Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th June 2013 Written Update

Megha watches Addu sleeping restlessly and walks up to him. Addu holds Megha’s hand and brings her closer. Addu puts his head on Megha’s lap. Megha thinks how to tell Addu’s truth to Mohan and how he would handle it. Megha thinks it is Nanhi’s wedding there are worries there as well.

Mohan sleeping and RJ scares him RJ takes off his spectacles asks him to sleep. Mohan asks RJ to sleep as well. RJ is happy that Navi is getting married and she will get to call Beera, Jiju. RJ asks Mohan to get a bigger house as their aren’t enough rooms. RJ asks Mohan if Navika will go away. Mohan says yes she will go away. RJ asks Mohan why is he cryign when Nanhi is not his daughter. Mohan tells RJ that at least she is his daughter and she

too would go away one day. Mohan says but there are 50 years for that to happen

It is next day and Mohan is talking to someone saying he would handle everything. Beera comes in wearing loud and garish clothes. Mohan asks him what kind of clothes is he wearing. Beera says these are smart clothes as he was meeting him for the first time after marriage. Mohan asks him to sit down. Mohan hands the Juna Mohalla house keys to Beera. Mohan tells Beera that he and Megha thinks they ought to stay there. Beera says he cannot accept such an expensive house. Mohan asks him he has a house? Beera puts his hand out and Mohan gives the keys to him. Mohan tells him that it is for Nanhi’s happiness. Beera tells that he has already found out an auspicious date for the wedding. It is on the 14th June. Mohan is shocked and Beera tells him if not now then it would take 9 months Mohan is happy and asks Beera to come at that time Guru manages to convince Mohan to talk to Megha.

Mohan calls Megha and says Beera has come out a date and it is 14 June. Even Megha is taken aback and says it is too soon. MEgha asks for another date and Mohan says after 9 months. Mohan says anyway Nanhi is too young we can wait for 2-3years Megha says they will all work together and get it done. Mohan is still not happy and Megha asks him if he worried about the time or the fact that Navi is goign away from him. Mohan says both. Megha assures Mohan that they will handle everything. Mohan agrees and gives the keys to Beera and tells him to get the house all cleaned up.

Megha tells Navi that her wedding is in 10 days. Megha-Navi hug and Megha gets emotional.

Mohan talking to printer asking them to print the cards asap and asks them to send it Vedkant & Saroj Vyas. Mohan tells them to print Addu’s name in the card. Munna comes there and asks Mohan who is getting married. Mohan tells Munna that it is daughter Nanhi. Munna congratulates him. Mohan asks him to do some work as Nanhi is his sister as well. Munna asks him not to worry. Mohan looks at his wound and asks Munna if it hasn’t healed. Munna says it will be fine. Munna apologizes saying he wanted to give witness but his dadi got scared. Mohan tries to hand him a glass of water and just as Munna holds it Mohan drops it. Mohan apologizes and tries to help. Mohan manages to cut Munna’s hand and wipes the blood with his hanky. Mohan apologizes again. Munna says it is ok and leaves. Mohan folds the hanky and asks the receptionist to send the hanky to the lab for tests.

Beera walks into MM’s old house with Navi. They are happy looking at the house. Navi says our house and tells Beera that this was the house of dreams for her, Megha and Addu. Beera says that this will be our house of dreams now. Navi points out various things in the house. Beera asks Navi to get to work . Navi starts listing out things they would need. Navi scolds Beera for not saying anything. Beera says he wants black curtains so that they can never tell whether it day or night and she spends her entire time with him. Navi reminds him that now there are no curtains and they are not married either. Beera-Navi decide to get to work. They start cleaning up(Mera mann kehne laga playing BG). NB decorate the house and put in furniture. They house is completely changed and revamped

NB drinking tea and Beera says if he could get some fritters then it would have been awesome. Navi asks him to drink tea. They watch AI segment which announces that Police have no evidence against Dada and hence was released on bail. Beera is happy and relieved. Navi is shocked.

Mohan watching the same segment. Anu is upset that all their efforts went in vain. Mohan asks her to keep her cool as soon they would find evidence. Suddenly there is a lot of commotion and Dada walks into the office with his cronies.

Precap: Dada threatens Mohan by saying that if he wants he can get his channel closed anytime. Mohan is unperturbed. Dada is about to insult Mohan when Beera stops him and asks him not to insult the man whom he idolizes. Beera says Mohan taught me the difference between right and wrong which Dada should have done. Dada says on the contrary Beera taught him to how he bought up a snake. Beera is shown walking into Dada’s house. Beera tells him how could he think that he would leave him. Beera says he went there to take his revenge. Dada is emotional.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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