Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-10)

Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Tumhari nisha back again let’t go today is the day of aradhika, nahi samjhe chalo samjhaate hai ,

Kashish aisee usme ke khuda ko mai bhula bethi
apnee rawaani mein aise khoi ke tere dar pe aa bethi

Scene shift to next morning in Rishikesh in Rad’s house ,

Rads wake up in the morning and her eyes blink and see here and there , and her eyes get to the other side of the bed and immediately getting shocked to not find sam there.

Rads: Oh my god , where is that devil.

She get up from the bed and goes to washroom and came and Open the wardrobe and taking clothes from the almira and murmered , I am not going to leave this girl today , she know that its important for me. and she can’t left like this and when she think about this her eyes fall on the mobile and a smile she got on her face and she picked the phone in a sec and dialed sam no.
Sam in College: Her phone rings in the class room loudly as she forget to make it silent.
Professor: Sam, Make your phone on silent .
Sam: yes Sir, and she saw the phone with so much anger in her eyes.

Make the call cut. and make the phone on silent mode.

Rads: Again calling and said pick up . pick up pick up please.

Sam: she picked the call by covering her face under the table and said in low voice .
Just cut the call immediately I am not going to eat that piece of paper. YOu sleep in the morning , I can’t give it to aunty or uncle don’t you get this I am in the class .

Rads: But you can wake me up and give it to me you know it is important.
Sam: YOu are not going to dead in 1 hour , I will be there on time.

While they are talking , Professor came near by sam

Professor: Sam, with his angry eyes , Get up. Take the phone and your bag with you , and Get out of my class.
Sam: But sir, its an important call. She said by standing and
Professor: Each and everything is important for you except to study here.
Professor: Are you going or not from here . Whole class is distubed because of you Let them study.
Sam: Said in angry voice. I better leave sir, I am so sorry for disturbing your class.and she take a second nap and said sir,

And she leave with her angry face and came out of the class room.

Anshika is also came by making some excuse in the class after a minute

sam: blo*dy Hell. What he is thinking .
Anshika: hey sam, are you ok.
Yes , look at me she shout , You also want to say something.
NO sam , You know his anger ( Professor Suri)
Sam: He didn’t have any right to do whatever he want.
Yesterday when he received a call from his home . He take an hour while talking in the class doesn’t care about the study then.
If we received an important call then he care so much.

Anshika : Its Ok yaar , cool down now. Bye the way who call you at this time.

Sam: Watching her with angry face and go from here I am not going to leave her today. She saw the chit and going in an angry mood.

Anshika: Sam , sam listen , She is going to kill someone today, she said
While all this happened Rads phone is on and she heard each and every bit and said ,

By put her hand on her head , What have I done today.

She is not going to leave me today, I have to do something ,

and sit on the bed and thinking and then Dada ji came into the room

Dadaji: Radhika , Radhika Beta you wake up .Come on Come on get up.
I get this tea for you with samosa , We will eat this together.
Rads stand from the bed and hug dadaji tightly
She is going to kill me dadaji
Who beta?

Bas itnee si baat(Megh kaa toh kaam hi hai Garajna and he put a piece of Samosa and put it in her mouth and make her eat and put his hand on her head and said

Bas In Garajte megho se baarish barsana hi hume aana chaahiyee

Aur ye kalaa meri chotee ko khub pata hai and she hugged her tight and said haan dadaji , I can make everything alright and smiled with lots of releif.

and Then Sam take her scooty and ran to Rads house and Reach her house and Rads waiting for her eagerly by hiding herself in the garden in her house.

Sam reach there. She knows already that her father is not at home. She open the gate in a hush with lots of anger as she bear already so much.

She stand in front of the house make her both hands folded and said

Bahar nikal chaashni , Aaj to tu gayee bas .

When she stand with lots of anger and not getting any reply standing there for 30 seconds and said

That’s it now You are dead for sure. She leave her bag there and rush to her house

And coming in to came into the house and she open the gate in a hush and a bucket full of water fall onto her all over.

