Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-102

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Ritik Mehra runs and Shivanya follows him and Ritik Raheja follows them.Ritik’s footstep stops when he reaches at the valley.

He turns towards Shivanya.

Shivanya:Now where will you go?

Ritik tries to run by side but Shivanya catches him by her tail and brings him towards her.

Shivanya:I dont know who are you but i know one thing that you played with feelings.A devil is far better then you atleats they dont play with feelings of others.

Ritik Mehra struggles to be free.

Ritik Mehra:Shivanya i did not do anything,believe me.

Shivanya:Now you are gone.

Shivanya bites him on his forehead.He falls on the ground.Ritik Raheja reaches and sees Ritik Mehra and smiles.

Ritik Raheja:Finally this cheater is dead.

Shivanya comes in her human avater and goes towards Ritik Mehra

Shivanya:Ritik are you fine?

Ritik Raheja:Yeah i am fine Shivanya.

They both hug eachother.Ritik smiles evily and pushes Shivanya back.

Ritik:You are really a emotional fool.

Shivanya was shocked

Shivanya:What are you telling?

Ritik:Yeah i am telling right.How come you thought i am Ritik.

He changes into Angad

Angad:See my real face bhabi

Shivanya was double shocked.

Angad:I am not your Ritik.I am his brother Angad Raheja.Because of Ritik,Tanvi killed us everyone but Avantika came and gave me life of creature.I am not a human nor i am a animal.You cant kill me in morning and night nor you can kill me with any weapons.I can never die.

He laughs evily.

Shivanya:So you are Avantika’s pawn?

Angad:Yeah you are right.I dont know whether he is reincarnated Ritik but i cant see a man with name Ritik and face like Ritik.

Angad takes a bird avater and goes from there flying.Shivanya goes towards an unconscious Ritik.

Shivanya:Ritik get up.

No response.

Shivanya:I am really sorry for doubting on you.You were always good and i was the one who was bad.

She hugged him and cried.She sees that his body starts turning blue.

Shivanya:I have to save him.But how can i?

Shivanya remembers something.

Shivanya:To detoxic the naagin’s poison i have to again bite Ritik on his chest so that the medicine goes inside him.

Shivanya removes his black coat then she removes his shirt and red tie.She makes him shirtless.Shivanya comes near him and for a moment she stares him lovingly.She realised and bited Ritik on his chest.

Shivanya:Now you will get fine.

In the big haveli Angad is standing and Avantika is standing behind him.

Avantika:So did Ritik died?


Precap:Flashback of Avantika saving Angad.

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  1. Rivanyaforever1

    Ohhhhh omggggggg???? i am highlyyy shocked siddhi
    What a twist?? angad was the one ritik raheja ??
    Hope ritik get fine and shivanya nd ritik unite?‍❤️‍??
    Now they both will take revenge from avantika right???
    Hope that shivanya sves ritik and ey realize their feelings for eachother♥️♥️♥️
    Do update next asap ?????? cant wait anymore keep going like this

    1. Arni

      Thnx and pls start writing a ff on naagin

      1. Rivanyaforever1

        Welcum sweetie and yeah i would surely start a new one after completing my old ff?

    2. Arni

      Dear love u and always be commenting as when u were not there then i missed u very much but did not tell anyone

  2. Soooo good loved the episode very interesting

    1. Arni

      Thnx anna

  3. Nice twist….

    1. Arni

      Thnx a lot vanisha

  4. Shivika__Oberoi

    Wow… What a twist

    1. Arni

      Thnx and r u ishqbaaz fan?

      1. Shivika__Oberoi

        Yaa I am… But r you asking it on seeing my name..??

      1. Shivika__Oberoi

        BTW… My name is real… ?

    2. Arni

      Whats ur name?

  5. what a twist amazing dear

    1. Arni

      Thnx nd love u

  6. Fenil

    Gazab no twist
    loved it.
    Can’t wait for next

    1. Arni

      Thnx fenil

  7. Jasminerahul

    shocking that its not ritik but angad who came to take revenge.shocking that avantika gave him life and he is immortal. now how will angad be destroyed? without knowing the truth sad that shivanya bit ritik.but glad that she is trying to take his poison out

    1. Arni

      Thnx for the comment

  8. Shaani

    Hope rithik will get fine…
    Nice episode… Loved it.. Keep going..?

    1. Arni


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