The story starts from where vikrant leaves vishaka to die!

True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.Maybe true love isn’t out there for me, but I can sublimate my loneliness with the notion that true love is out there for someone. Never in my wild dreams I thought losing him! My love indeed I realised later but it’s time for me to leave the Earth to be near him.  I am accepting my death to be with him forever! I am getting ready to come to you! I shouldn’t have killed you with my venom my dear ACP sir! I will not miss you now because I am near you! It’s been three months you have died! Even a single memory of yours is haunting me! I really love you Ajithab and it’s now I am admitting it! Truth is that we both confessed our love in our death bed and I am here for you!‘Vishaka closed her eyes taking her last breath .


“Are you okay vishaka ?” Mahir sounded worried.

“Yes I am fine mahir! Thanks for your concern! But why am I saved and what am I doing here ?”

“When I reached home I saw you lying unconscious! So I brought you here! Say now what happened?”

“Ummm! Nothing! It’s just I wanted to know that how come mahir who hates vishaka brought her here that to treat her!”

“I am not bad vishaka!”

‘ I Know mahir! I am really sorry for hurting you all these days! Now I got to know what true love means! I am really sorry ACP sir for hurting your love! I ‘ll take revenge on myself for hurting you ajitabh and on Vikrant! Having said that now I ‘ll drop the idea of going in search of nagamani and will protect nagamani from now on! It’s vishaka ‘s promise to you dear! ‘ she let out silent tears .

” Are you okay Vishakha ?” Mahir placed his hand on her shoulder and she bursted out hugging him tightly and he rubbed her back in concern soothing her pain . Seconds later she broke the hug and turned aside .

‘I hate vish but why cant I see her in pain! Something is troubling her a lot! I don’t know what it is but she is shaking .It slowly began to dawn on me that I had been staring at her for an hour. Lost in my thoughts, lost in the sight of her. But her face didn’t look offended or amused but pale. It almost looked as if she were studying the lines of my pea sized brain , almost as if she were waiting. I wanted to take her hand. I wanted to tell her that how much I hate her but after seeing her I couldn’t open my mouth. The sight of her wiping her tears to the back of her hand was enough to drive the breath from me. In that breathless second I almost asked her. I felt the question boiling up from my chest. I remember drawing a breath then hesitating–what could I say? Come away with me?  Nothing. Anything I said would sound foolish. I could feel some attractiveness in her. She smelled like sterilium stained and I couldn’t hold back myself . No no its insane . I love bela and she is my life partner but what she did with me is unforgetable Inever thought sbe would hurt me . Now I cant trust any girl in my life . Its good that I  filed divorce .Coming back here , Neither of us spoke. She closed her eyes and let out her tears . ‘

Few seconds later I composed myself and excused from her to settle the hospital bills to discharge her.

She stood up to leave but her fragile body didn’t cooperate with her , in a Nick of time I held her and supported hee till we reached the car . I opened the front seat but she chose to sit in the back .

I saw her through the rear view mirror , anyone could say clearly that she is hiding something!

“If you don’t mind can I ask you something vishaka ?”

“Huh ?” She puzzled and I took it as a chance and questioned her ,” why are you crying like anything ?”

“You would never …… leave it!”

“Its your wish! If you want you can share it with me! I am here to support you!” I don’t know why I said that and cursed myself for offering her a help especially her! The attitude vish khana!

We reached home and I offered her help but she politely declined . She turned back before entering inside and quickly thanked in response and for the first time I liked her attitude!


“It’s been so long without you – I miss the times we had. You were always telling me indirectly  how much you loved me and showing me your love in the perfect way, but I had to leave you , for that I’m so sorry.No matter how far you are, no matter how long you are  gone, you will always be with me. I will see you always as clear as day, for our love knows no boundries and never will, because you see our hearts are one, and mine is always yours. See it’s been three months and still you hadn’t come to meet me! When ‘ll you come ?” She cried loudly having his photo frame in her hand .

Bela happened to pass by that side and she entered vish ‘s room ,” what happened vish ? Why are you crying ?”

“No..nothi…nothing!” She stuttered .

“I am your best friend right! Won’t you share with me ?”

She hugged her and cried her heart out ,” I can’t get over ajitabh death bela! I really really miss him!”

“Yeah I can understand true love hurts like how I felt for vikrant! But for God ‘s sake he is alive!”

Hearing vikrant ‘s name , vish ‘s anger raised not because he left her to die but in his foolish manipulation she had killed her love!

“Mahir isn’t bad bela! He loves you a lot! Don’t leave him!”

“Yeah true vish! I hope even ajitabh is alive waiting for you!”

Vish smiled faintly ,” hope he does! I am waiting for him and revenge for his death!”


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  1. Whatever ur story is jst don’t make vishakha and mahir the pair. Plzz

    1. Varshni

      It’s only about vishaka! Till now I haven’t decided about the male lead

  2. Varshni

    I love only vish and ajitabh so no need to worry 😄

  3. Enjoyed ur story dear…!!

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