Naagarjun 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun sees his whole family and whole village missing. He hears someone crying a garage. Tina is seen tied to a ceiling with her mouth and etremitiies. Arjun opens door and sees things falling down and Tina being hanged. He rushes and saves her and asks what is all this where are other. Tina says let us ecape from here ffirst. Fire spread all around the place. Arjun lifts Tina and speeds out with his super powers. Tina informs that Maskini kidnapped whole village and his family and reminds Maskini challenging to take revenge, she spared her and tied in a garage so that she could inform him how Maskini kidnapped everyone. Arjun says this cannot happen. Tina says everyone is alive, but in Maskini’s world, same place where Maskini is most powerful and no other powers work there. Arjun asks where is this world. Tina says she does not know. He says she researched on it. She says yes, but she does not know where it is.

At Maskini lok, Aslam blindfolded is tortured by Maskini’s soldiers and thrown in front of Maskini. Shankchurn and Mohini enter and greet Maskini. Shankchurn says Arjun saved Tina and they both are planning to save everyone. Aslam says Arjun will come and take revenge with them all. Maskini injures his hand and says he is proud of Arjun, this proud will kill Arjun. Aslam says god is with Arjun and nobody can kill him. Maskini says god is with her, she made his world with god’s blessings. She further says that she will go to prithvilok/earth and kill Tina. Mohini says she is nagrani and Tina is a common girl, she should not waste her time on common girl. Maskini’s guards point knife at Mohini. Maskini signals them to move back and tells Arjun insulted her and rejected her love, she will not be in peace until she takes revenge. Shankchurn says as she wishes and walks with Mohini.

Shankchurn fumes in anger. Mohini asks him to calm down. Shankchurn says how to, Maskini is going on earth. Mohini says let her go. Shankchurn says he feels to kill himself or kill Maskini. She asks to calm down, if someone hears, they will bein trouble. Shankchurn says Maskini had to kill Arjun, but fell in his love and now wants to destroy whole world. Mohini says he cannot stop Maskini. Shankchurn says he can, though he has to take enemy’s help. Mohini asks what he is planning. He says he will bring Arjun here and once Maskini kills Arjun, he will take out nagmani and will rule naglok, nobody can fail his plan now.

In jungle, Tina senses someone around her and asks who is it, if it is Arjun..She gets motre afraid and says if it is Arjun, he should speak as she is getting afraid. Arjun comes. Tina says let us go from here, she is afraid. Arjun says whole Amroli is empty, only one person can give answer to his questions. Shankchurn hears their conversation. Arjun and Tina walk on Amroli streets and Tina says this silence is sign of a big disaster. Arjun sys mom says whenever they don’t find a way, only Mahadev will. He walks ahead. Makini calls Tina and says she is her friend Pari and lifts her with her tail. Arjun sees that and warns Maskini to leave Tina. Maskini continues torturing Tina. Arjun says Tina nothing will happen to her. Maskini asks him how he is feeling seeing his dear friend dying. Arjun asks her to leave Tina, he needs to talk. She says it is already late, now nagin’s revenge will start. She drops Tina and Arjun holds her and keeps aside. He then starts fighting with Maskini and ties her with his power, thinks if Maskini comes to temple, her powers will not work. Maskini shouts in pain. Arjun thinks she wanted to take revenge, now let us see what she can do.

Precap: Shankchrun says he is going to meet Arjun, without killing Arjjun, she cannot die. Mohini asks what will he do. Arjun gets locked in shiv mandir. Baba says he is going to Maskini world and only Shiv knows if he will return or not.

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