Na bole tum…Na main ne kuch kaha (twistwala) episode 1

episode 1
It starts with a girl preparing tea and taking it to the room. Someone is sleeping and she says:
Girl: Good morning, momma.
Momma: Good morning, Khushi. Are you OK? You had a fever.
Khushi: Oh, my dear Priti momma. I had just a little fever. After taking medicine and rest, I am fit and fine.
Priti:That’s good. What’s about your practice for evening performance?
Kushi: I am ready. Just waiting for evening.
(Priti drinks tea and wakes up from bed. She moves to cupboard and takes out some clothes.)
Priti: Khushi, say me what should I wear in the evening?
Kushi:Um; that yellow one because I am also going to wear yellow dress. Its her favorite.
Priti: Thanks. Are you going school or not?
Kushi: Yes. I don’t want to miss today.
Priti:Ok. Then get ready.
scene changes. They are infront of school gaten Khushi hurridly gets off and runs wishing bye to all. She finally reaches class door.
Khushi: May I get in, sir?
Teacher: (Angrily) Its not your stage come on time. Get in and have a sit.
Khushi: Sorry sir. I will always be on time.(she takes a sit.)
Its lunch break and everyone is outside. Khushi and one of her friends is sitting together and talking.
Tina: Whats the problem Khushi? You didn’t wish good morning and happy b’day to Jannat?
Khushi:(surprisingly) Why should I? I told her that I had fever and she rejected me and called the superstar Amit.
Tina: Oh, god! What have she done?
Khushi: I won’t attend her party.
(Jannat was hiding somewhere and listening all. She gets sad and cries. Khushi gets up and goes nearby her but stares.)
Its evening and Jannat is getting ready sadly she wishes that her friendship will not break. She is refusing to go out.
Some music is heard. Someone is walking through darkness on stage. Jannat runs hurriedly and finally its Kushi. Everyone cheers her and she sings and wishes Jannat. Everyone is happy.
Someone is there inside gate and says stop these all. Everyone is shocked.

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