Naagin 2 the coming of storm (episode 1)

The episode starts with Maha shiv aarti going on at temple with kaun hai wo kaun hai wo …song in the background. Ritik and Shivanya are present there. Suddenly Shivanya faints. Ritik holds her and carry her to a room where gurumaa (a lady priest) examines her. Shivanya comes to senses. Gurumaa informs them that it is a good news, Shivanya is pregnant. Ritik and Shivanya are happy but guruji looks worried.

Shivanya: Guruji, why are u worried?
Guruji: I can feel that something wrong is going to happen. The STORM is coming. I can see that.
Ritik: What r u talking about? Plz explain.
Guruji: Shivanya will give birth to two kids. One of them will be a normal child but the other will be a naagin. An evil naagin who will be a reason for deaths and destruction.
Shivanya: its impossible. My child can’t be an evil.
Guruji: Remember that Shesha’s poison still flows with your blood. That will be the reason for it.
Ritik: Is there any solution?
Guruji: yes there is one. You will have to abandon that child as soon as she takes birth.
Ritik and Shivanya are shocked.

After nine months;

Shivanya gives birth to two baby girls. Ritik and Shivanya go to the temple with their children. Guruji tells them about that baby and asks Shivanya to leave her just then. Shivanya hesitates and cries. Guruji reminds her that she was once a naagin and the only motive of her life is to protect naagmani. The girl is a curse. You can avoid a great war only if you abandon her. U don’t worry the baby will be safe because of her powers.

Shivanya and Ritik go to a river. They keep the baby in a basket and leave her into the river. Shivanya cries and says this place has snatched away everything from us,first our parents then our family and now our child. I don’t want to leave here. Let’s go away and start a new life. Ritik agrees.

Days passes and Ritik and Shivanya shift to Dehra Dun.

Shivanya is working in the kitchen while the baby is sleeping in the adjoining room. Just then a snake enters from window and goes to the baby. Shivanya enters into the room and sees the snake. The snake bites the child. Shivanya screams Nooooooo. She then sees the snake moving back. The snake turns restless and dies after a while. Shivanya is shocked. She realises her mistake and tells Ritik that they left the wrong child and this baby is a naagin.

On the other side, one woman finds the other baby of Shivanya at riverbank and takes her to home. The woman says to baby that from now on u r my baby and names her Shivangi.

Precap: the mother tells the grown up Shivangi that they are very rich people. Don’t commit any mistake there. Shivangi heads towards Panchner Haveli.

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