She get shocked , the hell shocked and said
What the hell with a shocking face , the water is Ice water Water with so much Ice

She is now shivering , her lips getting white fully she is drenched full all over, her clothes wet fully and Mala( Rads mother came and dadaji came there smiling and

Mala aunty came with a towel and try to make her dry immediately she is rubbing her hair with a towel and said
Beta are you ok. I am making a tea for you , I said to them this is not right to do. But they don’t heard . I make a tea and she left.

Sam sitting with lots of anger there and Dadaji sitting there and smiled and said .

Dadaji: Barso re megha Barso re megha he said with a smile watching out of the window and then watch her , Aaj megha baras hi gayee

And she said , Dadaji where IS Radhika. She said with a clueless but yet dangerous face .

Dadaji: Jahaan megh payein jaate hai waaha baarish ko toh hona hi hai and he still watching outside with a smile.

Sam understand what he said and stand immediately and leave the towel aside.

And Open the gate of the garden and goes out

And She came out and see here and there and Rads came out in a sudden with a shower in her hand a Pipe attached with a tap with water

She showered the water on Sam and sam is hell shocked

She is wet again and start running behind rads and said

You woudn’t think What I am gonna do now.

And then the song begins…………………………………..

Naa re naa re, naa re naa re
Naa re naa re, naa re naa re

And she is running outside the house in the local area around and keep running with a smile with bare feets

And Sam also came outside and take her bag and ran behind rads now she is with lots of anger

Naa re naa re, naa re naa re
Naa re naa re, naa re naa re

and Rads pluck 2 to 3 flower of roses in between and keep running and then stand in the left side of the Bailgaari( Bullock Cart) and Sam came on the other side and said

You are dead radhika , Now come on give up , you know Its not useless to run.

And she SAid

“Acha” with a devilish smile

and showers the rose petals on her and sings…………..

Barso re megha megha,
Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha barso

Barso re megha megha,
Barso re megha megha
Barso re megha barso

She moved around sam on the right side and rads on left side ,
Sam : Its so late for all this now. and run again after her .

They both running on rishikesh ki galliyon mein

RAds take a turn and hide herself there and sam reached on there and try to find her and said

Sam: Where is she gone?

And suddenly someone hold her from behind make a soft yet strong clutch of both of her hands hugged her tight from behind and shown its rads
Sam: Leave me I am not gonna leave you today. And she said acha to pakdo phir and she kiss her on her left cheek and plays……

Mitha hai kosa hai, barish kaa bosa(Kiss)hai
Kosa hai, kosa hai, barish kaa bosa(kiss) hai

and smile and leave the clutch and Sam start smiling a little and start running again
behind chaashni. and plays……………….

Jal jal jal jal jal jal jal thal jal thal
Chal chal chal chal……. chal chal behta chal

and said : This not gonna work chaashni , I will catch you anyhow and start smiling and running behind her. and plays………….

Naa re naa re, naa re naa re
Naa re naa re, naa re naa re

She Ran on the nukkarr and find here and there

and she found that one make a sketch of a house on the street nukkar on the land and she smiles and see here and there and one voice came from behind plays…..
Gilee gilee gilee ha, ha ha ha ha…….
Gilee gilee matee gilee matee ke, chal gharonge binayenge re

Rads came from behind and give her 2 ambee in her both hands
Haree bharee ambee ambee kee dalee, mil ke jhule jhulayenge re oh…
and she came in front of her and put her hand on her shoulder and make her watch to the left side when sam eat the ambis and while watching there sam eyes get spark and plays…………..

Dhan baiju gayee ne hal jote sabne
Bailon kee ghantee bajee aur tal lage bharne

and they both running behind a bullock cart in which a Faty person sits driving the 2 bulls and behind him there are 5 containers of Maakhan is there ( Yes , the same maakhan what lord krishna loves) he take all the maakhan to the temple every Saturday as he beleives he goes there for praying for getting lots of money from there)

Re tair kee chalee, mai toh par chalee
Par wale parle kinar chalee re megha
Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re – (2)

Sam Leave the ambis there and Keep running faster even more than rads and take one small container from behind him and rads came from behind and they both steal one container from the cart.

Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re

and sam and rads both hide in afield and start eating the maakhan with both of her hands and rads hold her and hug her from behind with a sweet smile and and plays……..and she sings……….

Tu tu turu, tu tu turu………
Kalee kalee rate kalee rato me, yeh badarva baras jayega

and she stand from there then when sam doesn’t see her and stand on the side with folding both of her hands. and plays………..

Galee galee mujhko megha dhundega, aur garaj ke palat jayega

She goes one to 3 steps forward and sit and watching the waterfall and sings with a sad face …………….
Ghar aangan angana aur panee kaa jharna
Bhul naa jana mujhe puchenge sab varna

and she stand with having an angry face and start leaving and plays……..
Re behke chalee, mai toh behke chalee
Re kehte chalee, mai toh kehke chalee re megha

And sam coming from his back and shout Ae Chaashni in a shocking voice and rads stops she came near her and dip her hand in the container and make her eat the makhan also and they both smiles and plays………………

Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re
Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re

And they both sits there and eat the full container sharing with each other

Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re

Nanna re nanna re, nanna re naa naa re

And Rads hold her ear with both of her hands and said Sorry sam , I Know what happened in college because of me and make a sad face

and sam says

What ??What happened ??Does anything happened while eating .

Yaa, Professor suri?? Rad says

What Professor ?? Who care about that Frustrating creature I have this in my hand and I can forget 1000 crimes for this even.

Jaa Maaf kiyaa tujhe Bacha and they both smile louder and hugged each other.

and while finish it they both stand from there and start walking outside on the street and rads said ,

Rads: sammy , now can I get that she said with a hesitated tone.

Sam: What she said with a questioning tone.

and she put her hand inside the bag by hiding her hand and show her the chit

Rads smiled wider

and sam said this one you need , and take a nap and said take it and call him now . He is waiting for you eagerly I am sure of that by cupping both of her cheeks in both of her hands

and rads raised her hand to pick the chit from her hand and then suddenly a Loaded truck passes near by the road and the chit blows away with the air .

It makes rads heart beat more faster and she start running after it on the road

Sam tried to stop her , Stop chaashni we get the no. from somewhere else please stop.

rads shout while running , no this time I am not going to leave this chance, this is the only way and I am not going to leave it so easily. and she keep running with bare feet.

Scene shift to arjun and neil , in dhaba place

In morning arjun and neil , came to the ashram to freshen up and get ready to go for their home place.

When Neil said , Now we need to go to our place ,

Arjun : No, One thing is still left. I have taken the art piece the murti , but I have to take Ganga water for dadi saa.

Neil: I am not coming with you . He said in a non- interesting tone while getting ready .

Arjun: I am not saying you to came in but at least we can go there , Come now. Don’t start your drama again and he held his shoulder and they both left .

They both sitting in the jeep and on the way to the temple.

Cool breeze is passing from all over. The area is covered by densed forest on the hills.

Here on the same path in the forest Radhika too running behind the chit as her life is existing in that piece of paper which is the only way in her life to reach to his love.

and arjun is sitting on the jeep and again and again watching his phone and thinking about her , Do I able to meet her , Does she call, Does she care , Does she knows I wait for her and the song begins…………….

hum hain iss pal yahan
jaane ho kal kahan
hum mile na mile
hum rahe na rahe
rahegi sadaa yahan
pyar ki yeh dastaan
sunenge sadaa jisse
yeh zameen asmaan

Here Rads is running in the forest behind the paper , the paper is blows in the air goes by the wind here and there.

Rads is running with her bare feets without thinking about his pain .

No, this can’t happened today.
I can’t let that happened
This is the only chance and I do not leave this chance to meet you at any cost she says while running and start running more faster

With having so much faith in her love and with a strong determination in her heart. and the song plays……………………

hum hain iss pal yahan
jaane ho kal kahan
hum mile na mile
hum rahe na rahe
rahegi sadaa yahan
pyar ki yeh dastaan
sunenge sadaa jisse
yeh zameen asmaan

The jeep stop near by the way to the temple and Neil says

Neil: I am not coming inside . You go dude by saying this he put his coat all over and rested on his jeep and said
you go I’ll wait here .

