Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th August 2013 Written Update

VAsu scolds Megha for dragging Aai into the mess just because she is trying to find her husband in him. Megha starts weeping and Vasu apologizes to her. Vasu says how would she feel if someone tried to separate her from RJ. Megha says she herself got RJ here to meet he real mother and if she was selfish she wouldn’t have gotten her here. Vasu is shocked. Megha tells him that Naina Bhonsle is RJ’s real mother.

Megha is sitting on a bench when Vasu comes there with a glass of water. Megha says for 12 years she and Mohan lived separately. Megha recounts how Mohan found RJ and named her Jaan. MEgha says she is now her life. Megha recounts how RJ asked for a birthday wish to meet her real mother. Megha says she couldn’t say no and that’s why they came there. Vasu praises her strength. Vasu says isn’t she scared that after meeting her mother RJ insists on staying back. Megha says Mohan used to say that those who love truly are never scared. Vasu says Mohan was solid and god wronged her by taking him away and that he should have stayed with her. Megha says Mohan is with her and near her in her thoughts, heart and basically everywhere. Vasu says it is evident and that Mohan must have been a solid man. Vasu asks Megha what now. Megha wonders if he is Vasu then who wrote to Naina. Vasu says there is some problem.

Aai’s goons drag Ruku and her mother to Vasu’s house. Aai says the wedding is next day and it would happen in the morning. Ruku asks Aai where her father is. Aai says he has gone for some work. Ruku tries to question her further but Aai threatens her to listen to her. Aai leaves. Ruku tells her mother that her father was right and that Megha was is a nice person and that they were wrong.

Vasu and Megha in the car. The car refuses to start and Vasu to goes to check. Vasu puts the hood of the car. Vasu tells Megha that they need to investigate Naina’s letter. Vasu says when he sees her face tensed up he cannot swallow. Vasu puts the hood down. Megha imagines Mohan standing and giving her a flying kiss. Megha imagines Mohan walking up to her and putting his hand on her face. Mohan asks why is there sadness on her face. Megha says because he is not there. Mohan says he is around her. Megha says but he is far. Mohan says love always takes tests. Megha says she cannot take it anymore. Megha says she wants to live with him. Mohan walks away and Megha wakes up from her reverie. Vasu comes to Megha and tells her that the water in the car is heated up. Vasu asks Megha is she would come with him.

Ruku wonders what is happening to them. Ruku says she loved Vasu with all her heart but she doesn’t feel this is correct. Ruku’s mother says she is worried for her father. Ruku’s mother says that they cannot doubt Aai just on Megha’s saying. Ruku says that Megha is not wrong. Uncle comes and taunts them for believing Megha. Uncle further says that he thinks that Vasu is actually Megha’s husband.

Megha and Vasu walking when Megha asks Vasu how he got injured. Vasu tells her that Aai told him it happened in a gang war. Vasu asks Megha if she wants to know anything more. Vasu knocks on someone’s door and asks for water. The lady who opens the door stares at Vasu intently. Vasu tells Megha not to be tensed. The lady brings the can of water back and asks Vasu how he is now. The lady says she saw him 2 years back in a very injured state. Vasu says he is fine and asks her if she didn’t recognize him. The lady is shocked and says you are Aai’s son Vasu. Megha asks the lady if she is hiding something. The lady says he is Vasu only and walks inside and closes the door. Megha & Vasu continue knocking the door. Megha says the lady won’t say anything they would have to investigate themselves. Vasu gets a call from Bala who asks him to come soon as there is a lot of problem. Uncle comes and hits Bala with a hockey stick. Vaasu continues calling out Bala’s name. Aai comes and takes Bala’s phone. Aai says no one would make any calls without her knowledge.

Bala regains consciousness and finds himself locked in a room. Bala is in pain and looks for his phone and finds it missing. Bala wonders how to call Vasu. Ruku comes there and Bala asks her if she is fine. Ruku asks him if he is fine. Ruku says that she mistreated him yet he loves him. Bala says three things happen to a man only once, life, death and love. Bala says he respects her love for Vasu and encourages her to marry Vasu. Bala says he won’t come in front of her. Bala says he just wants her father to back safely. Bala asks her to go else Aai would not leave her. Bala says he would wait for Vasu to come back.

Megha and Vasu are driving when Megah shouts for Vasu to stop. They show an injured Sridhar lying in the middle of the road. Megha and Vasu go to him. Megha tries to wake him and checks his pulse.

Precap: It is daytime and Megha is walking away from VAsu. Vasu pulls her back and her hair comes undone. Vasu and Megha get lost in each other.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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