Naagarjun 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naagarjun 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika leaves with real Noorie warning Arjun that he will repent for his foolishness. Shankchurn and Mohini are tied to a tree and aunt unconscious on floor. Fake Shankchurn comes there and turns into Katya who apologizes Shankchurn and Mohini for tying them and says if he had not done this, Maskini would have killed his family. He reminisces Maskini calling him and threatening to help her, else she will kill his family. He goes on earth, makes aunt unconscious, takes bangle, turns into aunt and in lieu of opening Noorie/Maskini’s veil returns her bangle. He leaves from there.

Real Noorie walks in jungle with Astika reminiscing Arjun not identifying her and kicking her out. Astika says if Maskini marries Arjun, she will destroy whole world. Pandit asks Arjun and Maskini/Noorie to do pheras now. They both do pheras. Maskini thinks in some moments Arjun will be hers. Astika on the other side tells Noorie that they have to stop Maskini at any cost. Noorie sees Shankchurn and Mohini tied to a tree and Aunt on floor. Astika says these are Maskini’s puppets and helped her come on earth. Noorie says they have to them to Arjun to prove her innocence. Astika says she is right and frees them. Noorie asks to hurry up.

Pandit says 7 pheras are done. Arjun reminisces Noorie telling him that she will do 8 pheras and not 7 and will become nagin in 8th birth and then she will be with him for the next 8 lives. Arjun tells pandit that 8 pheras are not yet done and asks Noorie if she will not perform 8th phera. Maskini asks what 8th phera. Arjun asks if she does not remember it. She says she remembers. Arjun reminisces Astika and Noorie’s words and Noorie informing her that 8th oath will be she will accept him as snake itself and even she will become snake on 8th birth. He removes Maskini’s bangle and says how can she remember 8th oath as she is Maskini and removes her veil. Everyone are shocked to see Pari/Maskini. Arjun asks why did she do this. Maskini says she loves him, she came here to kill him, but seeing his goodness, she started loving him and wants to marry him. If they bot unite, they can rule all 3 worlds, insists to apply sindhoor on her forehead. He slaps her and asks how dare she is to think he will marry her and go to her world with her. She did a big mistake by fooling everyoneas Pari. Yashoda asks Maskini how can she betray her like this, she considered her as daughter and made her part of family. Maskini strangulates Yashoda’s neck and warns Arjun to apply sindhoor on her forehead, else he will lose his mother.

Astika frees Shankchurn and Mohini from Maskini’s trap. They both fall unconscious. He throws his power on them to make them conscious, but is unsuccessful He tells Noorie that he is unable to break Maskini’s black magic, if he fails, Maskini will capture all 3 worlds. Noorie’s tears fall on aunt’s face and she wakes up. Astika says they got a ray of hope and asks to shed her tears on Shankchurn and Mohini.

Maskini continues warning Arjun to apply sindhoor on her forehead, else she will kill his mother. Arjun takes sindhoor box, opens it and extends his hand to apply sindhoor on her forehead. Everyone stand tensed.

Precap: Maskini warns Arjun that he made mistake by slapping her, she will kill whole Amroli, that will be her revenge.

Update Credit to: MA

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