Arjun: Are you sure you don’t want to came I heard one get what one want from this temple ( Jo mannat mango puri hoti hai ) Your choice.

Neil : By raising his hand upper and say Go now . This is the last time I am saying this . “””NO””” and he sleep again.

and the tune begins …………………………

Arjun start going on the way to reach to the hill area to reach the temple.

and on the same way He put his mobile in his pocket but he doesn’t realize he was going to put it in the pocket but the mobile falls on the road there and he goes forward on the way and the song begins……………………

rang dhal jaate hain
din badal jaate hain
raatein so jaati hain
raahein kho jaati hain
pyar khota nahin
pyar sota nahin
pyar dhalta nahin
haan badalta nahin

Radhika came outside the forest now she can’t be able to see the chit blowing there are so many people on the street
and she get tensed what to do as it is the last hope to reach him. A suddent terror or pain came into her heart and mind.

And then suddenly she notice a person in While T Shirt with Blue Denim Jeans along with a Black Woolen Jacket person walking on the street ( That’s our Arjun ) and She saw the chit paste on his back. She came to take the chit

When something she saw a mobile on the road arjun is just 10-12 steps after her and she realize that it may be him she saw a jeep too and a person sleeps with jacket all over.

Rads: She take the Phone in a rush and running behind him. She can’t run faster as there ae so many people who are going to the temple at the morning.

Her eyes are stick to the chit what she want what her heart want and say it to herself. I can’t let you go today from me. and keep walking behind him and plays……………

hum hain iss pal yahan
jaane ho kal kahan
hum mile na mile
hum rahe na rahe
rahegi sadaa yahan
pyar ki yeh dastaan
sunenge sadaa jisse
yeh zameen asmaan

Arjun is walking on the road and There are also so many pilgrims also walking on the same road . Rads follow him, keep following him ,Her heart beat faster and Arjun take Gangajal from a shop so that he can have ganga jal for his grandmother.

He put his hands into his pocket to check his mobile and then he realized his phone missing.

Arjun: Shit!!Shit,Man. Where is my phone? Suddenly his heart beat faster and he felt losing the last hope to meet her.

He shift his stare here and there on the road try to find his phone, He then try to find the phone by walking on the road and thinking deeper where he left the phone.

Rads saw him and a wide smile came on her face and she came near by him step by step her heart beat faster and plays……..

hum jahan aaye hain
meherbaan saaye hain
hum yahan khwaabon ke
Karwaan laaye hain

Radhika and Arjun is standing 10 step away from each other his back to her front and she raised her hand slowly to take the chit delicately slowly ///and plays………
dhadkane hain jawaan
gaa raha hai samaa

and carefully so that the person who stand there(arjun) didn’t realize it she take the chit and going to go with a smile as if she get the whole life in her hand
pigli pigli se hain
mekhi tanhaiyan
Rads is just going to go from there but suddenly arjun loses his balance and the Gangajal Can going to fall on the road suddenly a hand came from behind and save the jal from falling and plays…………..
hum hain iss pal yahan
jaane ho kal kahan

hum mile na mile

Both hands met .Both the heart met with each other.Arjun and Radz both feel something deep in their heart.his hand touch her hand . Both hears the fast thud of each other’s heart through this single touch. His hand was in hers now.

and plays……………
hum rahe na rahe
rahegi sadaa yahan
pyar ki yeh dastaan
sunenge sadaa jisse
yeh zameen asmaan

And this is not the end here , Infact this is just the beginning of a new journey.

Journey of Love .

Its like Reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a beautiful Journey of Love . What our two beloved aradhika felt in the deepest in their heart.


That’s it for today dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Love u all always. From my heart.

I don’t find my writings good to read dearieeeeeeeees well kindly please tell me if this is a waste to read I stop my steps write there and we will connect on others pages as Once a friend always a friend.

