Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 29th April 2013 Written Update

NB sitting someplace wondering that the Dr was the only one who could take them to Addu and he died just before they came. Beera says that it was planned. Navi wants to inform Megha but Beera asks her to wait till they get proper proof. Beera says there is another way.

Beera and Navi in a school ground. Beera can hear chants of Addu Addu and has FB of Addu playing Cricket.Navi is pleased to know that Addu might have been in this place and Addu could have studied. Beera says that this is one of the many schools Dada opened. Navi taunts him saying that she shouldn’t expect any help in that case. Beera chides her.

Munna in his room. Navi and Beera get inside some room. Beera takes her to some room which has student records.

[Munna hears a noise and comes to investigate. Navi finds the 2003 register and Munna comes into the room. NB hide. Munna doesn’t see them and they escape. Munna sees them running.

Next day Megha is in the kitchen. Meanwhile Guru serves Mohan tea. RJ asks Mohan to drink the tea. Jiji tells Aarti to make tea. Mohan drinks tea and drops the cup. Megha burns her hand. RJ cleans up the tea. Jiji asks Megha to pull herself and to live for those relations which could make your life happier. Mohan says he is worried for DT and asks her to find DT’s smiles just like she found his

Munna tells Dada that Beera is roaming in Jhansi with MB and screwing up your fortune. Dada asks him to mind his business. Munna says he doing exactly that and won’t leave without finishing his work

Navi is disheartened that they couldn’t find anything in the register. Beera cheers her by saying they can now tell MM that all the news on Addu was false. Beera says whoever wants to separate MM WILL NOT be successful. Beera says I am sure Mohan will surely do something .

RJ and Guru arrive in Vyas house. Renu scolds RJ and Guru. RJ calls Renu aunty and Renu is pissed. RJ comes and hugs DT. Guru says I know what Megha will like and decides to make poha for Megha. RJ tells Megha that her Scooby’s hand broke. Megha asks Aarti to get the sewing kit from inside. Megha stitches the toy for RJ who is pleased and thanks her. RJ tells Megha that Mohan could not do it and recounts how his only solution to everything is sticking a chewing gum. Megha has FB of Mohan with the chewing gum. Guru brings in poha and Renu says if she eats then I will change name… Jiji feeds Megha and who eats its. Aarti is pleased and Renu says I will change your name. RJ thanks Megha for eating.

Ragini comes into Munna’s room and says I know why you are so mad at Beera. She says you are angry because Beera is trying to stop you. Ragini questions him and Munna asks her to stay out of his issues. Ragini says so much anger & hatred for Addu’s mother and father. Ragini says I know what the truth is. Ragini says it is your own life as you are Addu.

Precap: Megha is pleased when Mohan tells her that Addu is alive. Mohan tells her that all the evidence they got about Addu even though false was sent by someone who is very close to him. Mohan says till today we were searching for links on Addu but now we will have to find a link to his friend. Mohan says now his friend will takes us to Addu. Munna in his room doing push ups when Ragini comes there and calls him Addu.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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