Naagin 3: Should Mahir do the ritual Ritik couldn’t do to become Naag for Bela?

Ritik (born human – Suryavanshi): Want to do a ritual to become a Naag but his father stopped him, because he is the last person can touch Naagmani (except his father), only Suryavanshi can touch Naagmani. Naag, Naagin and normal human cannot do that except if Suryavanshi pick Naagmani up and give it to them.

Rocky (born Naag – Takshak Clan): Unaware of his power until Yamini stabbed him with a knife.

Mahir (born human – ?): He has a birthmark on the back.

In season 1, Shivanya didn’t want Ritik become a Naag, so she sacrifices for him, give up her power to become human.

In season 3, I want Mahir do the ritual Ritik couldn’t do in season 1, give up his human life and become a Naag for Bela, use his power to help her fight against the villains. This time the male lead should sacrifice for the female lead. Because Mahir childhood dream is to become a superhero with super power, it would be very interesting to see his dream come true when he becomes a Naag.

P/S: Rocky is born Naag, Mahir is born human, so this is not a repeat story. If Mahir turn Naag then this will be the first time a human to become a Naag in the show.

Do you think this time the male lead should sacrifice for the female lead? Comment your opinion in the box below!

  1. Lokesh

    Yes Ofcourse.

  2. Sure. I would love that

  3. Yes.That would be nice..!!!

  4. Tayyeba Irshad

    Birth mark of what??? Can any one plzz tell me

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