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Naagarjun 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini fumes seeing Chutki holding her black magic bangle. She tells Chutki that she is having headache, if she can massage her head. Chutki says okay and goes to massage her head. Panditji asks Yashoda to go and call bride and groom. Arjun comes to Pari/Maskini’s room and sees Chutki massaging her head. Chutki says Pari didi has headache. Arjun asks her to rest then and leaves. Pari sends Chutki out. Chutki leaves leaving bangle there. Pari/Maskini weaars it and becomes Noorie and keeps pillows on bed. Yashoda comes and asks why Pari is sleeping. Noorie says she is not feeling well and needs rest. Yashoda takes Noorie out.

Noorie/Maskini sits next to Arjun. Arjun ties holy thread on Arjun’s ring finger and asks Noorie to extend her finger. Noorie thinks she will feel severe pain with this holy thread, but get it tied. Pandit asks to exchange rings. Tina brings rings and jokes t hurry up as her hands are paining. Yashoda smiles hearing this. They both exchange rings. Everyone clap. Panditji says ritual is complete, they can take elders’ blessings. They both touch elders’ feet and take blessings. Noorie/Maskini silently slips off and removes holy thread from finger. Arjun sees her missing, comes and asks what did she do. He sees her finger burnt and asks how did it burn. Whole family comes and asks what hapepned. Noorie says hot ghee fell on finger during havan. Arjun says she would have told and would have worn ring in another finger. He removs ring and says it will be with him and he willl give it to her once her finger heals.

In Maskini world, Noorie tries to free herself and cries that she wants to go back to Arjun. Astika saays whatever she does, she cannot escape. Noorie says today is her engagement. Maskini comes and says engagement already happened and he got angaged to her. Noorie says this cannot happen. Astika says his son is nagarjun, he cannot be fooled. Maskini says he will not marry her, but..wears bangle and turns into Noorie and says he will marry her now. Noorie cries she wants to go back. Maskini says once she marries Arjun, her powers will incerase and all worlds will be Maskini worlds. Noorie says she is lying as she does not have engagement ring. Maskini says soon she will show her mangalsutra directly. Noorie says Arjun will identify her soon. Maskini says it will be too late by then and laughs that she can shout as much as she can. Noorie reminisces her romantic moments with Arjun and shouts she ants to go back to Arjun. Astika asks her to calm down and pray Mahadev that her love should win.

Arjun comes to Noorie’s room and does not find her. He thins where she will go at night. He sees smoke from Pari’s rom and walks towards it. Just before he opens door, Pari as Noorie opens door. Arjun asks what is she doing at this time in Pari’s room and what is this smoke. Noorie says Pari is unwell, so she was helping her. Arjun takes her out of house. She thinks if he identified her, asks what happened, she is getting worried. He saysuntil he is there, she should not worry. He kisses her foreahead. Tu chal udd chal…song plays in the background. Arjun says he loves her a love. She does not reply. He asks what happened, why she is tensed, it is looking as if he is speaking to someone else. Noorie says she is thinking she is so lucky to get his love. He smiles and hugs her. She thinks she will get Arjun at any cost. Mohini and Shankchurn come there. Mohini asks where is Maskini. He says she is somewhere here and will not go from here so easily. He feels she will not help him, so he has to try getting nagmani hiself. Mohini says they have to find out if Maskini is on earth or not.

Yashoda comes to Noorie’s room and seeing her asleep tries to remove black magic bangle. Noorie wakes up and asks what is she doing. Yashoda says she saw her wearing heavy bangle and though she would get a scratch, so she was removing it. Noorie says this is her mother’s bangle. Yashoda says she can understand and says she can consider her as mother. She asks to get ready as they have go to Shiv mandir for pooja. Noorie asks one more pooja. Yashoda says everyone believes this temple a lot and ask her again to get ready and leaves. Noorie thinks she cannot get into temple, she has to talk to Katya rishi. She calls Katya and asks how to get out of this problem. Katya says she cannot escape from Mahadev. She warns to tell solution, else she will kill him from here itself. He says she has to hypnotize real Noorie and let her sit for havan. She angrily breaks mirror.

Precap: Astika shouts at Maskini why she is trouble an innocent so much. Yashoda sees Noorie senseless on bed and asks what happened to her. Maskini/Pari says she got high fever and asks her to go to temple. Yashoda says she cannot go to temple without Noorie and Arjun. Maskini fumes in anger.

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