Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th April 2013 Written Update
Munna tells MM that he has fixed the wire and that he is going out to switch on the mains. While walking away he drops something into the bin. Mohan stops him and pays him. Munna thanks him but crumples the note.

Mohan tells Megha to eat, as the food is prepared. Megha asks him to eat as she is not hungry.

Mohan trips over the dustbin and Addu’s torn picture falls out.

Munna talking to someone saying Dada is making a mistake by underestimating Mohan Bhatnagar. Munna says Mohan Bhatnagar is sending a reporter to identify the kidnapper. Munna says he wants to be a step ahead and wants to know the name of the reporter.

Navi in her room switches off the lights and starts thinking about Beera. Beera comes there and asks if she is thinking about him. Beera says he will charge her for being in her thoughts. Navi says how does he know she is thinking about him. Beera says he is absolutely sure. Navi says you crack good jokes. Beera walks towards her very seriously and Navi gets worried. Beera starts laughing and says he is here to get a bed sheet. Navi says you cannot be scared of people you trust. Beera is happy to know that Navi trusts him. Navi says after MM’s relation broke she stopped trusting people. But he (Beera) made her trust people again. Navi hands him a MMNA picture. Beera looks at it and says there was a lot of love between you people.

Guru asks Mohan why he hasn’t slept yet. Megha says he would not sleep without eating food so it is better he eats instead of pacing around. MM start bickering telling each other not to take anger out on food. Guru interrupts them, asks them both not to take their anger out on food and to eat.

Beera asks Navi if she has fallen in love with anyone. Navi says till now she kept away from such things because of MM split. But now she understands the feeling. Beera says you will understand when you will fall in love(Ishaqzaade playing in BG) Beera leaves. Navi wonders who Beera wanted to talk to so late in the night.

Munna talking to someone about the reporter going to identify the kidnapper. Munna says the reporter should not be able to identify the kidnapper. Munna comes to know that it is a woman. Munna gets a MMS with Navi’s picture. Ragini recognises Navi’s picture and tells Munna that Navi is the same reporter because of whom Dada got into trouble. Munna says why does this girl(Navi) always gets involved in the wrong things.

MM eating food. Mohan starts hiccuping. MM fb shown. Megha serves water to Mohan. Megha says someone must be thinking of you. Mohan thinks when you are here who would think of me. Mohan licks his fingers and Megha looks at him. Mohan says I maybe able to sleep now.

Tanu tells Aarti that he thinks he is not good husband. Aarti says she doesn’t have a problem with her husband but with her MIL. Aarti complains about Renu. Aarti says they need to kick Beera out so that they can occupy his room. Tanu says Beera is a good guy. Aarti reminds him of how Beera destroyed things in her house. Tanu has FB of he in Aarti’s house breaking stuff. TA spot Beera going out of the house through a window. TA wonder where he has gone.

Megha gets up to put her plate away spots Addu’s torn picture. She puts all the pieces together. Mohan notices her. Megha cries looking at the picture. Mohan walks up to her to see what she is looking at. Mohan is shocked to see Addu’s picture. Megha asks him what place did Addu have in his life? Megha thanks him for reminding her. Megha says now I know what place Addu had in your life(pointing towards the dustbin). Mohan says you really think I would do this? Megha says you never liked Addu and today you proved it. Mohan protests. Guru comes there and says why would Mohan do this. Guru says maybe the maid did this by mistake. Guru says I know what he(Addu) meant to you and Mohan. Guru says Mohan cannot do this. Guru asks her to trust Mohan. Mohan stops Guru and tells Megha that he is not interested in giving character certificate to someone who used to trust him. Mohan says now that the trust is broken there is no point in giving justifications. Mohan takes Addu’s picture from Megha’s hand and assembles it on the dining table. Megha looks confused and leaves.

Mohan tells Guru that all these years we never had this picture of Addu. Guru agrees. Mohan wonders how the picture reached their house.

Precap: Mohan and Megha talking to each other. Mohan grabs hold of Megha and Megha says it is hurting me. Mohan says it is hurting me too. Megha says but you found a solution for your hurt by getting married for the second time. Mohan is shocked and taken aback.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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