Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 13 Last Episode

Guys i know that you all may be shock by seeing it that this is last episode.Yes this is last episode but giys i will write a new ff on rivanya and it will be season 3 of both this ff and naagin rivanya forever season 2.

The episode starts with the tiger goes away by seeing his locket and Shivanya quickly goes to unconscious Ritik.

Shivanya:Ritik wake up.

She was crying when she saw his locket of heart shape.She started to remember her past life.She finally remembered her past life and hugged Ritik.

Ritik wakes up and says

Ritik:I really love you Shivanya.I came to know my past life.

Both hugged eachother.

Shivanya:Ritik promise me that you will never leave me.

Ritik:I promise you Shivanya.

Both smile at eachother.

2 months later

Ritik and Shivanya were sitting on mandap.They stand up to take vows.They looked at each9ther and smiled.Both promise eachother that they will not leave eachother in any birth and they get married.

Shivanya was sitting on bed which was decorated of rose petals.Ritik entered the room and Shivanya got nervous.

Ritik:Shivanya i really love you.

Shivanya:I also love you.

They both consummate.

After 7 years

A child was playing in the lawn of big house when a man called him.

The boy went to the man and said


The man adjust his glasses and hugged him.

Man:Ayush my son!

A women enter the room.

Women:Ritik and Ayush.

The man was Ritik.


Ritik and Ayush came to Shivanya.

Shivanya:The photographer have called the three of us for the family photo.

Ritik:We both are coming.

All the three go.Shivanya standa beside Ritik and Ritik picks up Ayush and the photographer clicks the photo.

After sometime Ritik and Shivanya saw the photo and smiled

Ritik:Shivanya finally we got the happiness we should get.

Shivanya:Yes.Now we are happy and complete family.

Tere sang pyar mein plays in the background.

The End!

Precap:Season 3 of Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 and Naagin-Love forever Season 2.

Guys season 3 will be the most thrilling ff of mine so be ready.First i will write promos

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