Naagin Os: tujhe yaad kar liya hai ayat ke tarah

Ritik and shivanya were happy after everything was over yamini shesha avantika guru maa that nevla kabir naagmani revenge etc made them forget their own life
Now they were living happily
Siddhi this is the one for ur that competition u organised and sorry for late update i had no idea uptil yesturday so was not able to update
People say everythings well when end is well
But then what if ur destiny decides other things living u behind shattered
Ritik and shivanya were sleeping shivanya woke up with the voice of alarm
She woke up to see ritik sleeping peacefully she smiled and turn off the alarm to save her husband from getting disturbed
She took a quick bath dressed in a simple red saree(the saree which she wore for the first time in the season 1 on the first day after wedding) she applied the sindoor and wore mangalsutar with just a pair of beautiful jhumkas
She went downstairs in the kitchen prepared ritik,s favorite breakfast and settled on the table ritik came downstair all dressed up
Shivanya, wohhh today u got dressed up woke up by ur ownself without any tantrums
Ritik pouted
Shivanya smiled, come have breakfast they both settled
Had their breakfast
Ritik, shivu today i have to go delhi i will come back tommorrow at night
Shivanya, u did n,t told me
Ritik , baby i also came to know in the afternoon i forgot to tell u i have packed my stuff i shall leave
Shivanya, ok
Ritik, bye
Shivanya, hm
Ritik left with his private jet he reached delhi and called shivanya and told her he has reached safely
Shivanya was a little reliefed she started cleaning her room
In between cleaning she saw a big album
She picked it up and found it full of hers and ritik,s photos those photos which she did n,t knew how and when were clicked it was like each and every moment of their married life was playingplaying as a movie in her eyes
A small drop of tear escaped from her ocean like eyes she wipled it and started doing her work
It was night she did n,t took anything ans just went to bed she was not able to sleep
She got up and was about to call ritik but thought
Shivanya, am i mad or what he must be sleeping i should not disturb him
She again went to bed but was missing ritik badly she never lived without ritik for so long
She took ritik’s frame in her hand and talked to it thinking as ritik and between this sleep took over her she kept the frame near her heart
Ritik was also not slept s
He aslo did n,t called her and was talking to her photo
In the morning shivanya woke up and started her daily house chores
And was waiting eagerly for after noon when ritikwould come and embrace her
And atlast it was afternoon
She switched on the television but she saw something very unpleasant
The news came that the private jet of the famous bussines tycoon ritik raheja has been crashed
And it is believed that everyone in it has died listening to this shivanya was not able to think anything went to the kitchen to the mud oil sprinkled at every area of the house and burned herself and the house alive saying
I am coming ritik i am coming
And died
Actually ritik is still alive he was not coming back he just send his bags and other stuff he was coming back by train on the next day but when he got the news of shivanya’s death
He was shocked totally
He jumped from the cliff and died too
Life is never so easy if that so then there was n,t anything named unpleasant
True love can never be judged by anything
It can only be felt
That can make u die also and alive also
The truth of life is bitter than the hurdles in love

  1. Its nice but it is a sad one ; I would have loved it if it had a happy ending

  2. Siddhi

    It was really emotional I will too write but still no one participate so whoever wants to participate please tell me till 3rd November and submit your Os on 6 November.whoever wants to participate please tell and the winner will be announced as per the number of comments and no one will reply to anyone in their os

  3. Awesome. Write another OS as soon as possible

  4. Ramya.riya

    Nice but sad ending…?

  5. Rivanyafanforever

    nice but feeling so sad for rivanya

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