Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Vasu in his bed looks at his locket and has FB of Megha. Vasu asks Ganapti if he is having fun with him. Bala comes there and says he feels that there is some strong connection between him and Megha. Bala says he didn’t understand who was lecturing whom. Vasu asks what rubbish is he talking. Bala says it is something in his heart. Vasu throws a water on Bala and asks him if his heart is washed.

Ruku watching TV and wondering when she would get the opportunity to sit with Vasu and watch an english movie. The TV stops working.

Ruku goes inside her room to find Megha packing. Ruku is excited and asks Megha if she is leaving. Megha says yes. Megha says the place is tough for them to live. Ruku says anyway there is no point

staying here. Ruku says it is good that you are leaving else Vasu would have not allowed you to live peacefully. Megha asks her what Vasu could have done. Ruku says Vasu is a dangerous guy and can do anything. Ruku tells Megha that she will convey her apology to Vasu. MEgha tells Ruku that she said whatever she had to Vasu. Ruku says she is happy and wants to eat something sweet. Megha asks Ruku eat the ice cream. RUku refuses to eat something that Megha got and decides to sleep. Megha thinks that she needs to make alternative arrangements for their living. Megha makes a call to someone which is seen by Ruku. Ruku wonders who Megha is speaking to so late in the night.

Vasu’s men are working and arranging the delivery. The cops arrive there and arrests everyone. One of the constables says that no one can touch Vasu’s stuff. The Cop says now things are different and Vasu’s time and fate is changing.

Vasu is unable to sleep and lost in thought of Megha. Aai comes there and asks him why he is not asleep. Vasu starts pressing her legs. Aai asks him to say what he has to say. Vasu says she understands what is there in his heart even before he understands. Vasu has FB of Megha. Vasu tells Aai that he doesn’t understand Megha and her arrogance. Aai says his is not able to forget her arrogance. Aai tells him that when someone does something to us then it becomes difficult to forget. Vasu says he doesn’t want to remember anything. Aai says he has to remember everything so that when the time comes he can suppress it. Aai tells Vasu that Ganesh Chawl is his inheritance. Aai tells him that it is easy to fight but difficult to keep things in control. Aai tells him that one bad fish can spoil the entire lake. Vasu says that woman(Megha) does not have it in her to stand in front of her. Vasu gets a call from a cop who tells him that his goods and men have been arrested. Vasu asks him who gave the information about the delivery. The cop tells him that some woman called and gave the information.

Ruku gets a call from Vasu at night and she is super excited. Megha wakes up as well. Vasu calls her to his house. Ruku comes there and Vasu asks her to go be with Aai as she is worried. Vasu tells her that his entire delivery was seized. Vasu gets into his car and notices Megha at the window. The cops words on how a woman called rings in his ears. Vasu drives away.

Megha comes back to her room and looks at a sketch of Mohan. Megha is emotional and has FB of Mohan. Megha takes out a pencil and starts drawing with Vasu’s FB in her mind. Megha thinks if it is Mohan or Vasu. Megha thinks that Vasu cannot be Mohan. She erases whatever she drew and starts weeping.

Aai wonders what happened and is worried. Ruku asks Aai not to worry. Vasu’s uncle says how can Aai not worry as Vasu is his son. Uncle asks Ruku if she knows anything. Uncle tells Ruku that she knows something and is not revealing it. Uncle tells Ruku to remember that she is going to be the DIL of the house and Aai knows that more than Vasu. Ruku tells Aai that Vasu’s goods have been seized. Uncle takes the opportunity to instigate Aai and wonders who informed the police. Aai says Vasu told her that it was some woman. Aai wonders who the woman is who hate Vasu and is not scared of him. Ruku thinks of Megha. Aai asks who is the woman who has so much information to give to the police. Ruku says she knows who the woman is. Ruku has fb of Megha talking on her phone at night.

Precap: Voice over says that Megha was trying resolve entwined past and present and it seemed that it was happening. It also says it almost seemed that their paths were separating but life seems to bring them together again. A bunch of goons shred a paper(Mohan’s sketch) into bits and Megha keeps asking them not to. Vasu arrives there.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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