Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th March 2013 Written Update

Navi and Mohan make up by applying color on each other. FB of Season 1 Holi scene shown. Mohan and Navi touch each other’s chins. They hug and everyone claps.

Renu, Tanu, Aarti and Priest drink bhang and celebrate.

Mohan gives his hand to Navi to bring her down. Navi slips and falls into Beera’s arms. Everyone is relieved. Beera is lost in Navi. Navi kisses Beera on his cheek and says look Spiderman applied color on me. Navi thanks Beera for challenging her.

Guru switches off the door bell and thinks now one would come in as the door bell is not working. Megha comes in calling for RJ. Guru turns around to face Megha. Megha is surprised and shocked to see Guru.

Mohan rushes down to check on a drunk Navi. Mohan tells Jiji see how she has become after growing up. Navi takes Mohan’s arm and places it on her shoulder and takes him with her.

Megha asks Guru if he is no longer with Mohan. Guru doesn’t know what to say and looks at Mohan-RJ pictures. Megha spots the pictures and asks if the house is Mohan’s. Guru nods his head. Megha has FB of RJ in school and Mohan texting her. Megha asks if RJ is Mohan’s daughter. Guru says yes RJ’s full name is Rimjhim Bhatnagar. Megha is shocked to know that RJ is Mohan’s daughter. Guru says she is Mohan and Meera Didi’s daughter. Megha is shattered and shocked.

Mohan is in his old spot. He picks up and stone and Navi has FB of throwing stone at Mohan’s house. Navi says I lived a life of anger and hatred for 12 years. Navi says this is the place where Addu told me that you don’t love us. Mohan says yes he slapped Addu but she knows the reason she would agree he did the right thing. Mohan says I thought I would be able to handle Addu . Mohan says I didn’t want to share the issues with Megha. Mohan asks Navi if she wants to know why he slapped Addu.

Megha is unable to believe Guru. Guru says something’s are not in our control and you were bound to know this one day. Guru says every time you came I used to hide but I knew one day you were bound to find out. Megha says I don’t believe you. She asks Guru if he is hiding something her. Guru picks up a picture of RJ-Mohan and says this is the proof of my truth as RJ looks like Meera Didi. Guru says RJ called you here to play holi but she doesn’t know what the truth is. Megha is heartbroken and leaves. Guru starts crying asks God never to forgive him for this mistake.

Mohan tells Navi about why he slapped Addu. Mohan says he tried his best to become a good father but all I could become is a step…Navi stops him.

Megha in an auto having FB of RJ and Guru’s words keep ringing in her eyes. Megha gets a call from RJ. Megha picks up the call and RJ asks her where she is and when would she be arriving.

Navi tells Mohan that he alone is not to be blamed. She says we all are to be blamed. Navi says don’t worry we both will make everything all right. Mohan says even I used to feel the same that with time everything will be fine. Mohan says now the wait is for the right time. Navi says Mom says. Mohan says your mom says a lot of things and asks her what she(Megha) says. Navi says Mom says only good things happen to good people. Mohan says that. Darmiyan playing in BG Mohan outside the house, Megha walking through Juna Mohalla, Navi sleeping and Beera looking at her.

Mohan walking through Juna Mohalla , he stops in front of Vyas house. Megha walking, people keep throwing color at her. Beera touches Navi’s hair.

Munna in Juna Mohalla with his face all colored. He looks at Mohan and Megha walking from different sides. Munna has FB of RJ and Megha. Munna says you like the festival of colors even Addu used to like it. Munna says I will now bring your real face in front of everyone. Addu starts spraying water at Megha. Megha loses her consciousness and falls down. Mohan spots her and is about to go help but Munna starts spraying water on him. Munna says Happy Holi Mohan Bhatnagar.

Precap: The voiceover in BG says misunderstanding come in life as clouds and when they clear relations become stronger that before. RJ who is trying to bring MM closer has now become the reason for them moving farther apart. Megha shown unconscious on the bed and Mohan is next to her looking after her.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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