Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th June 2013 Written Update

Mohan and Guru discussing arrangements for the wedding. Someone from the lab arrives with the reports. Mohan looks at the report and asks if the Dr. sent any message. The delivery guy says the Dr. said the report is of the same people. Mohan is shocked and tells Guru that the blood on the hanky and the scissors were Munna’s. Mohan’s has FB of Addu wailing and Munna’s wound. Mohan deduces that it was Munna whom Addu attacked. Guru is surprised and says how can it be as Addu-Munna are friends. Mohan says they have been friends for 10 years. Mohan says the blood group is the same in both the reports. Guru asks what the blood group was in the report Given by Vyas’ family Doctor. Mohan says B- and is shocked. Guru says that means Munna

is our Addu. Mohan is shocked and has FB of Munna. Mohan says it looks like it. Mohan says two boys got kidnapped 12 years back. Mohan says they were told about 2 boys. Mohan says after they gave the ad Munna’s Dadi came forward. Mohan says which means Munna’s story is true. Mohan says the guy we know as Addu might actually be Munna. Mohan says that Jigri actually hates him. Mohan wonders if he is not really Addu then why did he hate me so much. Mohan realizes that someone must have made Jigri hate him. Guru wonders who it could be. Mohan says the real Addu. Mohan says Jigri kept giving us clues and even tried to get me and Munna to become friends. Guru wonders if Munna is Addu then why is he behaving this way. Guru says there is something wrong in the story. Mohan says it is tough to say at this point as he feels there is something that was left. Mohan asks for the phone. Mohan calls a painter and says if he sends the picture of a 8 year old would he be able to draw and show how he would look 12 years later. Mohan says he would email the picture and says he wants the picture by EOD.

Beera hugs Dada and says he wants to remain in his shadow all his life. Ragini comes there and Beera greets her with happiness. Munna is still watching. Dada asks Ragini to get something to eat for Beera. Dada says when he heard he is marrying Navi he couldn’t believe how could his own blood do such a thing to him. Beera says he is family and he can do anything for his family. Beera says he aim is to take revenge from Navi for his insult. Beera says now he will show how he breaks Navi’s arrogance in front of the whole world. Munna looks pissed off.

Megha tells Mohan that there is bride to be who wanted to go the parlor. RJ says she wants to go to the parlor as well. Everyone teases RJ and RJ says only Addu doesn’t tease her. Mohan says at least one thing had to happen from this house. Navi looks around the house and sees a lot of pictures of Mohan and RJ. RJ looks at NAvi and gloats about the fact that Mohan loves her the most in the world.

A scene between little Nanhi and RJ bickering shown. Little Nanhi says Mohan is her Spiderman before he became her Papu. RJ refuses to accept it. They both continue bickering. Suddenly the older Navi breaks out of her reverie and smiles.

RJ takes Addu away to play. Megha tells Mohan that they ought to call Prerna and they should send an invite. Megha asks Mohan to call. Mohan says what would he say Megha says yes reporter Mohan Bhatnagar doesn’t know how to talk politely Navi brings tea and Mohan asks why did she make and if Guru is skirting work. Navi says RJ is small and she will stay with you for a long time but I will go away. Navi says I won’t get time to make tea for you, laugh, crack jokes or fight with you and this is what I told Guru and he let me prepare the tea. Mohan is in tears. Navi asks him how the tea is. Mohan says it is ok but it would taste better when she makes it the next time. Mohan asks when would that be. Navi says everyday. Mohan and Navi hug and everyone is emotional.

Munna comes to meet Dada. Munna says when a 2 year old makes a mistake then one can laugh it off. But when a 25 year old makes a mistake laughing it off is idiocy. Munna tries to dissuade Dada from trusting Beera. Munna says Beera would definitely marry Navi and abandon him once again. Dada looks thoughtful.

Navi says my entire makeup is spoilt. Mohan says who asked you to cry. Navi says she wants to leave from this house on her wedding. Navi asks if this is possible. Mohan says maybe. Megha says this is time for happiness. Megha says the man you are going is gonna love you more than us.

Dada says he is can write everything he owns in his name but he is sure that Beera won’t let him down this time. Munna asks what if Beera cheats him. Dada says then along with his property BEera would lose the right my pyre.

Mohan tells Navi to watch how he grand he’ll make her wedding. Navi says she is happy her brother Addu is with her. MM look uncomfortable. Munna says Navika Bhatnagar I did not want you to marry Beera but now I have to make sure you marry him.

Precap: The artist tells Mohan that he has made the sketch according to photo he was given. Mohan is shown looking at the sketch and it is that of Munna’s. Munna comes home with his Dadi only to find Mohan sitting in the living room sofa. Mohan looks at Munna.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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