missing?

All start finding Ritik.

A forest is shown where Ritik is laying unconscious on the ground.Then a girl lays on tops of and softly whispers in his ears.

Girl:You are only mine.

She unbuttons his shirt.

Shivanya and all are trying to find Ritik when Shivanya feels something is happening wrong and heads towards where Ritik is there.

The girl kisses his neck.Shivanya reaches there and sees it.Shivanya us shocked.


Shesha gets up and is shock to see her here.

Shesha:Shivanya what are you doing here?

Shivanya goes to Ritik.

Shivanya:Ritik please get up.

She tries to wake him up but he doesn’t wakes up.

Shivanya:What you did with Ritik?Tell!

Shesha:I…….actually I

She is saying when Ritik takes Shivanya’s name.Shesha goes from there.


She helps him to get up.

Ritik:What am I doing here and also in this condition?

Shivanya:You were unconscious here.I came here and saw you.

Ritik stand and buttons his shirt and says

Ritik:Let’s go or else ma will get in tension.

Both go to Raheja house.

Ritik goes to his room and quickly gets ready for the engagement and comes down.

Yamini sees him and gets relaxed.

Yamini:Ritik beta where were you?

Ritik is tensed be Shivanya says

Shivanya:Let it be know ma today is my and Ritik’s engagement.

Yamini smiles and announce that now they both will make each other wear the ring.

Shivanya takes the ring and makes hum wear in his finger.

Ritik takes the ring and lovingly catches her hand and makes her wear the ring in her finger.

Ritik and Shivanya have and eyelock when their eyelock breaks as everyone claps for them.

The party gets over.Al the guests go from their and everyone goes to their rooms.

Shivanya enters her room and thinks

Shivanya:How can Shesha do this?She was with Ritik in that condition?I can’t believe it.

Precap:Shesha:Shivanya I love ritik more then my life and I can die for him.

Shivanya is shocked to hear this.

Sorry for the short update guys actually I was not getting idea so wrote anything but next episode will be longer then this.

  1. Superb. Get rivanya married soon

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and will make them marry soon

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    Nyc..Siddhi..Rhivanya marriage soon..though Shesha fights against the couple..Waiting to see the Unite..

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