Naagin 2 the coming of storm (episode 3)

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Shivangi with her Mom enters Panchner Haveli. A servant stops them.
Servant: Who r u?
Mom: I m Radha. Malkin needed a cook. She only called me.
Servant looks at Shivangi with a questioning eyes.
Mom: She is Shivangi, my daughter. She is here to help me.
Servant: Show me ur pass.
Mom takes out a slip and shows it to him.
Servant: Wait Madam is coming.

” what r u doing? Are u all sleeping? I don’t want any fault in engagement’s decoration.” Shivangi and her mom here these words and see a women coming downstairs.The woman is dressed royally with lots of gold ornaments and tons of make up. She is Yamini.

Mom and Shivangi go to her.
Mom: Namastey Malkin!
Yamini turns. She sees Shivangi and is SHOCKED! She stands there like a stone until Shivangi’s mom speaks;
Mom: I am Radha, remember u asked 4 a cook. She is my daughter Shivangi.
Yamini says come to my room asap I want to talk to u. Yamini leaves. Radha asks Shivangi to go to the Kitchen.”I will be back in few minutes” she says. Shivangi nods.

In Yamini’s room;

Yamini: Who is that Shivangi? Tell me the truth.
Mom(shocked): Malkin, I told u she is my daughter.
Yamini: Don’t lie otherwise u will lose your job.
Mom: Why would I lie. I m saying…
Yamini(shouting): NONO! She can’t be your daughter.She is Shivanya’s daughter. Tell me otherwise consequences will be bad.
Mom(crying): She is my daughter. It doesn’t matter I gave her birth or not. The important thing is that Shivangi is brought up by me. Pls don’t tell this truth to anyone. Shivangi should not know this.
Yamini nods.

Shivangi walking in a corridor. She has lost her way. A mysterious man( whose face is covered by a shawl) watches her keenly and follows her. Shivangi sees a room and walk towards it.

Shivangi(to herself): These rich people live in very big houses. Our whole colony can live here comfortably. They should put sign boards in every corridor.
Someone comes from behind and put hands on Shivangi’s shoulder. Shivangi turns in a shock but relieves after seeing that she is a servant.
Servant: Do u want to loose your job? No one is allowed to go in that room.
Shivangi: Why?
Servant: God knows? These rich people have many dark pasts.
They both leave.

At Shivanya’s home;

Shivani is sitting sadly. Shivanya comes there;

Shivanya: I know u r missing your friends. They invited u for party but I stopped u but beta I m doing this for your benefit.
Shivani: Mom, I m happy when u r happy. I don’t need anything else.
Someone knocks the door. Shivani goes and finds her friends standing there. She happily hugs them.
Friends: Without u there is no fun in the party. So we decided to come here.
Shivanya: U all enjoy. I will arrange snacks 4 u all.
Shivanya leaves. Friends play Naagin music and dance. Shivani turns restless hearing the music.Her body starts paining. She holds her head and shouts 4 Shivanya and falls unconscious. Shivanya comes. She understands everything and turns off Naagin music. Shivanya then sprinkles water on Shivani. Shivani comes to senses. Shivanya is relieved.

At panchner haveli;

Shivangi is alone in the kitchen. The mysterious man walks towards her. Just then the same girl servant comes.
Servant: Shivangi u have to go to Rockey Sir’s room with his breakfast.
Shivangi leaves.
Mysterious man: I failed again but I will not spare u next time.

Mahishmati kingdom;

Shesha is in jail. She looks at the Mahishmati soldiers standing there and gets angry;

Shesha( to herself): Just 2 days to go. After 2 days ardh Chandra raat( half moon night) will come.
This great night has come after 25 years. That night Naagin’s powers are at their extreme. That day I will break the jail and free myself. No one can stop me.

Precap: Shivanya cries in front of Rithik’s photo and says u promised to come after 25 years. A boy is shown with same mark on his neck as Rithik had.

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  1. Good loved it

  2. Jasminerahul

    Yamini realized that shivangi is rivanyas daughter. Now what will she do?somehow today shivani didn’t get her naagin form.but how long can shivanya protect her?shocking that ritik was not with shivanya shivani all these years.what’s the mystery?

  3. Anjaly

    nice episode

    1. ARK

      Thanks Anjaly!!!

  4. Nice one

    1. ARK

      Thanks dear!!!

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