Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th August 2013 Written Update

Bala tells Ruku that Naina was pregnant when Vasu wrote the letter to Naina. Bala tells her that Vasu doesn’t know how to read or write Marathi. Ruku wonders why Aai would lie. Bala says he feels her father may not be away for work but something happened to him. Someone knocks on the door.

Vasu and Megha arrive at the house where Vasu thinks he is from. Megha asks him where the switch to the light is. Vasu is left wondering. Megha switches on the light.

Uncle comes and tells Ruku & her mother that the wedding should be in 2 days. Ruku’s mother says if Aai has said that we have no problem. Ruku says she won’t get married without her father. Uncle asks Ruku if she is refusing Aai. Ruku says Aai herself sent her father and she has to understand that he father is important to her. Ruku’s mother asks her not to refuse Aai. Uncle tries to peak into to the room to figure out if Megha is in the house. Uncle thinks that Megha is in the house. Uncle tells Aai that he would inform Aai about her. Ruku’s mother scolds Ruku for refusing. Ruku says for her her father is very important.

Ruku goes inside the room to and makes Bala(It was Bala sleeping) get up. RJ wakes up and asks for MEgha. Ruku asks her to sleep.

Megha asks Vasu what else does he know about the place. Megha asks when he met Aai. Vasu recounts Aai telling him about his father, mother and herself. Megha asks him what he did. Vasu remembers how Aai told them that they did smuggling & he is Vasu Bhau. Megha asks how far has he studied. Vasu says till 10th and recounts how Aai told him about what he did in 10th standard in a marathi school. Megha asks him why he doesn’t know how to read or write marathi. Vasu is shocked. Megha says that he can speak because people around him can speak marathi.

Aai arrives to where Sridhar has been held captive. Aai asks him if he would remain silent and what would he take to remain silent. Sridhar mocks her. Sridhar asks her why she is spoiling so many lives for her selfishness. Sridhar says Vasu is not Vasu. Aai shouts at him and says he is not Vasu. Sridhar says by shouting the truth wouldn’t change. Aai asks him if he would remain silent. Sridhar asks her to speak the truth and Vasu would forgive her as he has a big heart. Aai asks her men to bring Sridhar.

Megha asks Vasu if he remembers anything else or anyone or any event. Vasu says he remembers and tries to remember but he cannot. Megha feels helpless. Megha says he doesn’t remember anything but then how did he write a letter to Naina Bhonsle. Megha says Aai lied that she doesn’t know Naina Bhonsle. Megha says Aai lied to both of them. Vasu says if he is not Vasu then who is he. Megha in tears says even she wants to know who he is(De re na playing in BG). Megha says they should continue searching.

Aai asks her men to leave Sridhar. Aai apologizes to Sridhar for making such a mistake and treating a man like him in such a way. Aai asks him to leave and tell everyone the truth about her. Sridhar asks Aai to hold herself together and says it is good that she is repenting. Aai says she is repenting and seeking forgiveness from god. Aai asks Sridhar to leave. Sridhar walks away and Aai asks her men to leave as well. Sridhar is walking when Aai run him over with her car.

Megha looks at pictures of Vasu and a certificate on Vasu’s name from Waterways. Vasu says it is a stamped paper from government and asks her if she has anything to say. Megha is stumped and wonders if Aai did it.

Aai comes home looking for Vasu when uncle tells her that Vasu is not at home. Uncle asks Aai what if Vasu has gone to Manor to search for evidence. Aai has FB of replacing all of real Vasu’s pictures with current Vasu’s picture. Aai says when Vasu is real Vasu what evidence would he find. Aai asks Uncle about Megha. Uncle says that Megha is sleeping. Aai tells Uncle that they have loads of preparations to do. uncle says the wedding might not happen as Ruku has refused to marry without her father’s presence.

Vasu tells Megha that her problem is that she is trying to find her dead husband in him. Vasu says that for her selfishness she is trying to bring down Aai. Vasu asks Megha not to push him else he would forget that he loves her.

Aai comes to Ruku’s house and asks for Megha. Aai walks into the room and wakes up a sleeping RJ. Aai asks her where he mother is . Bala tries to intervene but Aai asks him to go away.

Megha is weeping when Vasu apologizes to her. Vasu says it is her fault as he loses it when someone talks about his mother. Vasu says how would she feel if someone tried to separate her from RJ. Megha says that if why she got RJ to meet her real mother. Megha says if she was selfish she would n’t have brought her here. Vasu is shocked to know that RJ is not Megha’s real daughter.

RJ tells Aai that Megha has gone to find her real mother Naina Bhonsle. Aai is shocked.

Megha tells Vasu that RJ’s real mother is Naina Bhonsle.

Precap: Vasu asks Megha if she is not scared that RJ would meet her real mother and want to stay back. Megha says she is not worried as Mohan used to says that people who truly love are never not scared. Vasu says that God wronged her and Mohan shouldn’t have gone. Megha says Mohan is still with her.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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