Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Megha tells Mohan that she went to RJ’s house to fulfill her promise but when she found out RJ’s relation to the house I couldn’t fulfill my promise. Mohan says RJ is my daughter. Megha looks hurt and turns around. She is crying. Mohan leaves.

Renu complaining of a headache. Beera ties a cloth around her head and gives her a head massage. Someone brings her a cup of tea. Renu thinks it is Nanhi. It is Aarti. Aarti asks for Renu’s blessings. Renu wonders what aarti is doing in the house? Renu asks who got Aarti into the house? Renu asks Aarti why she is calling her Mummyji? Tanu says that is how a DIL will address her MIL. Renu refuses to believe it and asks everyone what is happening? Renu says but I was so drunk. Beera says but the people who got married were completely conscious. He shows Renu TA wedding pictures. Renu gets depressed.

Mohan tells Anu to keep an eye on the arrested kidnapper as someone is bound to bail him out. He says we can get clue that way. Guru calls Mohan and tells him that RJ’s health has become worse. Anu tries to tell Mohan that he needs a woman in the house. Mohan says for RJ I am mother and father.

Renu speaking to Sanjay telling him that Tanu got married to a girl who is not worthy of the house. Sanjay asks her to accept Renu. Aarti takes the phone from Renu and introduces herself. Renu refuses to accept Aarti and tries to throw her out of the house. Beera suddenly pretends that he got a call from Police asking if a DIL is being tortured in the house. Aarti goes to the phone and says that no DIL is being tortured in fact DIL is being taken care of really well. Beera asks Renu to calm down and let it be. Renu vows to throw Aarti out of the house. Aarti says lets see.

Navi gets a call from Anu and she says she will be there immediately.

Mohan driving and having FB of RJ and Megha. Mohan mentally apologizes to RJ for not being able to bring her dance teacher.

Mohan arrives home to find a Doctor in RJ’s room. Megha is sitting next to RJ nursing her. Mohan is pleasantly surprised. Megha gets up and calls Guru when she notices Mohan in the room. Mohan silently mouths “thank you’ to Megha. Guru comes and Megha asks him to make orange juice with glucose by removing seeds as the juice would become sour. Megha asks what RJ likes to eat. Mohan says RJ likes Pizza, Burger and noodles. Megha is taken aback. The Doctor starts laughing. Megha tells the Dr. not to worry as she will make sure RJ eats something healthy. Mohan says Apple! Mohan says I’ve heard an Apple a day keeps the Dr. away. The Dr. says don’t worry Mr. Bhatnagar just listen to what your wife says. Dr. addresses Megha as Mrs. Bhatnagar and asks her is it not necessary to put a drip for RJ incase she refuses to drink the juice? Megha gets lost and Mohan tells her that Dr. is asking something.

Navi in Police Station. Navi tells the Policeman that he has been sent by Mohan Bhatnagar. Sharma is sitting with another policeman. Munna comes there and nudges to inform Sharma about Navi. Navi asks the policeman if anyone came to get bail for the arrested kidnapper. The Policeman says a man came to get bail. Navi turns around to see that there is no one. Munna and Sharma walk out of the PS . Munna tears the bail papers.

Dr. gives medicine prescription. Mohan takes it and says he will get the medicines. Mohan walks to the door and looks at Megha & RJ. Megha apologizes to RJ for being late. Megha tells her that they will play holi today. RJ wakes up and asks Megha is she has come. RJ asks for Mohan. Mohan walks right back into the room. Mohan realizes there is color on RJ’s face. Guru arrives with orange juice. Mohan says RJ doesn’t like Orange juice and RJ nods her head. Megha says she will drink today. Mohan says she is stubborn. Megha says kids learn from their parents. Mohan asks RJ if she will drink the juice for him? Megha says she will drink the juice for herself. Megha gives the juice to RJ and RJ drinks it. RJ asks Mohan to shake Megha’s hand. RJ says she is my Dance Teacher and he is my Papu. MM feel awkward. RJ puts Megha’s hand in Mohan’s hand and says this is way you shake hands. RJ tells Mohan that Dance mam is the best. Mohan says only she is the best. RJ tells Megha that my Papu is also the best. Megha is not able to say anything. MM leave each other’s hand. Megha hugs RJ and Mohan looks at them happily.

Precap: Mohan gets a call from Nanhi and he says “Haan Nanhi.. Bol”. Megha is shown sitting behind him chopping fruits. Nanhi tells Mohan that she needs to talk to him about Megha. Megha asks Mohan why did he not tell Nanhi the truth that she is at his place. Megha gets a call from Navi and she says she is in RJ’s house as she was unwell. Mohan asks Megha if he alone has the onus of speaking the truth.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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