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Naagarjun 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankchurn tells Arjun that he had come to Prithvi lok to snatch nagmani from him, he misunderstood our father that he loves Arjun more, but he loved them both. He will return back to naglok and take his father’s place as his father wanted same. Arjun is welcome to naglok any time he wants and can seek his help when needed. Arjun says he knows he is half nag and can come back to naglok any time he wants, but he wants to stay here on Prithvi lok with his family and Noorie and lead a common man life. Shankchurn smiles and says his brother always wanted the same and he gets what he wants, he wil go now. Arjun emotionally hugs him. Maskini’s soul is seen escaping from shivji’s chirkund/water pot.

At home, Arjun and Maheshwar asks Yashoda to serve food soon. Yashoda asks them to be patient, Noorie is bringing food. Noorie serves food. Arjun bites food and sas it is so hot, he wanted to enjoy mom’s food since a long time. Yashoda smilingly says his drama started and asks Noorie to serve a plate for Aslam. They all get sad realizing Aslam is dead. Arjun reminisces his friendship with Aslam and consoles Yashoda, says is among us always.

Noorie wakes up from sleep thirsty and does not find water in her room. She looks Arjun sound asleep and walks towards kitchen. She feels dizzy and collapses on floor. Tina comes out of her room and sees Noorie on floor. She calls everyone. Whole family gathers. Maheshwar calls doc. Yashoda sprinles water on Noorie’s face and asks to wake up. Doc comes and sends everyone out to check Tina. Arjun asks Tina where was she. She tells she came from her room and saw Noorie on floor. Tina says she came via back door, why is he doubting her. He says no.. Doc comes out and Arjun asks if Noorie is fine. Doc says it is a good news, he is becoming father. Everyone smile. Tina congratulate him and hugs. Arjun hugs his parents happily and thanks doctor. Doc asks to take care of Noorie and leaves. Arjun smiles at Noorie and reminisces their romance and marriage, consummation, etc. Yashoda says he is shying so much and takes Tina out to serve sweets to evveryone.

In the morning, Yashoda takes fruits and juice to Noorie’s room. Noorie says she does not want to eat all this, she is bored sitting at home. Yashoda says she has to sit here and munch fruit. Noorie says if she eats much, her tummy with burst. Yashoda scolds her and asks to eat. Arjun comes with wih gifts. Noorie complains him. Arjun says he cannot interfere between saas bahu.

Arjun walks out and reminisces doc’s words that he is becoming father. Maheshwar ass why is he tensed. Arjun says not much. Maheshwar says they are here to take care of Noorie. Arjun says he is worried that his son will be half human and half snake and may harm Noorie, if that happens, he will not forgive himself. Maheshwar says nothing wrong will happen, his mother was from prithvi lok and father from naglok, he has Bholenath’s blessings and nagmani, everything will be fine.

Yashoda hears door knock and opens it. Two sadhus angrily asks if this is Maheshwar’s house. Yashoda says yes and calls them in. Maheshwar greets them. Sadhus shhout that they came from Banaras and heard that his son kept woman’s idol in mahadev’s mandir. Arjun enters. Sadhus warn Arjun to take woman’s idol from temple, else. Arjun says it is necessary to keep tat idol there for everyone’s benefit. Sadhus shouts to get it out, else.. Arjun says whoever touches that temple, he will break their hands. Sadhus shouts he insulted sadhus and his whole family will destroy. Yashoda tells Arjun that Sadhus cursed them. Arjun says nothing will happen. Noorie hears their conversation.

Precap: Noorie gets worried regarding sadh’s curse. Tina prepares something in her lab, gives it to Noorie saying it will protect her and her child and forces her to consumes it. Noorie falls ill. Arun prays Mahadev to protect them.

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