Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th September 2013 Written Update

AAi is dressing Uncle’s wound. Her man comes and tells her that he could not run Megha over as Vasu came in between.

Mohan still lost in Sridhar’s words about Mohan falling from a cliff. Mohan realizes that he has fear of heights.

Megha at home worried about RJ. Ruku comes and wipes her tears. Mohan comes there and says he is worried about Megha.

Mohan walks up to Megha and says “Aye Sun Na” and asks her not to take tension. Mohan assures her that nothing will happen to their RJ. Mohan admits and he is her Mohan. Megha is happy. Megha gets up and is about to hug him when she stops herself. Megha turns around and wipes her tears. Megha is happy. Mohan asks her if he can her something. Mohan asks who else there at home besides RJ. Megha says Nanhi, Jiji, Guru, Tanu, Aarti and Renu Bhabhi. Megha tells him that everyone thinks of him all the time. Mohan goes and leans on a door and tells Megha that he doesn’t remember anyone. Mohan says he doesn’t know who Jiji, Guru, Tanu are. Mohan says it is very tough being Mohan. Megha asks him if she can hold his hand. Megha holds her hand out and Mohan puts his hand on hers. Megha and Mohan hold hands. Mohan holds Megha’s hand to his heart with his eyes closed. Megha looks expectantly at him and he shakes his head. Megha wipes his tears and tells him that he will remember everything. Megha says she will help him.

Megha tells someone that they have to do what she is asking them to. Megha says she cannot tell the reason but it would be a very big reason. Mohan comes and asks who it was. Megha says it was Nanhi. Megha shows Mohan Nanhi’s picture and Mohan exclaims as to how he allowed her to marry of such a small girl. Megha shows an older picture of Nanhi and tells him that she is now all grown up. Megha shows everyone’s picture to Mohan. Mohan exclaims over Renu’s picture and asks who this item is . Megha recounts how he used to say the same thing back then as well Megha shows Mohan a picture of them RJ. Mohan looks through the pictures trying to remember. Megha tells him about how he tied a bell for Nanhi the same way he did for Nanhi. Mohan is upset that he cannot remember anything. Megha talks in Vasu’s tone and asks him not to worry. Mohan laughs and says she is very clever. Mohan pushes Megha’s cheek. Megha holds Mohan’s hand. Mohan asks Megha what his profession was. Megha laughs and tells him that he was a journalist and a very upright person. Mohan is sad and thinks what he has become now. Megha says his heart is still the same. Mohan asks what his likes were. Megha says there was one thing he used to like a lot. Mohan asks if it was her. Megha laughs and says she will get it soon. Megha brings out Bhindi with roti and tells Mohan that it was his favorite. Mohan says he likes Vada pao, Misal pao and ussal pao and asks Megha what this is. Mohan says he will try it. Mohan eats it and says that it is awesome!

Ruku returns the bangles to Aai and says she has not right over Vasu. Ruku says Vasu was never hers and neither hers. Aai is mad and is about to throw the bangles when she notices Megha standing at door with her hands folded. Ruku tells Aai to look at the power of love. Ruku says she tries to keep everyone in control and yet after everything Megha is standing with her hands folded. Megha walks to Aai. Aai says she has nothing to do with Naina taking RJ away. Megha says she is here to thank her. Megha says for taking care of him and keeping him the family. Aai asks Megha who she is talking about. Megha says about my husband Mohan Bhatnagar.

Mohan is at fake Naina’s place and asks her to let RJ go. RJ says she doesn’t want to stay at this place. Mohan says Megha hate violence and says he will deal with her the way Megha likes. Mohan asks Naina if she hears what RJ is saying. Naina tries to claim that she is RJ’s real mother. RJ continues to protest saying that Naina is not her real mother.

Aai asks Megah who she is to talk to her like this. Megha says she is here as a wife and asks her to return her husband with full dignity. Aai says he is Vasu. Megha says Mohan has always been this way as he can give his life for people he loves and he called her Aai. Megha says perhaps she doesn’t know the meaning of being a mother.

Vasu asks RJ to enjoy her stay and he would take her away soon.

Aai tells Megha that this was would prove too much for her. Megha says since she has declared war they should wait and watch. Megha says it remains to be seen if she can defeat a wife’s belief and win Vasu or if Mohan and Megha overcome all odds and come together once again like they always have.

Precap: Megha talking to someone over the phone asking him to come soon. Ruku asks if someone is coming. Megha says the person because of whom Mohan is in this condition is coming. A car arrives in Ganesh chawl and Addu steps out of it.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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