The reason for saying this I add songs in it and so many of you doesn;t understand hindi then I can understand it is difficult to connect with the song I don’t write good but just know the language of music that’s what makes me write.
Just give me an indication and I stop my steps no offence completely I am thankful to the person ever in my journey and Lots of love please say what your heart felt Whether the story is average or Worse Or not worthy to read.

I start writing for giving so many smiles But i think I am not succeed to do it and its ok . It happens that’s what we called life it is.
Hey naty
Friendship is a very soft and delicate relation which need so much love and care.
Hey naty my princess waiting for you dear. Love u by heart. Always loving u and your beautiful stories but more than that our bond which never break till I am alive. Love u by heart. come soon.

Love u all by heart.

I have read the News about Chennai Floods and really I am shocked to see the situation there is really not good .
I know most of you are from chennai here.I get to know that so many steps taken by the government to help the people. I hope you and your families there are safe .

I am not a chennai citizen really far away from chennai , first get to know by some friends like shakti and natasha and sree. and then Search it on news and get to know about the situation.

I am not capable to do something from my side. I am so far from you all. But want to say this

When I was a little kid in school ,A girl lost his life in school and our teacher said to keep silence and pray to god for her for some minutes. I don’t understand why they are saying us to do this. I don’t know her then how can I feel for her .

My teacher said.
May be you don’t know her but she is also a part of your life our life and We have to pray to god for her peace and her family safety and so they regain their happiness once again.

We don;t have anything in our hands may be but at least something we can do the least you can do the more he ( God) can give. He is the kindest amongst all.

I don’t forget the lines till now.

I close my eyes and pray to god , Situation will get better in chennai. Chennai will rise once again and the people will get safe there . They will get proper food and shelter.

Love u all. And I am really thankful to each and every person It doesn;t matter you read the story or not you comment or not. But please just for least 2 minutes pray to god the same Just open the link once and heard the prayer close your eyes and pray from your soul. God will listen each and every thing. love u all by heart.

The Prayer.
aa jaao ki sab milke rab se duaa maangein
Come, so everyone can join together in prayer to God.

jivan mein sukuun chaahein chaahat mein wafaa maangein
We wish for peace in life; we ask for fidelity in love.

haalaat badalne mein ab der na ho maalik
May you not delay in changing our situation, God!

ek tu hi bharosa ek tu hi sahaara
Only you alone can we depend on; you are our one and only succor.

is tere jahaan mein nahin koi hamaara
There is no one of ours in this world of yours.

he ishwar ya allaah yeh pukaar sun le
God, Allah, listen to this cry,

he ishwar ya allaah he daata
Oh God, Allah, supreme being.

ham se na dekha jaaye barbaadiyon ka samaan
We cannot behold this scene of destruction,

ujari huyi basti mein ye tarap rahe insaan
in neighborhoods laid to waste, these aching human beings.

nanhe jismon ke tukre liye khari hai ek maan
A mother stands holding the pieces of little bodies.

baaruud ke dhuyein mein tu hi bol jaaye kahaan
You tell us where she should go amidst the smoke of gunfire.

naadaan hain ham to maalik kyon di hamein yeh sazaa
We are innocent, God; why did you give us this punishment?

ya hai sabhi ke dil mein nafrat ka zahar bharaa
Or is there hatred welling over in the hearts of everyone?

inhein phir se yaad dilaa de sabaq vohi pyaar ka
Remind them again of that lesson of love,

ban jaaye gulshan phir se kaanTon bhari duniya
so this world filled with thorns will once again become a garden.

meri pukaar sun le

Hear my cry.


Here is the link of the Prayer

Ek tuhee bharosaa ek tuhee saharaa

Luv u all by heart. always. If you are from chennai kindly tell me if the situation get better there. Luv u all.

here is the link of the story songs for you alll

Barso re megha megha

Hum hai iss pal yaahan jaane ho kal kaahan

Luv u all by heart.

Keep smiling always . Mushkilon me tu muskuraen jaa ki mushkile bhi tera rasta chodne ko majboor ho jaaye

Keep smiling in difficulties so that the difficulties itself lie down in front of you.

Love u all always

Once a friend always a friend.

Credit to: Nisha

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