Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th June 2013 Written Update

Navi asks Mohan to write out another invite. Navi says on 14th June there will be two women who will leave Vyas house. One is Navika Bhatnagar and the other would be Megha Bhatnagar. Navi says she invites the entire world for this auspicious occasion. Navi holds her hand out and Mohan puts his hand in hers. Navi makes Mohan sit next to Megha. Megha says lets discuss the impending wedding. NAvi says we have to first discuss something that has been impending for the longest time. Navi asks Megha never to sacrifice anything. She asks MM to promise that when she comes back from her In-Laws place it should be to this house. Navi holds her hand out and MM out their hands and promise her. MM and Navi hug. RJ says you all are crying like you don’t wanna marry at all. RJ tells Mohan that Addu is playing games on his laptop and asks Mohan to check.

Ragini is setting out some jewelry when Munna comes there. Ragini tells Munna that she met Mohan who asked her to come to the wedding as she is all that Beera’s has got. Ragini says I feel MB is not a bad guy. Ragini says that family and MB are good people. Ragini says the biggest thing is that they love my brother. Ragini says maybe it is best for Beera to marry Navi. Munna says then lets go and get Beera married to Navi. Ragini is surprised. Munna says he wants NB to marry.

RJ asks Addu not to play or Mohan will scold him. Mohan asks RJ to let him play. The sketch artist calls Mohan and says he has made the sketch and he has sent it to him. Mohan checks out the sketch and it is of Munna. Mohan is shocked. Mohan turns around and looks at Addu playing with RJ. Mohan sends RJ outside. Mohan plays Addu’s Dadi’s appeal video to Addu. Addu is stunned and gets emotional. Addu is happy and calls her Amma. Addu tries to tell Mohan that she is his Amma. The video stops and Addu wails. Mohan hugs Addu and both cry

Mohan tells Guru that his doubt was correct. The way Addu cried looking at the appeal it clearly showss… RJ comes and says it shows that you and Dance Mam look cute together. She shows MM’s picture to Mohan & Guru. Guru accepts that they look cute. RJ asks Mohan to get married to Megha Mohan asks her where she has learned all this come? RJ says like NB are getting married they should get married as well. Guru agrees Mohan says what if DT rejects me RJ says I am sure she likes you. RJ tries to teach Mohan how to propose with a rose and make him practice. RJ and Mohan hug.

Tanu, Aarti, Jiji and Navi working. Aarti comes and plonks herself on the bed and Jiji says if you were not there how would this wedding happen? Jiji says she will do all the work. Beera comes and says he will do all the work and asks Aarti to rest. Aarti tells NAvi that she is lucky to get Beera. Jiji scolds Beera. Jiji tells him that he cannot work in the girls house. Jiji leaves and Navi follows her. Beera holds her hand and says with great difficulty I sent everyone out. Navi says you are very clever and Beera says from childhood. Beera comes closer to Navi and Navi shouts out Maa. Navi says Mr. Clever I made a fool out of you and runs away. Beera says soon his time will come

MM selecting jewelry for Navi. Megha says she doesn’t know what to get. Mohan says if all is good then lets get them all. Mohan asks the jeweler to leave. Megha says they ought to have only kept one or two. Mohan says all this is for NAvi. Megha says it is good that she didn’t take him to a shop else he would have bought the entire shop for Navi. Mohan says half for Navi and half for her mother. Mohan picks up a necklace and takes Megha in front of the mirror. He puts it on her and says this is for Navi’s mother. Mohan asks Megha if she is happy. Megha nods. Mohan says for Navi’s wedding there should be nothing left undone. Mohan says he wants to fulfill all her wishes and that she should be the happiest bride ever. Mohan says he wants everyone whom Navi loves to be a part of the wedding. Megha nods.

Munna arrives home and his Dadi asks him where he was all night. He calls her Dadi and Dadi scolds him. He call her Amma and asks her to give him some water. Munna comes in and notices Mohan sitting in the living room. Mohan gets up and walks up to Munna. Mohan has FB of Addu. Mohan holds his hand out and Munna takes it. Mohan is all emotional looking at Munna.

Precap: Voiceover says sometime with happy moments come lurking sadness. NB engagement shown. NB shown all dressed up. Beera gets a call from Dada who tells him that he wants his revenge right away. Beera agrees and hangs up the call. Beera turns around and looks at Mohan looking at him.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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