Naagarjun 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini/Pari walks with Yashoda and aunt wearing Noorie’s bridal attire and finds aunt holding her black magical bangle and thinks how to get it from her. At Maskini lok, Astika fihts with Kaal bhairav and knocks him down and leaves with real Noorie via earth door. Maskini sits next to Arjun as bride. Arjun asks why she is wearing such a long veil. He feels if he marrying Noorie or someone else. Astika walks into jungle with Noorie. Kaal bhairav comes there again. Astika punishes him again. Kaal bhairav doubles up hmself. Astika smashes one Kaalbhairv’s neck into ground and says Noorie let us go soon before Maskini marries Arjun.

Pandit asks Arjun to dorn mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Arjun asks Noorie/Maskini to remove her veil. Maskini gets tensed. Astika comes just then and asks to stop marriage. Arjun asks what drama is this. Astika says he did not come to stop his and Noorie’s marriage, he came to show truth. He calls Noorie and she comes. Everyone are shocked. Arjun shouts Noorie is in mantap and not this one, they have come take him to naglok. Noorie says she is his real love and he should identify her. Maskini gets tensed. Aunt opens Maskini’s veil and they are all schoked to see another Noorie. Maskini holds Astika’s legs and acts why he is ruining his life. Astika says maharani Maskini is holding his legs even after she took oath not to bend in front of him, she should get up and fight.

Arjun shouts not to touch a woman and if he misbehaves, he will forget that they are related. Noorie reminisces Maskini changing her form with black magical bangle and is about to inform Arjun when Shankchurn comes and asks what is happening here, he will find out who real Noorie is. He murmurs in Arjun’s ears that Astika has come to take him to naglok, he should use his snake sense. He asks Astika if he can prove who is real Noorie. Astika says he can. Maskini shouts to stop all this and says Arjun she cannot marry him, he can marry his father’s choice and be happy. She walks away. Real Noorie sits with Arjun in mantap. Maskini walks thinking Arjun will come behind her. Arjun pushes Noorie and says she is not his real Noorie, one who sacrificed is real Noorie. He runs to Maskini and says she is his real Noorie and takes her with him and shouts at Astika and Noorie to get out of here. Astika says he is a fool. Yashoda shouts he has to confront a mother before touch Arjun. Whole family forms a circle and shout to get out. Astika shouts they forgot that he is mahabali Astika and he can destroy them in seconds. He is about to throw his powers on them when Noorie stops him and says she does not need anything, let us go from here. Astika says Arjun that he is doing a big mistake and leaves with Noorie. Noorie smirks that they cannot catch her.

Precap: Arjun performs pheras with Maskini. Astika says Noorie that if Maskini marries Arjun, she will destroy all 3 worlds. Arjun removes Maskini’s veil and slaps him.

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