Na bole tum…Na main ne kuch kaha (twistwala) episode 2

Episode 2
Boy: Stop! (Everyone gets shock and looks at him)Jannu and Khushi shouts Amit happily and runs towards him to welcome. Amit and Khushi moves on stage and sings together. After the completion of programme three of them will have a talk.
Amit: We have met after a long time na Khushi.
Khushi: Yeah. You dodn’t remember your old mates. We used to always be together during rehershal. Do you remember our saitanis?
Amit:(Smiles) How can I forget you. You are the one to make me “The Superstar”.
Jannu: Thanks. You two made my birthday really memorable. Come lets take some snacks.
(They take snacks and dance and party overs.)
Khushi at her home takes out laptop and talks to someone.
Khushi: Brother I am so much happy that I met my old friend-Amit.
Paras: Really? You told he forgot you?
Khushi: I was wrong. He respects me for the place he got.
Paras: Thats good. Ah, how are momma and papa?
Khushi: Momma is good. I don’t know about papa.
Paras: Papa hasn’t come there.
Khushi: You know I am going to join the biggest musical school of our state.
Paras: Sunrise musical school? All the best.
Khushi:Yeah. Thanks. OK I am very tired. I want to take rest. Bye.
Paras: Good night. Bye.

Next morning.
Amit and her sister(Megha) are exersiging. Amit tells her about the day before.
Megha: (Angrily) Amit, where you are today is not the gift of her. Its the result of your hardwork. And don’t take her name infront of me time and again. Did you understand that? She goes. Amit looks her surprisingly.

At the same time Khushi is looking newspaper. Priti is preparing breakfast with Ramu kaka and Shusma is talking on phone. (The door bell rings)
Khushi: Ramu kaka, open the door.
(Raman enters and ask Ramu about his health.)
Khushi: (smiling) Good morning, Papa.
Raman dont response her and climbs upstairs. All of them look at him eagerly.

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