Naagarjun 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naagarjun 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika doubts Shankchurn’s intention and says he should to accompany them to Maskini kok as he knows it well and he is also a naglok warrior. Arjun says he will take Tina along. Astika says Maskini lok is very dangerous for Tina, so he should send her to Amroli. Tina says Arjun not to worry about her, she will research about Maskini till he brings family back. They all 4 reach jungle. Arjun asks where is the tree. Shankchurn shows direction and they walk. Mohini sees them and thinks if Astika also goes to Maskini lok with Shankchurn, he will fail Shankchurn’s plan. Police come there and are shocked to see Mohini turning into snake and disappearing.

Shankchurn guides Arjun, Astika, and Tina and thinks he has to stop Astika from entering Maskini’s lok. Mohini comes and asks Shankchurn to tell what is his plan before going. Shankchurn asks her to follow him. Astika sees Shankchurn missing and goes to search her. He sees him near tree and thinks Shankchurn is definitely planning something. He goes and holds Shankchrun’s shoulder, Shankchurn ges tensed. He asks what is he doing here. Police continue searching jungle. Astika says he felt a snake around. Shankchurn says there are 3 snakes and must be many in this jungle. Astika says one suspicious one, him, so he will walk in front of them. Shankchurn asks if he is doubting his son. Astika says where there is poison, there is no trust. Arjun comes and says tree is on that side. Astika says Shankchurn will walk in front of them. Shankchurn shows tree and says this the one which has door for Maskini lok. He shows coin, but door does not open. Mohini watches hiding. Astika then tries his super powers and door opens. He says this stone is Mahadev’s blessings and until it is here, Maskini lok’s door will be open. He asks Tina to guard it and not let it move. Police comes there and watches Astika,Shankchurn and Arjun walking in. One of them panics, thinking they are aliens. Shankchurn signals Mohini before entering door and leaves. Inspector asks Tina what is this. Tina describes him everything. Inspector says what nonsense and asks constable to arrest her. Tina says if she moves from here, door will close. Inspector says she must have kidnapped Amroli people and drag her from there. Mohini comes there and says for her son’s victory, she has to sacrifice her husband’s life. She moves stone and closes door and thinks Astika and Arjun went into Maskini lok, but will not return back.

Tina escapes from police and runs. Police follow her and she hides. She then goes back near tree and sees door closed and even stone missing, gets worried that Arjun will not return in again, reminisces Astika’s warning not to let stone move. She hears police talking and prays god to protect Arjun.

Arun with Shankchurn and Astika walk in Maskini lok and thinks he has to save Amroli people somehow, Shankchurn thinks he has to make Arjun powerless and take her in front of Maskini. Astika thinks Shankchurn will trick, so he has to spy on him. He tells Arjun that he has to be careful, this is cruel rani’s world. Shankchurn picks stone and disappears it and says he came to help Arjun and will always help him. Astika thinks only he can protec Arjun and should be aware of Shankchurn’s tricks.

Mohini reaches Maskini and greets her and asks if she called her, thinks if Maskini knows about her plan.

Precap: Maskini punishes Mohini saying she does not spare traitors. Astika asks Shankchurn who is around them. Shankchurn thinks he has to killed Astika to save his mother.

Update Credit to: MA

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