Naagarjun 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda sees Maskini as Noorie with a suitcase and asks where is she going early morning. Arju and Aslam come in and Aslam says usually people are marrying will not get sleep. Chutki comes and asks what is in this bag, it is very hevery. Noorie says it is her and Arjun’s stuff and a surprise for Arjun. Aslam drags suitcase till car and asks why it is so heavy. Arjun asks why he is bothering. Noorie sees real Noorie’s hair out and silently pulls them back in and says she willl carry it. Arjun says he will and keeps suiticase in car dickie and says he will drop her. Noorie nervously says no, he must be having a lot of work at home, so she will go alone. She gets into car and thinks she has to call Kal bhairav soon to send Noorie’s body to her world.

Arjun’s family performs kul dev pooja. Yashoda says it is good kul devi pooja finished here, they should perform it at Noorie’s house also. Noorie says soon this is her house, so why pooja in other house. Yashoda says of course this is her house, but this is necessary. Maskini as Noorie thinks if Kalbhairav has not taken Noorie’s body from there, she will be trapped. Yashoda takes Maskini to Noorie’s house. Maskini sees suiticase still present and gets tensed. She calls Kalbhairav to come soon. Yashoda does pooja. Maskini thinks why she is taking so much time, if Noorie wakes up… Kal bhairav comes and is about to grip Yashoda when Maskini shouts no.. He dissappears. Yashoda asks what happened. Noorie/Maskini says she saw cockroch. Yashoda says she is grown up and should be afraid of snake. Yashoda walks out. Maskini signals Kalbhairav to take Noorie’s body and thinks she will be in Noorie’s world and Noorie will be in Maskini’s world.

Noorie wakes up and finds herself in Maskini’s world. Astika via his super powers sees how Maskini getting into Arjun’s house via water tap, following incidents, she turning into Noorie, etc. He sees Noorie being tied and says she does not have to worry. She asks who is he. He says he is Astika, naglok’s mahabali and Arjun’s father. He knows all the incidents happened and says she is being punished for trying to marry Arjun. She asks why. He says the girl staying at Arjun’s house is behind all this. Noorie says Pari. Astikas says she is not pari, she is evil snake queen Maskini and wants to become more powerful by marrying Arjun. Noorie says she will not let this happen and tries to free herself unsucessfully. Astika says he tried already and could not, so he is going to pray Mahadev to help him and even she should pray her god.

Maskini wears bridal dress and stares herself in mirror. Chutki with Tina comes and asks her to show her face. Maskini gets tensed, wears Katya’s bangle and changes into Noorie and turns. Tina says she is looking very beautiful. Arjun peeps in and smiles. Tina says he cannot peep like this before engagement and sends him out. She takes even Chutki out. Maskini smirks and thinks she is more beautiful than Noorie.

Whole family gathers for Noorie and Arjun’s engagmenet. Panditji says let us start ritual. Chutki comes running and wait, Pari is missing. Arjun gets up. Yashoda asks him to sit and goes to search. Maskini gets tensed how to play double role. Arjun gets up. Panditji says auspicious muhurath is passing away. Arjun says Pari is their speical guest and he has to find her and leaves. Maskini also goes to her room and fumes a small kid ruined her plan. She removes bangle and becomes Maskini. Yashoda comes and asks where is she, everyone is searching her. Maskini says she is not well, so she was resting. Yashoda says she will inform everyone Pari came back. Chutki goes to Maskini’s room and gets mesmerized seeing bangle and takes it with her. Maskini goes and sits with people. Yashoda calls everyone to come back as Pari has returned. She then sees Noorie missing and asks where is she now. Maskni says Noorie is in her room and will call her. She goes to her room and finds her bangle missing. She then fumes seeing bangle in Chutki’s hand.

Precap: Maskini fumes seeing her bangle with Chutki and thinks of teaching her lesson. She takes Chutki along. Yashoda sees Chutki missing and gets tensed.

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